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King_of-the_Frogs t1_iwlaz63 wrote

That’s in Damariscotta.


gOrDoNhAsNtPlAyEdIn3 t1_iwmxoor wrote

Love that area. Odd Alewives in Waloboro is awesome. Haven't been in years though. Hope they survived covid


snowman603 t1_iwnupbv wrote

I had never heard of this brewery. Google says temporarily closed.


lantonas t1_iwmbp46 wrote

Me driving into Newport, NH as a Vermonter. Crest the hill at 52 and see a cop, and think oh shit, wasn't there a 35mph sign back there?

Why does NH love 35mph speed limits on roads in the middle of nowhere with full breakdown lanes?


teeeray t1_iwo1avt wrote

Small towns drop ‘em down to 30 as a de facto toll booth to frisk the out-of-staters as they head up to vacation.


Peeeculiar t1_iwl1tvp wrote


That's in Maine BTW.


badenglishihave t1_iwljwqx wrote

My favorite is when people slow down way under the speed limit because they saw a trooper on the other side of the highway... in the middle of giving somebody else a ticket.


Kippp t1_iwo8tno wrote

I was coming home from work at 11pm about a year ago going through an area where there's almost always a police car so I'm usually very cautious about my speed limit, but I saw someone else was currently pulled over, so I wasn't worried that I was going 10mph over the speed limit... and like 20 seconds later I see the blue and red lights behind me and get pulled over. I still don't understand how that happened.


granitestate6 t1_iwlwrqw wrote

I still have a bug bite (that itches) from the summer, a week ago.


cheesebergerguy t1_iwmb2cj wrote

me on a daily basis (still haven't been pulled over)


Remarkable_Culture97 t1_iwpdmw0 wrote

Must be climate change. Summer to fall and fall to winter.... shocker, call al gore..... winter to sping. Greta is out of her mind.


Welcomefriends85 t1_iwx6nw2 wrote

But 72 in November is not normal fall now is it? So maybe they have a point. But then again, I just moved to NH less than a year ago from CA, so what do I know? Oh yeah, we had mega sized fires in CA the last five years when that never happened before and now I’m in NH and everyone here can’t believe how long it stayed warm..hmmm..yeah Greta is out of her mind, not you


Remarkable_Culture97 t1_iwx9u0z wrote

The tree hugging left stopped the state from deforestation. There is too much kindling laying around. One match or spark, thousands of achers of land is gone. Then rain and floods. Look up what happen to manchester, NH when they logged Mt Washington. That is why you cut down 1 tree, you plant 3.


Welcomefriends85 t1_iwxbhnw wrote

True, they should plan out proper deforestation and the far left can’t see that clearly, fair enough. But I find it hard to believe that all of a sudden, and in line with warming temps and erratic rainfall, the fires are due purely to too much dense forest. The forest has been the same for many years. The temps are conclusively rising. In CA there were massive fires in semi residential areas, rural areas, sea coast, everywhere, all in line with drought and rising temps. Also, fires in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, British Columbia, Alberta, and Australia. Also NASA, on their website, explicitly shows how rising temperatures are largely man made and clearly affecting the climate. I wish it wasn’t true, but there is just so much evidence it seems irresponsible at this point to blame the Left, when the Right outright denies that it could even happen and isn’t happening and will never happen. That’s their position..and it’s wrong


Remarkable_Culture97 t1_iwxctpc wrote

I have family in the Tacoma area. I've seen the smoke and results of the fires. The same NASA scientists say climate change is a scam. As long as we have forests, we will have fires. Also, urban sprawl people moving further in to the forest. I look at a forest fire as away of controling growth. Is it horrible, yes. Drought has always been a cali problem. Desalination plants as like isreal I like. It would help 'rising' seas. And keep the nobamas from buying beach front land (lol)


Welcomefriends85 t1_iwxeoue wrote

You have a lot of good ideas and I agree with you, the forest fires in the long run are a good thing. But still..temps are rising. We know we produce a lot of heat the way we make energy. How can this not matter? If controlled burns, deforestation can have an impact, then so can working towards lowering the heat output of our energy making systems


Remarkable_Culture97 t1_iwxgtgp wrote

I always look at who is saying what and is paying for it. No dought we need to take care of the planet. If other developed countries don't, that says a lot. Keep your eyes open and be suspicious of what people are saying and how they say it. I live by the respect code. Don't disrespect me and I'll respect you. We live in the greatest nation in the world. Regardless of sleepy joe.