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lMickNastyl t1_iwmko7m wrote

1.5 years! What a fucking joke. I have family who went to prison longer over drug possession.


Trailwatch427 t1_iwo57e2 wrote

And look at the grin on that bitch's face. What sort of fucking deal was this????


4ak96 t1_iwok73h wrote

How can you see her grin through the mask lol


Trailwatch427 t1_iwrym27 wrote

LOL, you need to learn to look into women's eyes more often. Try it.


Trailwatch427 t1_iwpqa8o wrote

Oh, just look at her eyes! We wore masks for years--you haven't learned to read those expressions yet? I saw that bitch's eyes, I could see she has no remorse, she's just thrilled to get off so easily.


TheodoeBhabrot t1_iwqjeny wrote

Redditors not fall for basic propaganda challenge



smartest_kobold t1_iwmtwjs wrote

People get more than that for being rude to a cop


ILikeCrabbyRobots t1_iwnjx32 wrote

Too short, but at least this got that motherfucker that killed her.


Alternative-Cry-4667 t1_iwmgr4q wrote

Scumbag she should have gotten the same sentence as him


itsallbacon t1_iwmk477 wrote

Courts are easy on women 🤷🏻‍♂️


lMickNastyl t1_iwml8fz wrote

Unfortunately is has a lot to do with prosecutors being skeptical of a jury convicting a woman (specifically white woman) without overbearing proof. Jurors have been shown time and time again to show sympathy disproportionately based on gender.


AlfoBootidir t1_iwo39oc wrote

Bc misogyny ironically enough. It happens to only benefit the worst women. It’s bc misogyny is so prevalent people have a hard time believing women can commit a heinous crime, as deliberately as men. She’s mentally ill, or abused into it, or traumatized! Sure these defenses are used for men but they don’t work as often. Bc there’s a public awareness that women ARE more often abused and controlled, in part bc we are less physically strong and in part bc the existence of the patriarchy asserting we are emotional rather than rational.

This is always MRA’s first talking point which I find hilarious bc it shows the crux of the need for men’s rights activism, is literally misogyny. It’s the other side of the patriarchy coin. One of the very few ways the patriarchy doesn’t benefit men. And they use it to say the patriarchy doesn’t exist Lmao oh honey.


carpdog112 t1_iwphhn8 wrote

While I'm sure she's more than "1.5 years in prison" complicit in Harmony's murder, this plea hinges on her testifying against the husband. If that's the difference between him going away for life for murder (which was going to be nearly impossible to prove without her cooperation) and him catching a much shorter sentence for "welfare fraud" or some other consolation prize, I'll take it. Plus it's a suspended 10+ year sentence, so if she fucks up after release, it's back to prison she goes.


joostadood526 t1_iwng9kp wrote

Welp... She will be in PC the entire time. Women don't like other women who hurt children.


lMickNastyl t1_iwnhch6 wrote

The only people in the prison system targeted more than child predators, elder abusers, snitches, or former cops; are woman who killed their children. Many woman in the system are mothers who miss their kids more than their freedom.