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Worried_Routine_5944 t1_ix11hkg wrote

Faig Ahmed! I had no idea one of his pieces was there, can’t wait to check it out.


WeAreNotNowThatWhich t1_ix1kpw0 wrote

I had no idea either until I walked into the gallery and was totally gobsmacked. Never ever expected to see one of his designs in person, esp in NH.


Hutwe t1_ix15apl wrote

I was thinking the same thing. Going to have to check this out


Skydivided t1_ix17ysm wrote

The museum is free for NH residents the second Saturday of the month and free after 4?(I think ) on Thursdays


giraffebutter t1_ix2ipoe wrote

Gotta see the 2 frank Lloyd wright homes they own in town too


No_Yard_7363 t1_ix0u4xl wrote

I saw this piece in person months back and I was in awe


Infinite-Trader t1_ix0zrxg wrote

Whats it made out of?


WeAreNotNowThatWhich t1_ix1kzrl wrote

Same as a regular Persian rug, it’s knotted wool yarn. The textiles are made by craftsmen and -women in the artist’s native Azerbaijan.


Raphaeldagamer t1_ix4bgt6 wrote

These "Just Stop Oil" protesters are going too far, first they threw soup at Van Gogh's Flowers painting, and now they melted a carpet off of a wall. /s


comefromawayfan2022 t1_ix3nia7 wrote

Currier museum is an interesting place. I went a couple years ago but it'd be cool to go back


kberson t1_ix1xxe5 wrote

I love the Masters they have on display, I could stare at them for hours. The details are amazing and the brush works are stunning


dc551589 t1_ix2ah70 wrote

Wow! That’s… wow, that’s cool. I’m sure I could tell you why if I had an art degree but I’m sticking with cool.

Me: paraphrasing what I said to my friends when I saw this

ETA: I zoomed in. Please zoom in if you’re reading this.


BigBlueDane t1_ix1fsfk wrote

I have a picture of this on my phone right now. Awesome museum I didn’t even know was there.


scarletuba t1_ix1y8p7 wrote

Was the arghavan exhibit still there? So beautiful


MacTechG4 t1_ix12qf3 wrote

Available at your local Omega Mart ;)

Impressive work!


jemull t1_ix1sm0f wrote

Those damn protesters ruining all of the artwork...



Supreme_breme t1_ix4abit wrote

i went here for a “class” trip. it wasn’t really a class trip just a few kids going to the museum


New-Vegetable-1274 t1_ix64mkd wrote

It's clever, it's novel but it's not art. This junk was popular about ten or twenty years ago, it was meh then. If you're really interested in this technique you can find it on YouTube. Anyone can do this. It's called acrylic pour painting.


teddyjr32378 OP t1_ix65i86 wrote

Nothing is paint here… it is all knotted


New-Vegetable-1274 t1_ix66mpq wrote

Ok, still not art, crafts maybe, not art.


Hungry-Big-2107 t1_ixjff2s wrote

It's gimmicky, but I wouldn't exactly engage in gatekeeping about it. Artists have to eat, and this crap sells.


Fenwick19 t1_ix1vax4 wrote

But I thought Manchester was only good for fentanyl and getting stabbed?


immostlyme t1_ix2pvkw wrote

News ain't talking about all these psychedelics. Lucy is so networked that it's basically in the drinking water