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Patsfan618 t1_j12t0ax wrote

A second suspect vehicle pulled the first out of a crash scene? So this is a coordinated attack by multiple parties not just oopsy daisy gotta go! x7


largeb789 t1_j13wy38 wrote

Seems like that person should face charges as well for aiding in the crime.


willis936 t1_j13iu90 wrote

Have they checked with the libertarians of NH?


rabblebowser OP t1_j13nj23 wrote

Just one post without a political comment would be awesome!!!


dj_narwhal t1_j142q0b wrote

Libertarians moved here with the goal of ruining the state for private profit. We are defending against them.


bonez3113 t1_j13nucm wrote

Honestly, some of these people don’t need court dates and jail time…instead they could use a good beating. Imagine minding your own business and your vehicle or property you worked hard to pay for gets fucked up by an absolute turd of a human being. If I saw that guy, I’d be pulling him out of his truck to throw him a vicious beating.


Glass-Vegetable138 t1_j1416fv wrote

That is a good way to lose everything. You can’t escalate a situation to violence where no violent threats are made. Having a violent felony conviction on your record closes almost all doors career, housing and certifications. This is why insurance is a must.


cwalton505 t1_j1679v2 wrote

That's why I advocate bringing back the pillory at the town center. State provides certified safe tomatoes and those who want to buy them at 10$ for a toss so the town can raise money to pay for the expenses of dealing with these idiots.


bonez3113 t1_j143ybj wrote

You’re right. I grew up in the wrong decade.


Happy_Confection90 t1_j14wc1x wrote

Seven? I don't think you can even crash that many times and have a drivable vehicle still in GTA.


YBMExile t1_j189gmd wrote

I think that guy posts here all the time.


Zebra-Disastrous t1_j12iuzb wrote

Glad I don't live near there. I don't think I do at least