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Jay_Derkin t1_j2edbjk wrote

Within an hour and a half from Gorham leaves you basically zero options.


larrybird56 t1_j2f44fw wrote

I mean Gotham is a giant city, gotta be fun things to do. Just be warned, lots of crime, especially at night.


Sensitive_Weather_56 t1_j2f2ovv wrote

You’re in the middle of nowhere. Don’t travel that far. Especially if you guys are going to be drinking.


AllstarGaming617 t1_j2f4tvv wrote

Check out Sunday River Ski resort. 30 minutes from Gorham. I’ve had some really awesome new years eves in ski lodges. Sunday river is the biggest resort in your area, and I’m willing to bet they have a party going on. Ski lodge NYE parties tend to be pretty youthful, a lot of the staff will be there and college kids on winter break frequent ski resorts for the holiday. Try and get a room there if there’s any vacancy in town. Driving through small ski towns on a holiday with a few drinks in you is asking for trouble.


[deleted] OP t1_j2elj5m wrote

Weather isn't too bad you could all probably stay at someone's house and build a bonfire or something.

Just a thought


kkpc t1_j2eocw8 wrote

Near Gorham? Just hit up the nearest liquor store and have fun at home.

All my recommendations are over 2 hours south. (Dover, Hampstead, Concord, Derry)


Edit: just in case anyone is curious:

Concord: Chuck’s BARbershop

Dover: Fury's Publick House

East Hampstead: Jamison’s

Derry: The Stumble Inn Bar & Grill


margismith1111 t1_j2ey3e7 wrote

Stumble Inn is actually in Londonderry right near the Derry line and beware of being stopped for DUI


DeerFlyHater t1_j2ermm7 wrote

You might find something in North Conway or maybe one of the ski resorts along 302.

Regardless, have fun, happy new year, and stay safe!


yum-yum-mom t1_j2ewmou wrote

Go to a bar near where you are. Have a safe ride home planned!


Cast__Away t1_j2f20yc wrote

Ledge Brewery in Intervale is hosting a black & white party with live music by Shock Martin. I believe its a $5 cover? Probably 45mins south of Gorham on NH Route 16.


2greygirls t1_j2f1kyo wrote

Red Parka Pub in Glen

Woodstock Station in Woodstock


ThunderySleep t1_j2fuwqt wrote

Check google for what's around you, if hours are questionable on google, just call and ask if they'll be open. Don't have high standards. NH has a few small cities in the southern portion with nightlife. Outside of that, it's very sparse.

Also, Lift and Uber is sparse even in its cities, and its DUI laws are strict (you can get a DUI below .08), so make sure you have a DD and stay safe.


icedcornholio t1_j2fx1mc wrote

There has to be something in downtown Gorham. Also I just realized that iPhone autocorrects Gorham to Gotham. Maybe move up to Berlin, and go to the federal prison to see who get released at midnight?


SirSparkles t1_j2ezfnc wrote

Not sure how crazy it will get on NYE, but Moat Mtn Brewery is always a great apres ski place with a cozy/active bar area and some great grub. I've been in the area a while and that's where I would be going *although I've never been in the MWV for NYE.


smallboxofcrayons t1_j2fbk9k wrote

It’s been a few years but when i was up that way a Sunday River was a pretty good spot to go(sorry i know not in NH)