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Kyle_Smiles t1_iyw7k27 wrote

Shooters outpost


joostadood526 OP t1_iyw8no6 wrote

I forgot to mention customer service goes with great shop. Shooters fuckin sucks


[deleted] t1_iywub05 wrote

I have noticed that Shooters in Hookset is generally unhelpful. I was snowed the first time by the guy being super friendly at the NFA counter, but subsequent visits have been less than exemplary. I have yet to purchase anything there.


smallboxofcrayons t1_iyw99xu wrote

surprised to hear of shaky service at shooters have always found them super helpful and knowledgeable.


Kv603 t1_iywbhew wrote

I've found their Amherst store to have generally friendlier staff than Hooksett.


Perfect_Ad7842 t1_iyxombf wrote

I’ve sold some handguns there and purchased others and have had only positive experiences. That’s too bad to hear