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smartest_kobold t1_j1s1182 wrote

A mentally unwell homeless woman who has just given birth and has a history of bad interactions with the police doesn't want to cooperate with the cops.

Understandable, if not reasonable.


hopefully-a-good-buy t1_j1s64c9 wrote

debatable. there’s a baby’s life at stake…..


NHGuy t1_j1s7ec2 wrote

Debatable how? That a person who hasn't cooperated with the police in the past doesn't again is debatable? I'm confused

Edit - before I get downvoted into oblivion... I'm not saying it's right in the slightest. Totally with every other sensible person that it's absolutely unacceptable. But clearly she has issues


hopefully-a-good-buy t1_j1sbjw5 wrote

to clarify i’m saying it’s debatable that her actions are reasonable. of course her actions are understandable, that’s a given if she’s mentally ill.

just because you’ve had bad experiences in the past doesn’t justify keeping an infant away from those trying to help, especially if she’s homeless in these weather conditions. it’s a negligent disregard to human life, and if she’s mentally ill that could be the reason it’s happening but doesn’t change the core of the issue.


NHGuy t1_j1sccu4 wrote

I think they meant "not reasonable" and probably should have said "unreasonable" instead


Greeneggplusthing2 t1_j1t7nus wrote

I didn't expect to find a reasonable comment that expanded the conversation and didn't immediately bash the hell out of anyone. Thank you!

I hope the poor baby gets the help they need asap. I hope the poor mama gets the help that she needs asap. I hope the family as a whole can heal. Criminal charges will not help any of this happen.


1WantT0Bel1eve t1_j1udykq wrote

This. Here is someone who needs help, and whose illness has probably led to them rejecting it. I hope the baby survives, and everyone gets help.


clickmahheels t1_j1u26lw wrote

Many people commit crimes for understandable reasons, but that doesn’t reduce the criminality.

A woman should be able to give birth wherever she wants, but if she leaves the baby to freeze to death that’s a big problem.


smartest_kobold t1_j1u4kwa wrote

If people aren't forced into these kinds of situations, there are a lot fewer reasons. If a woman walks off from her baby in a hospital, that's not even a crime.


clickmahheels t1_j1u4ufj wrote

We specifically have laws that allow people to abandon their children in safe places. No one is forced to be a parent, but you definitely can’t let a child in your care die of neglect.


smartest_kobold t1_j1u6e23 wrote

Specifically the point. If she had been able to have a baby where babies are had and not in a tent in winter, there wouldn't have been a crime.


mycopportunity t1_j1un4g7 wrote

If she had gone to a hospital they would have cared for her and her baby


smartest_kobold t1_j1ur4oa wrote

Maybe! Do you know which hospitals in Manchester practice patient dumping?


mycopportunity t1_j1ut9d4 wrote

Which hospitals don't? A pregnant woman showing up ready to give birth would receive care though, right? I hope I'm not wrong


derek_morin1 t1_j1y36kl wrote

If they turned her away she would go from poor to millionaire relatively quick when she was able to sue the hospital.


clickmahheels t1_j1uy0um wrote

Where does it say she couldn’t go to a hospital? Sounds like she chose not to due to her mental illness and substance abuse.

The article does say she left the baby alone and uncovered in the tent. Did someone make her do that? Was she prevented by society from holding or wrapping her child in her coat?


yesyesitswayexpired t1_j1wc9jm wrote

Meth made her do that.


clickmahheels t1_j2423vl wrote

Yes, which is why I understand how these things took place and can have sympathy for the woman.

Being under the influence does not absolve a person of criminal behavior, though, however tragic the situation is. She is extremely lucky that help arrived and her baby was resuscitated, because she could have been responsible for so much worse.


Mangoinmysushi t1_j1t4sxt wrote

Oh yes it’s the fault of the police that she’s a scum bag. Fuck outa here man😂 Only on Reddit


petergriffin999 t1_j1sut8o wrote

Leave it to this guy to take this thread and put it in an anti-police light.

You know, those save police who wouldn't give up after the misdirection, found a newborn in the cold, and probably saved his life.

You hate police so much, that you try to even turn this thread into an anti-police rant. SMH.


smartest_kobold t1_j1t4r8c wrote

A mentally ill woman lives in a camping tent. She gave birth seemingly by herself in freezing weather.

The first time help is offered is in the form of police coming to take that newborn away. Let's not bullshit here, that woman didn't have the resources to care for a newborn and that baby wasn't staying there.

That is a brutal system.


-cochise t1_j1t72ur wrote

She already had an existing warrant out for child endangerment dude, you can stop carrying water for her. She’d been offered help and “help” many times, and her family is one of great means. Some people just fuck up a lot and they fuck up hard.


sweetnsalty24 t1_j1rv211 wrote

It blows my mind how she obstructed first responders from finding the child.


didntdonothingwrong t1_j1trc98 wrote

And people In here are sticking up for her.


largeb789 t1_j1u0n7h wrote

I don't see anyone supporting her actions, just trying to understand those actions. Maybe with understanding we can find some better solutions for the drug, mental illness and homelessness issues we're facing in the state.


[deleted] t1_j1ulodx wrote

And the baby was left uncovered on the ground in a tent on a 15 degree day.


invenio78 t1_j1sno7b wrote

It must have been that motherly instinct....


SnooPeripherals5969 t1_j1su7m5 wrote

It was 18 degrees out, she had just given birth prematurely with no medical support, likely mental health or addiction issues st play. and typically there is a fair amount of blood loss when giving birth. She was unable to give correct information on where the baby was to first responders.

It’s probable that she was scared, delirious , confused from blood loss and the trauma of labor, or suffering post partum symptoms. I’m pissed off at the system that failed this woman, not at her.


shy-bae t1_j1szebj wrote

Yeah the misogyny in these comments is unsettling but not surprising. Homeless people freeze/starve/overdose all the time and no one cares, but all of a sudden an iNnoCeNt bAbY is involved and everyone is all shocked pikachu face that a young homeless addict in need of immediate post-partum/medical/rehab care maybe didn't make the best decision with regards to its well-being. She probably knew she'd get into legal trouble and get it taken away, which is why she tried to prevent them from finding it.

I just feel terrible that she had to literally give birth outside in the cold but "pro-lifers" can't see the connection between taking care of homeless adults and taking care of any potential children. And now they want to charge her as a felon for endangerment when they didn't care whether she lived or died before. Another example why access to contraception and abortion is healthcare.


trimolius t1_j1u2eq2 wrote

We fortunately have access to abortions here in NH. We also have baby safe havens.


invenio78 t1_j1yyx5q wrote

I think people are upset because a child was endangered due to her actions. She had the choice to give birth in a hospital but simply chose not to. Not sure why you are saying "she had to literally give birth outside..." That false. You call 911 and they take you to the hospital, doesn't matter if you are homeless/drug addict/etc.

You make it seem like she was forced to do any of these things. She wasn't, she chose to.


Wide_Television_7074 t1_j1vhfrs wrote

weird… you sound anti-infant


shy-bae t1_j1w14vo wrote

I’m just pro-woman and have basic empathy, because she was here first and she probably couldn’t even consent to being pregnant. It’s just wild to me that you can be walking around as a homeless addict and no one cares, then one day you wind up pregnant (maybe from sexual assault as is common in these settlements) and your body does its thing without you getting a say, your body gives birth in horrible circumstances and you’re just trying to survive, then all of a sudden you’re charged as a felon by the same people who were fine with you freezing to death when it was just you.


derek_morin1 t1_j1y4cpq wrote

Let’s take the newborn out of the situation. Would you be so quick to defend her if she left a one year old to die in a tent? Is that just an extra-late term abortion? Is the situation resulting in its conception relevant at that point?


shy-bae t1_j1zfoa5 wrote

Yes if you have a one year old, you have plenty of time to have figured something else out or someone else to notice and gotten help.

She had just given birth outside on one of our coldest days of the season while having mental health issues and being an addict. Its hard for people in even the best health/conditions to think properly after birth while in a warm hospital on pain meds and looked after by doctors.


Maldonian t1_j1zoxqn wrote

She didn’t “have to” give birth outside in the cold. She chose to spend all of her available funds on drugs instead of a home, even during the time she knew the baby was coming. She also chose to get pregnant with no ability or plans for what would happen next.


HumanWrangler547 t1_j24p8ez wrote

Yikes! Do your research before sticking up for scum!! ... her father is DENNIS ECKERSLEY! SHE HAS ACCESSS TO W.E TF KIND OF HELP SHE COULD EVER NEED! & Her parents have done everything in their power to get her the help and treatment she needs but unfortunately she's not a child anymore and her parents still want her to come back home and get help but she doesn't want to live under their $20 million dollar estate!! She enjoys her lifestyle and wants everyone to know that "homelessness can happen to anyone" and homelessness shouldn't be frowned upon! She thinks it should be embraced & wants to begin a "HOMELESS MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS EVENT" & in her word's, "Have it be like the telethon, or a carnival where you pay to get in, or a movie night and the money goes to a housing shelter."


Her family is actually heartbroken btw!-

Her parents wanted to deliver her a message & let her know that they love her. Allie then responded saying "I know they do". & MAYBE she'll think about giving her father DENNIS ECKERSLEY (Hall of Fame pitcher who earned more than $27 million in his baseball career during the years 1975-1998) a phone call. But he's too obsessed with not wanting her to be homeless and on the streets so she probably won't call. She says she couldn't imagine her father trying to survive on the streets 😒.

She's an ungrateful disgusting pos and I can pretty much guarantee you she'll end up locked up if not this week then probably next week.


Mangoinmysushi t1_j1t5klb wrote

Give me a break. Are you really turning this into a pro-lifer rant? This woman is a fucking drug addict. What kind of nut case defends this type of crap? She left an infant for dead in the middle of the woods.

She could have gone to the hospital and received care. They have to help her.


shy-bae t1_j1t65vt wrote

Like you said, she is a drug addict and addicts don’t always make reasonable or sane choices which is part of why they need help.


Mangoinmysushi t1_j1t783c wrote

She can get help. There’s multiple resources in Manchester where she could get the help she needs, even an abortion. But she has to actually do something. Nobody can force her to do any of this.

A lot of these homeless addicts don’t want any of this assistance and they don’t want help. She doesn’t get a free pass because she’s an addict.

It’s insane that you have more sympathy for a homeless addict then an infant left for dead. Y’all are sick lol


Bake_jouchard t1_j1uaayb wrote

The baby was found in a different tent by itself. She left the new born infant to die in a tent in the woods while it was 18 degrees outside. I don’t care what her circumstance is there is no scenario where leaving a new born alone in a tent to freeze to death is acceptable.


Internal_Ring_121 t1_j1u833t wrote

She wasn’t unable . The word your looking for is unwilling .


Beautiful_Repeat_718 t1_j1vc9wl wrote

This is you, right? Maybe you shouldn't be passing judgement about what people are unwilling to do when you're literally posting photos of fentanyl and blaming where you live and who you surround yourself with as the reason you have a drug problem.


Internal_Ring_121 t1_j1vt2vi wrote

Yes that is fucking me . I lived in the same tents as these people . I’m not judging anyone I know how they fucking think. Obviously she knew where the baby was . You don’t give birth at a homeless camp without everyone knowing about it . That’s how all of a sudden she knew where the baby was ? And I don’t blame anyone but myself


pinetreesgreen t1_j1ukny6 wrote

I hope you never have to deal with someone with severe mental health issues. Their ability to make rational decisions can be different from day to day, hour to hour. The article mentions she has gotten help in the past and has a hard time staying on meds. That's how it is for many with severe mental health issues. It's hard to blame her without specific evidence she wanted to kill her baby.


Internal_Ring_121 t1_j1usbbt wrote

I was homeless myself in those same camps a year to 2 years ago. So I think I know more about what kind of people live down there .


pinetreesgreen t1_j1uug5i wrote

I'm making a statement about mental health in general, not the homeless camp or this particular woman. It's safe to say not everyone who has severe mental health problems takes their meds or the meds work consistently, I think we can all agree on that. That effects how they react to situations.


-cochise t1_j1sxkh4 wrote

She was “off” by several hundred yards, I walk my dog in these woods and on the rail trail most days of the week. Whatever she meant to do, the major failure is that she is still able to legally make her own decisions.


ZacPetkanas t1_j1ug1ao wrote

> She was “off” by several hundred yards

I bet if it was her drug cache she'd know exactly where it was, not somewhere in a hundred yard radius.


friedbanshee t1_j1s9qeh wrote

It's such a harsh environment to be homeless here in winter. What an awful thing. So glad they rescued the baby.


derek_morin1 t1_j1ulo7r wrote

I don’t get it, why do they stay up here. I would just start walking south if I was homeless


BrainFreeze4423 t1_j1upujx wrote

You CANNOT use your logic. While I agree with most ppl saying we need better services for homeless, i do believe lots will opt to live in the tent conditions vs a sheltered environment.


SheeEttin t1_j1vjck2 wrote

My understanding is that it's because the few possessions and connections they have are here, and they don't want to have to start over from zero.


Boats_are_fun t1_j1rtqbc wrote

Sounds like the baby made it? Hopefully someone can take the kid in


YouAreHardtoImagine t1_j1rzt6y wrote

Maybe her famous dad? Wild.


HumanWrangler547 t1_j24qtpn wrote

FINALLY!!!!! I'm reading all these pathetic comments & people making excuses for this POS wondering if I was the only person here who actually knows the ENTIRE story! And that her father is a Hall of fame friggin baseball player who has always given her everything she ever wanted or needed and wants to help her but she thinks homelessness is something that needs to be embraced.

She's disgusting


FelineFriend21 t1_j1sw6sf wrote

Terrible situation all around. I hope the baby will be okay...


tarac73 t1_j1ua3lg wrote

It’s easy for all of us to judge her from the comfort and warmth of our homes.


ItsMeFergie t1_j1ughhn wrote

I am judging from the comfort of my heated toilet seat this fine winter morning. (Mental health is no joke hoping for the best for her and the kid)


comefromawayfan2022 t1_j1tqy02 wrote

I really hope the baby will be okay and can end up in a stable and loving home


joostadood526 t1_j1s98up wrote

Real winner for sure. Gross.