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dojijosu t1_izcn6f4 wrote

Please note that it was the top Democrat calling for this rep’s removal. Democrats aren’t inherently better than Republicans, they just take out their own garbage.


[deleted] t1_iziyvvm wrote

With a case such as this it's impossible not to. This is nothing to brag about


manicmonkeys t1_ize7tcr wrote

Maybe. Can you think of any recent examples of similar situation with a Republican in the crosshairs, where they weren't condemned by their own party?


BelichicksBurner t1_izf2hw0 wrote

When they were NOT condemned? I about the guy running for president again? Take your pick of offenses: January 6th, openly admitting to sexual assult on camera, illegally using campaign money to pay off a porn star he was having an affair with, taking classified documents to his private estate (essentially a far worse version of the same crime he was saying Clinton should go to jail for). Not to mention the Trump organization was literally just found guilty of multiple charges of criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records YESTERDAY. Not sure I've heard a single member of the GOP speak on that. Is that a good example? How about the Matt Gaetz underage sex trafficking situation? Anyone have anything to say on that? Last I checked that scumbag still had a job. I'd suggest you check out the link below. It's the most detailed record that exists re: recent violations and complaints against US political figures, the findings of any investigations and the outcomes. Comb through this for a few minutes and it'll become pretty clear which party gets in actual trouble and which party let's stuff slide.


manicmonkeys t1_izf72tu wrote

Plenty of Republicans have objected to numerous things Trump has done. I was asking for examples where Republicans have NOT objected to objectively bad things.


riffler24 t1_izg20fl wrote

This is a goalpost shift. The post is about a call to resign, you mentioned a condemnation, and now it's just "any objection at all"


manicmonkeys t1_izge7zd wrote

I was being generous by using general terms, but if you want to make it truly apples to apples, fine.

What Republican politician has committed stalking and DV, and not had other Republicans call for them to step down?


Clamd t1_izgfeui wrote

Walker sure did get a lot of votes and support. Wanna start there?


manicmonkeys t1_izghp5k wrote

As far as I can tell, all of the accusations levied against Herschel Walker were from the past.

The accusations against Stacie are from while she is in office. Not remotely comparable.


Clamd t1_izgnwrj wrote

Oh yeah sorry i forgot we had to find you an instance where a republican did something bad at the exact hour and minute into their term that a Democrat did something, in order for it to be even remotely comparable. Yes this senator who is the same height, weight, age, and hair style did a bad thing just like another senator who was the same height, weight, age, and hairstyle. Do you ever get tired of smelling your own asshole, what with your head shoved up it all the time?


dojijosu t1_ize7yu9 wrote

Well, there were all those republicans who tried to interrupt the electoral college counting of the 2020 presidential election… that was pretty good.


manicmonkeys t1_izejmd9 wrote

That's not even apples and oranges, that's apples and romaine lettuce.

You may have missed the "similar situation" part I mentioned.


dojijosu t1_izep0np wrote

Criminal activity indicating lack of judicial ability in both cases. You think the one wasn’t as bad because more idiots did it?


Solmors t1_izete4z wrote

Steve King was stripped of his committee seats and then primaried by a Republican challenger and voted out by the Republican voters in his state. That's the first one that came to mind when you asked for a similar situation, but it was for saying wrong things, not for committing actual crimes.


manicmonkeys t1_izf6wf8 wrote

R voters holding one of their politicians to a higher standard, since there were no crimes.


glitteryunicornlady t1_izcdk5b wrote

This person really doesn't represent the trans community, and they also have a concerning criminal record, which extends to very recently. I'm upset that party promoted this person at all. It's not a good look. Resignation is probably the best measure.


yeahimsadsowut t1_izeiiia wrote

This person is absolutely part of the trans community. To claim that they are not straight up violates the no tru Scotsman fallacy


matchettehdl OP t1_izftn18 wrote

No they're not. Most of the "trans women" are really just men who are turned on by the thought of being a woman.


Top_Solid7610 t1_izdfbz4 wrote

I don’t understand how someone with this kind of record gets on a party ticket.


Loosh_03062 t1_ize3gj6 wrote

In that ward, there were only three names on the primary ballot for three slots. I'm not sure if it's apathy on the part of the residents or party leadership discouraging more than the cherry picked candidates from filing. Add to that a devoted set of fans who don't see a career criminal and nut job who gives many groups a bad name, but a strong and devoted yet terribly misunderstood person who has overcome so many obstacles and challenges and is entitled to the support of the full community.


WoobieBee t1_izec249 wrote

This is not a congressional seat. There is no cherry picking in the nh house. Anyone who meets the criteria can pay $2 and run for this office.


gregor-sans t1_izjwjev wrote

I don’t know about this individual, but sometimes there is only one person who files to run in the primary for a given seat. IIRC there was a Republican rep from Nashua who had run unopposed in the primary. He won in the general election, but ended up resigning sometime later (for reasons?)


yeahimsadsowut t1_izeia94 wrote

Precisely because he/she is transsexual.

They or whatever was elevated precisely because their demographic is the new favorites of 40 yo white women who get brunch


Top_Solid7610 t1_izek0ms wrote

In my observation transexual people being favored would be an exceedingly rare exception. This person has a troubled background of their own making, gender identity is irrelevant to that.


Intelligent-Hunt7557 t1_izi55fu wrote

Did you even read the article? It refers to her gender 14 times. I assume you’ve never had your gender identity referred to as ‘or whatever’? Put down the conspiracy rags and pick up a book once in a while…


Fabulous-Algae-408 t1_izcdq08 wrote

This guy looks like a creep that’s for sure. makes you wonder if the majority of people even look into who they are voting for.


akcattleco t1_izckb0j wrote

Nope, they vote along party lines because that's how they have been programmed, and only believe they have two choices


dzastrus t1_izdr4oe wrote

That's mostly because your Rep will always vote with their party unless their vote wouldn't swing anything and they want to make a show of something. Your best Rep knows the score.


Number2_IsMy_Number1 t1_izeex0k wrote

Well that's a woman so...


Fabulous-Algae-408 t1_izfku9e wrote

Haha maybe in your fucked up head


Number2_IsMy_Number1 t1_izj2ywt wrote

I'm just referencing "her" preferred pronouns. I originally saw that image the way you did and was taken aback when I read the original article. Turns out you don't get to wear your wig for mug shots. Who knew?


[deleted] t1_izc57v9 wrote

Good on the leader on calling this individual out.

>State Rep. Stacie Laughton (D-Nashua), a prior felon and one of the first transgendered persons to be elected to a state legislature in the United States, is being held in jail on multiple charges, accused of stalking a woman in Hudson in August and November. She was arrested on two sets of charges — and was able to hide one of the arrests from voters. The second allegation against her occurred on Election Day.


ImprintVector t1_izc5q7e wrote

Holy fuck she does not represent the trans community and I am appalled to learn that she was able to pull this sort of shit on the voters. She absolutely needs to resign.


yeahimsadsowut t1_izeiknx wrote

“She” absolutely does represent the trans community.

No true Scotsman fallacy dictates she does.


[deleted] t1_iziz94m wrote

You can't just dismiss people as "not truly part of the community " when they do something wrong. Every community has its good and bad and they have to own it.


UnisexWaffleBooties t1_izc70fd wrote

Well, that's a guy, so...


matchettehdl OP t1_izc7row wrote

More specifically, an autogynephile. Not that that's wrong, mind you, but that doesn't mean he's not a guy.


Loud-Candle-3692 t1_izclzwf wrote

New Hampshire, What the fuck is wrong with you???

You're getting worse than Massachusetts!


itsMalarky t1_izd6pc3 wrote

huh? how is this a referendum on the whole state? Or are you just an idiot?