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DirtMobile35 t1_j1eaw1f wrote

Why do all the d-bags in our state look the same? This looks just like the guy who posted an angry reply to my comment yesterday about the first responder flag being for racists.


Leemcardhold t1_j1ebl1q wrote

How is a flag supporting first responders racist?

Edit: downvotes and no explanation. Anybody? How is a flag for first responders racist?


Cullen7777 t1_j1fuvj2 wrote

6’2” 210lbs isn’t a giant, but definitely big enough, and evidently mean enough, to ruin someone’s Christmas. Hope they find him passed out.


baxterstate t1_j1fbt1t wrote

Too bad this guy doesn't live in Alameda County CA:


The Alameda county board of supervisors in the San Francisco Bay Area voted Tuesday to adopt a Fair Chance housing ordinance, which would prohibit landlords in private and public housing from using criminal records when considering prospective tenants.


Lords_of_Lands t1_j1fiezz wrote

That is extra stupid because if you rent to a convict and the person does some crime toward the other tenants, tenants have successfully sued the landlord for letting someone dangerous into the building. 'The landlord should have know better.'

Add an immunity to lawsuits if you want more landlords to rent to convicts.


smartest_kobold t1_j1d6ej3 wrote

What bearded white guy in this state isn't?

Edit: I've seen your lack of anger management and poor trigger discipline.


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_j1dhfxp wrote

Nobody cares about your opinion.

You're constantly cynical and disingenuous at every possible opportunity.

I can't even be mean, because you being you is the worst thing the world has to offer.


juicebronston t1_j1eps5g wrote

Is this 5nd’s new alt account? smartest_kobold is a well-respected commenter in these parts.


reddittheguy t1_j1e2han wrote

>You're constantly cynical and disingenuous at every possible opportunity.

That's curiously strong stance to have for an account that is barely a week old. Mind telling us your other account names?