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TheTyrantKingGeorge t1_j1mlmid wrote

Teacher has no fucking clue what kind of psychological damage she just caused this child. Poor kiddo. She's a human being, but is treated as less than a human being. If this "educator" did this in front of family, I can imagine that she treats the kid as a burden in the classroom.

All you had to do was pull her and hold her hand. Guide them, believe in them. But no, she did the opposite. Literally left the kid on the outside looking in. Those are her peers.

This woman is vile, and should not be trusted around children. Lisbon, get her out of your education system. If I am that child's parent/guardian, my anxiety would be peaked at the thought of dropping her off at school to be treated like this on a daily basis.

Watching this really brought my piss to a boil. The cruelty that humans are capable of is utterly staggering. Just want to give kiddo a hug and tell her I believe in her.


BravaCentauri11 t1_j1pyyi1 wrote

On its face, this appears terrible. However, It would be prudent to know circumstances before having such a vicious reaction. For ex: what if her parents told the teacher she shouldn’t be moved from her spot? No idea if that happened here, but neither do you. That’s the point.


Sqwirl t1_j1q1z53 wrote

The teacher never moved and could have easily had her in the circle and held her hand the entire time. No context would excuse this treatment.


BravaCentauri11 t1_j1q8fm1 wrote

Context is always necessary. None of us have any idea what the backstory is here. What if her parents explicitly told the school and staff their daughter is not to be touched under any circumstances, has threatened legal action against the district in the past, etc. (which is definitely a possibility). Some parents are brutal in this regard, literally threatening teachers and staff daily with legal action. You have no idea what you’re talking about, based on a video clip alone. (Source: spouse works in special Ed and deals with these kids/parents all the time).


N0t_Dev t1_j27llh4 wrote

All that article stated was that the father believed it not to be malicious but rather an unfortunate accident. I go to Lisbon and will be back after Christmas break, I can ask the teacher in this clip, who by the way is very nice and friendly, what happened. i should be back with an update in a few weeks.


baxterstate t1_j1v4c2a wrote

I too would like to hear more context, but Reddit doesn’t do context well.


5nd t1_j1mmhtt wrote

Oh come on one incident like this isn't going to produce psychological damage in a little girl who is clearly accustomed to facing hardship.


TestingForTwitter t1_j1mobm5 wrote

Everyone on this sub hates you.

Merry Christmas.


5nd t1_j1my31o wrote

Not everyone. Judging by my comment score it's only 17 people 33 people 56 people 107 people.


Safe_Search_Off t1_j1mrrwh wrote

Man. please. PLEASE. Don't have children. I'm so tired of people like you. So so tired.


5nd t1_j1mxgif wrote

I won't have any children because I already had children


TestingForTwitter t1_j1nd8yh wrote

Poor kids.


TheTyrantKingGeorge t1_j1mnpni wrote

You know nothing of child psychology.


5nd t1_j1mxset wrote

Neither do you so we're square


TheTyrantKingGeorge t1_j1n1yp2 wrote

OK troll, you obviously hate and resent disabled people. You've been fed. Back to your cave.


5nd t1_j1n59x1 wrote

No I don't.

I'm not the one that thinks so little of them that I believe they will be damaged after one little incident like this.


TheTyrantKingGeorge t1_j1n7mlx wrote

It's only one little incident because it wasn't you. You're minimizing it, and excusing an adult's bad behavior. I can only hope her family doesn't fail her like your parents failed you.


5nd t1_j1n9vur wrote

I'm not excusing anybody's behavior I'm just saying people who aren't pathetic know not everything is a tragedy.


GraniteStag t1_j1mwmiu wrote

Death of a thousand cuts still kills.


5nd t1_j1mxvxv wrote

This is one cut we're talking about.


lonely_Huffelpuff t1_j1ns674 wrote

It's never just one incident this was just the first in front of the parents. I'm autistic and was discriminated against for almost an entire school year because the school wouldn't do anything until it happened in front of my mother. Thus teacher definitely did more to this kid they always do.


5nd t1_j1ntzn3 wrote

Sure but I'm responding simply to this claim made above:

>Teacher has no fucking clue what kind of psychological damage she just caused this child.


lonely_Huffelpuff t1_j1o0u1w wrote

If you get you're pants pulled down at a school assembly infront of your parents all your friends and everyone else's parents is that not traumatic. It just happened once so according to your logic not it's not. If a guy breaks into your house just once is it not traumatic too? Being forced to sit out in front of everyone you know just because you can't walk is traumatic one time or not she's always going to be wondering if it'll happen again or why no one in the school went to help her. Why all her teachers just let that happen to her.


5nd t1_j1o3igp wrote

I mean, my buddy pantsed me at lunch in middle school once in front of the whole lunch room and I walked it off because I'm not a pathetic loser.


lonely_Huffelpuff t1_j1o9as3 wrote

You really took a single part of my reply and ran with it huh. Also nice calling disabled people pathetic really showing your true colors there.


5nd t1_j1oa2y2 wrote

I'm not calling disabled people pathetic. I'm explicitly saying disabled people especially endure hardships and it isn't psychologically damaging to have one incident like this.

You and all your buddies in this subreddit reeeeing about how one little experience like this is going to damage someone who is disabled.


lonely_Huffelpuff t1_j1oadj8 wrote

You're not even listening to actual disabled people like myself about how stuff like this is traumatic you've just made it up in your head that it can't be when real disabled people are telling you otherwise. You can ask any disabled person and they will tell you how traumatic it is to be left out hell there's an entire tiktok trend of disabled kids talking about being left out and how traumatic it was you're being willfully ignorant.


5nd t1_j1oaou6 wrote

I am reliably informed by the esteemed members of this subreddit that I myself am disabled.

Also, being nonbinary isn't a disability.


bigmikekbd t1_j1mtu0h wrote

You show a stunning lack of understanding how trauma works.


5nd t1_j1mxrj5 wrote

You find my intellect stunning? Why thank you.


bigmikekbd t1_j1n4i1p wrote

Anti-intellectualism at its finest. I can’t imagine a world where I’m as proud as you are of being dumb.


5nd t1_j1n5bb9 wrote

Lack of imagination, huh?


SheeEttin t1_j1mvel6 wrote

I hope for you that that proposal about access to sterilization procedures passes


Doover__ t1_j1n0z51 wrote

But the special ed program there will, it’s intentionally set up to isolate the kids in it so they don’t cause disturbances to everyone else, generally it results in the kids being socially distant and unable to really mature or talk with people, and yes, before anyone asks, I was a student there for 10 years, I would know (not in the special ed program, but I know how that works too)


DigTreasure t1_j1mliy3 wrote

Interesting how not a single parent said anything as that was happening. The child is literally 12ft away. Would have taken 2 seconds to walk over and made sure that hadnt happened regardless of the teachers intent.

Sign of the times.


Cantide756 t1_j1nk708 wrote

I've been bitched at for "interfering" in similar, if not as extreme situations. Other parents don't normally take to interfering with their kids, even on their behalf.


otiswrath t1_j1mhbuj wrote

Unless there is a VERY good explanation for this that teacher should be immediately fired.

Not only just because of the trauma that they likely inflicted on that little kid but because if she didn't realize how absolutely wrong what she was doing was then she is utterly unqualified for her job and goodness knows what other things she is doing in her classroom unsupervised.

Remember, this is how she treated her when she KNEW the community was watching.


[deleted] t1_j1ml9og wrote



otiswrath t1_j1mn80r wrote

This is a teacher, not just some volunteer who doesn't know any better.

She has been educated and certified to do her job because by doing her job poorly it makes a significant impact on the long term outcomes on a child's life.

In other words she should absolutely have known better as a fundamental part of her job or she just couldn't be bothered to include the child in the event and if she is either that unqualified or that callous then she should be fired.

I spent a decade working in education with kids from preschool to high school. There are very clear fundamental principles around these types of situations.

This is actually so egregious that it is something that you would see in a training video and people would scoff because it would be so clearly out of line that it would be assumed no one would ever actually do it.

This is literally a text book example of what not to do.

Also, if she thinks that this is ok to do in an event with the community watching, what sorts of things does she do when she thinks no one is paying attention.


LonelyAccountantCPA t1_j1mplm2 wrote

It’s hard to watch kids being excluded like that. I’m wondering why her parents didn’t step in and have her sit with them instead of just filming her actively being ignored? It’s actually mind boggling no one spoke up and said anything as it was happening.


adamjackson1984 t1_j1ndmnm wrote

I’d really like to hear both sides of the story before we collectively get out pitchforks. It looks really bad. Maybe parents or the child actually requested this way of executing it? I don’t like how we demand someone be fired based on one video.


[deleted] t1_j1ptu54 wrote

The aunt posted it on Facebook, upset.

This is an egregious act and there is absolutely no way this is an isolated incident. If she felt empowered to do this in front of the entire class and all of the families, how does she treat this child when there aren’t 25 families watching her every move? No. This is as awful as it looks but I can’t say I am surprised. This is a low skills area. That includes the educational professionals. I’ve seen it play out over and over and over. New Hampshire has shitty standards for professional conduct, weak training across industries, abysmal accreditation requirements for programs, completely neutered legal regs, and virtually no licensing oversight or random quality checks from state boards.

This is not a state where you can just blindly trust someone in their professional capacity to do their job well.


adamjackson1984 t1_j1pubvu wrote

Education in America is underfunded and broken. I still don’t think this public has enough information to demand a teacher is fired. There will be inquiries by the school board and administration. Let’s wait and see.


GoblinShark603 t1_j1n1yse wrote

Dang saw this earlier on another sub. Didn't know it was NH!


5nd t1_j1mef1j wrote

Would like to hear from those intimately involved why this was done. It looks terrible obviously but it is possible that there is some benign explanation.


Spitfirefunsnack t1_j1mgdot wrote

Saw this posted on Facebook, shared by the the little girl's aunt I think. It wasn' t a cool thing for the teacher to do. There were a lot of comments about it, not sure if the school said anything yet or not.


Strict_Zebra_3585 t1_j1mzr65 wrote

Um. What in the actual hell? How can anyone not see how awful this is? I question the intelligence of this "educator."


Azr431 t1_j1mxrui wrote

This is so hard to watch. Heartbreaking. Hope this teacher recognizes this and makes changes.


girthemoose t1_j1o5qym wrote

Given that she looked at the student and than walked around it the end include her with the other students at seems this might of been intentional. Not everything is ableism.


RobynZombie t1_j1p8chj wrote

Wow. That’s heartbreaking 💔


bingqiling t1_j1sr3tz wrote

I'd be incredibly pissed if my kid was at all in this video and now a video that has gone viral has an image of my kid + the name of the school my kid goes to.


Constant-Dot5760 t1_j1o1l7d wrote

My kid is one of the parents in that school. He says the video is a hacked hatchet job against one of the nicest and most inclusive teachers there.


xwalk t1_j1o92s2 wrote

Are there any details or is this just a video?


lantrick t1_j1n2ns4 wrote

I believe it. I saw it on the internet.


TreePointOhhhhh t1_j1npece wrote

This video was edited to get people riled up. There’s a second video where the cute little girl actually gets off the chair and starts tap dancing to frosty the snowman and all the kids join in. Google it. I think it’s called blue waffle Christmas.


xwalk t1_j1o997r wrote

No one here wants to get the details, they just want to be angry at nothing haha