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5nd t1_j1o3igp wrote

I mean, my buddy pantsed me at lunch in middle school once in front of the whole lunch room and I walked it off because I'm not a pathetic loser.


lonely_Huffelpuff t1_j1o9as3 wrote

You really took a single part of my reply and ran with it huh. Also nice calling disabled people pathetic really showing your true colors there.


5nd t1_j1oa2y2 wrote

I'm not calling disabled people pathetic. I'm explicitly saying disabled people especially endure hardships and it isn't psychologically damaging to have one incident like this.

You and all your buddies in this subreddit reeeeing about how one little experience like this is going to damage someone who is disabled.


lonely_Huffelpuff t1_j1oadj8 wrote

You're not even listening to actual disabled people like myself about how stuff like this is traumatic you've just made it up in your head that it can't be when real disabled people are telling you otherwise. You can ask any disabled person and they will tell you how traumatic it is to be left out hell there's an entire tiktok trend of disabled kids talking about being left out and how traumatic it was you're being willfully ignorant.


5nd t1_j1oaou6 wrote

I am reliably informed by the esteemed members of this subreddit that I myself am disabled.

Also, being nonbinary isn't a disability.