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Qbncgr t1_j21rbdw wrote

If it’s a 99’ or older, no title is required in NH


LFRebel_603 t1_j21rr97 wrote

2011 Silverado, so no luck there. I just didn't want to be ambushed by the DMV after walking in there and requesting a copy of the title with basic info about the vehicle. I have to take time off of work to go get a new copy of the title.


Qbncgr t1_j21sfdi wrote


Doesn’t look like you can walk in and do it?


LFRebel_603 t1_j21twq6 wrote

I looked at this and was just curious about other's experiences getting a new copy of a title. I guess I'm just skeptical about the government making things easy. But thanks! "My ex shredded my original title" didn't seem like a good excuse.


5nd t1_j21nl4x wrote

All this info is on the website


LFRebel_603 t1_j21oc00 wrote

Yeah I get that, just looking for experiences from other people where maybe they had issues getting a new title after it was destroyed/lost. I know there's a form online but that doesn't mean the DMV isn't going to give me shit and I don't want to waste my time arguing with them.


littleirishmaid t1_j21pkl7 wrote

Request a duplicate. You will need some basic information about the vehicle, like the VIN.