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TestingForTwitter t1_j1vg5bg wrote

There is zero need to own a gun.

There is an absolute need for mental health.

If someone is questioning which is priority I earnestly hope they get the help they need.

That said, cost has to be the larger prohibitive factor.


TreePointOhhhhh t1_j1xbja4 wrote

“There is zero need to own a gun.“

That’s some top notch white privileged thinking right there. Level 10. There are plenty of single moms in poor neighborhoods that have used guns to save their kids from home invasions. Plenty of videos out there. I mean, not all of us can afford to live in nice low crime neighborhoods; or can afford private security like you. Outside your loving cozy bubble, the rest of us live in a dangerous world, filled with dangerous people who wouldn’t hesitate to harm kids or women for a quick fix.


5nd t1_j1vhdsa wrote

That's clearly not true considering the large number of people walking around with bad mental health.


TestingForTwitter t1_j1vjfk8 wrote

Zero percent surprised you don't see the correlation between that and the ills of society.


5nd t1_j1vqz5n wrote

What makes you think I don't see the connection?