Submitted by beetroot747 t3_zkvkpj in newhampshire

I’m traveling out of town for the holidays and I just got a reminder email from my leasing office about snow removal, and that I should be ready to move my car whenever there is more than 2 inches of snow.

Problem is, my roommate will be out of town at the same time as me. And I don’t have any other friends in the community I live in.

What would be my options if there is a requirement for me to move my car and I’m out of town? Other than taking my chances of having my car towed.

I live in Nashua. Last winter I was in Denver and I didn’t face this issue since the leasing office there didn’t have this requirement (or never enforced it)

This is only my second winter in the US as a car owner, so I’m not too familiar with the snow removal procedures when living in a community.



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WickedHardflip t1_j022x1z wrote

Have you tried bringing this up with the office? Let them know you plan to be travelling and see what they say.


beetroot747 OP t1_j02b2w8 wrote

Yeah I’ll be talking with them as well


BlackJesus420 t1_j02i6go wrote

Same thing happened to me last winter and I spoke to the leasing office. Problem solved.


More-Concentrate-247 t1_j01v33a wrote

Park in a Long term parking garage.


Loosh_03062 t1_j03csr6 wrote

That might work if Nashua had such things. Even the two city garages don't permit multiday parking; even the leased spaces are only leased during business hours.


SheenPSU t1_j02w5ah wrote

Talk to the office first, you can’t be the first person to be away during a storm so I’d be willing to bet they have some sort of solution for you

If not, do you have any friends who own a house with a driveway? Maybe they’d let you keep your vehicle there for a while


Certified_Falafel t1_j01rru1 wrote

One option could be to put your car in a storage facility like Self Storage or Public Storage. Sometimes theses places even offer a unit for $1 your first month - just make sure you understand the requirements for terminating the contract so you don't get stuck paying a full month's rent.


beetroot747 OP t1_j02b4zn wrote

Forgive my ignorance, but I never knew you could store cars in a public storage facility


thread100 t1_j04crbp wrote

You often see RVs, boats etc in the parking lot behind the facility.


Ok-Investigator-8902 t1_j02ip18 wrote

U-Haul has a deal going for a free month of storage right now.


TheMobyDicks t1_j01ty23 wrote

I hear George Costanza's rates are reasonable. He gets paid in pretzels and Gatorade.


Rare_Message_7204 t1_j040x5q wrote

Usually rental complexes will have a designated area for tenants cars when they go on vacation.