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The_Road_is_Calling t1_j6ejxuw wrote

Looks like Mr. Southwick’s wagon. He used to have a farm in Northfield and deliver fresh eggs with a horse and buggy just like this. They named the local elementary school after him when he donated the land it was built on.


Smirkly OP t1_j6elcbi wrote

You may be correct. I deliberately left what I think is the farmer in the picture. The wagon and horse alone were worth the shot but with the colt alongside it became precious.


The_Road_is_Calling t1_j6en1bs wrote

Yes it’s a great picture, if it wasn’t for the car it could easily be from the 1800s.

Here’s an article I found about Mr. Southwick from shortly after he did. He also had a segment on NH Chronicle about his egg deliveries.


Smirkly OP t1_j6eorcu wrote

Thank you for the article. I have had that picture for a long while and often wondered about the man and his story.


Politikr t1_j6owcik wrote

My opinion, but I'm betting those were the good old days.