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Chappy_Sinclair_ t1_j5u39h3 wrote

They look like feral hogs.


RondaArousedMe t1_j5uby02 wrote

I thought you were talking about the dogs but I was pleasantly surprised the owners were the ones who strongly resemble feral hogs. Dog looks like a good boy thankfully.


rabblebowser OP t1_j5u3i0c wrote

Definitely some awful mugshots. yikes!


Clinically-Inane t1_j5vk0a1 wrote

They both look like they have scurvy after a long trip across the Atlantic by boat


Emeleigh_Rose t1_j5u4ts7 wrote

Thankfully, this dog was saved from these horrible people. I hope he finds a loving home soon.


DoodMonkey t1_j5u8iad wrote

Yikes those are some ugly people and not just on the inside.


RondaArousedMe t1_j5ubojm wrote

Ohh Berlin, never ceases to amaze me.


677536543 t1_j5ur6aq wrote

Guy looks like Meatloaf in Fight Club


D_Pow t1_j5v3buo wrote

“his name is Robert Paulson”


Kikutwo t1_j5vat3a wrote

It seems he has eaten all the dogs food also.


UnfairAd7220 t1_j5v7235 wrote

Shelburne is east of Gorham right on the ME line.

Why'd the dog go to VT, and not, say, N Conway?


smdifansmfjsmsnd t1_j5v1t17 wrote

I hate the idea of animals being abandoned - it’s cruel and simply heartless, but judging by the looks and actions of those folks the dog is much better off without them.


Open-Industry-8396 t1_j5up9nw wrote

Dang, he should've at least changed that shirt. 🤣 maybe the dog ran away and this is just where it was found? If it is true they abandon it in the winter, that's just disgusting


Kekwexpress t1_j5vxzoa wrote

These 2 fucks could easily be euthanized and nobody would care; the world would be none the wiser.


DigTreasure t1_j5ynmx0 wrote

Check their garage for catalytic converters.


MacTechG4 t1_j5ud6dw wrote

The couple need to be charged at the felony level, not misdemeanor, as it was intentional, and during winter makes it worse…


Thundersnow999 t1_j5wehk2 wrote

Now there are some north country natives!


Curious_Buffalo_1206 t1_j5x4n9y wrote

I’m surprised those two didn’t eat the dog instead. They ate everything else in sight.


smartest_kobold t1_j5uuljm wrote

Wait. They found a loose dog and arrested the owners?

I don't know if any of you have visited up state, but a whole bunch of people take a free range approach to domestic animals.

Edit: The article implies the dog was abandoned on the North Road bridge. The linked police tweet says the dog was abandoned on Hogan Road, i.e. not on a bridge. That is a little weird. You'd need a witness to know that. But if there's a witness, why would they need to search social media? At best, it's lazy record keeping.


chain_me_up t1_j5v0fpw wrote

Which is horribly unsafe for the pet and local wildlife as well as people (potential bite risks).


smartest_kobold t1_j5v115l wrote

Oh, I don't like it. It's just so common I'd like to know why this case.


chain_me_up t1_j5v16zt wrote

From the article it sounds like they abandoned the dog in winter on the bridge which is most likely why they're getting a cruelty charge.


Stickyfynger t1_j5v3jyd wrote

The dog was left on the outside edge of a bridge-abandoned by those two lowlifes. It was so scared it couldn’t move bc if it did it was going to go over the edge. What they did to that beautiful good boi deserves the severest punishment possible.


Clinically-Inane t1_j5vl2ae wrote

that’s what it looks like from the pic— they put him OVER the guardrail and behind a pile of snow where he was trapped and too scared to move

That dog did not get there on his own; he wouldn’t have gone over/through the railing where there’s no snow and onto a small ledge only to walk out to where he was stuck and too scared to move


Tornado_Wind_of_Love t1_j5v3hdi wrote

Read the article. It sounds like they abandoned it on the side of a bridge over the rail to try and kill the dog.

10 bucks says they get some meth charges based on the mugshots


[deleted] t1_j5v30y0 wrote



Key-Ad-854 t1_j5v4e5q wrote

Check out this pathetic lunatics post history - he’s been having a mental breakdown for hours - crying and bitching and moaning and so painfully butthurt from being bent over by trump for years. Ouch.