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chait1199 t1_j6gye1h wrote

Lol thinking he’d win a GOP primary. 😂


PebblyJackGlasscock t1_j6her7h wrote

I’m not certain he’d win the NH primary, which means that unless he’s ready to retire from politics and go corporate, he should not do this. He can be Governor for Life if he chooses, so picking a national ass kicking would be a very strange choice.


owwwwwo t1_j6hy72l wrote

He doesn't need to "go" corporate. He already owns a large chunk of the ski industry, and is a real estate developer in his own right.


PebblyJackGlasscock t1_j6ia820 wrote

Lol. Look up what Charlie Baker is going to be making in the most non-corporate corporate job for an ex-Governor. Then remember he’s getting NIL percentages.

The difference between NH big business and actual big business is… pretty, pretty, pretty big.


owwwwwo t1_j6ie8w3 wrote

I don't remember comparing or contrasting Chris Sununu to anybody, let alone Charlie Baker.


PebblyJackGlasscock t1_j6iev5x wrote

Nope, you suggested that Chris’s NH business interests are in some way comparable to the money he could make by going “corporate”.

That’s a big mistaken comparison you made. I brought up Charlie as someone who is an ex-Governor gone corporate making a ridiculous amount of money. I could have referenced Deval Patrick or any number of ex-politicians who’ve “gone corporate” and get paid more than the owner of a ski resort in NH.


owwwwwo t1_j6ig3hc wrote

Sure, I'm okay with whatever nuance you want to touchdown-dance on.

You seem like somebody who likes to argue pedantry, and I'm not into that sort of thing.

I see no difference between being a pro-business, Republican, Waterville Valley (a corporation) owning multi millionaire, and going "corporate". Quite literally their ideologies are one in the same.

Take care.


itsMalarky t1_j6mosek wrote

Waterville valley is hardly a big chunk of the ski industry....quite the exaggeration.


Tullyswimmer t1_j6jkmaz wrote

If he ran in the presidential race, he'd absolutely clean house in the primary. He's already insanely popular in the state. I don't think he CAN lose a statewide election that he runs in, and especially not one for his own party.

Whether or not he'd get his ass kicked elsewhere I don't know. But he's probably got some of the best moderate appeal of any GOP state governor.


averageduder t1_j6k0dxb wrote

Disagree. What’s his lane? Maga isn’t voting for him. Moderates who care about education or abortion aren’t. And they basically competing for that small sliver that is outside there with others.

I’d be surprised, even in nh, if he polls above 5-6%


Tullyswimmer t1_j6ktbog wrote

His performance in state-level elections would suggest otherwise. MAGA does vote for him, as do a lot of moderates. Real-life moderates, not Reddit "moderates" don't generally have a problem with the type of abortion legislation he's supported, and education is rapidly changing, look at Youngkin in Virginia and even DeSantis' "don't say gay" bill is fairly popular nationally.

If you think Sununu isn't capable of appealing to moderates and MAGA, you're wrong. He can and already does, as every election he's run in in the state shows.


averageduder t1_j6kyp77 wrote

But he's not against any competition so how well he does is really pretty worthless. Who cares if he can edge out the Colin Van Osterns and beat up the Dan Feltes of the world. This guy barely beat Edelblut.

Whether he has a path in a crowded primary or a general is dramatically different than whether he can win, as an incumbent in a political dynasty, against the drek the NH dems are throwing.

I'd love to lay some odds on Sununu's 2024 polling. Looks like most sites have Trump and Desantis taking about 80% right now.

Sununu's path is hoping that at least 1 of them doesn't run. Unless that happens, he has about as much a chance as being the gop candidate as I do. I mean he doesn't even have money in the area code of these two, and we're just assuming that NH still has the first primary. If it gets flexed into 3rd/4th, then his chances go from like 2% to 0%.


ThunderySleep t1_j6o933b wrote

Is he some incredible speaker or something? I don't pay too close attention to NH politics, but I had never heard of him until moving here a couple years ago.


UCBC789 t1_j6io5yb wrote

Honestly I bet his real goal is to land a spot in the next Republican president’s cabinet, at least if it’s someone other than Trump. He just wants to get a bit of national visibility to be taken more seriously for that


chait1199 t1_j6iom1w wrote

I agree. I also think a presidential run would be a way for him to gain more national visibility for a possible future run. Just can’t wait to watch the moderate (ish) establishment conservative Sununu rip the mask off and morph into a Trump brown nosing shill.


ThunderySleep t1_j6o98n0 wrote

Agreed. I don't think he's enough of a national name for people to pay close attention to him.


ExpatEsquire t1_j6hfho6 wrote

He’s way too sane to be a Republican candidate for a base that has become radicalised by right wing media and Fox News


Yourcatsonfire t1_j6hqp9j wrote

The man may or may not br a shitty politician, but he's a good talker and very friendly. I happen to run unto him two years ago at the Deerfield fair and we had a talk about his call ins to Greg Hill when he was on WAAF. Very easy person to like face to face.


Pants_loader t1_j6hu7ss wrote

I had a conversation with him 3 years ago now. I don't work in politics at all, was showing him some outdoor rec stuff and how to get folks outdoors etc... During our conversation I found myself nodding along, agreeing with things he said and totally being engaged. After he left I shook myself and realized he didn't actually say anything of substance and that I had been totally fluffed. All that to say I agree, the guy is great on a personal level


Tullyswimmer t1_j6jjqhr wrote

He's charismatic as fuck, and honestly, based on his performance in the state elections, is at the very least palatable enough to moderates to pull lots of moderate votes.


Jean-Paul_Sartre t1_j6m8i3l wrote

I've met all the members of the Sununu family on several occasions and Chris is the only one who isn't an awkward asshole.


[deleted] t1_j6gz4gw wrote



CannaQueen73 t1_j6h6v8b wrote

He will bend whichever way the wind blows. Will end up a total Republican shill.


tinyoddjob t1_j6h9hvk wrote

Agree with both of you here. He’s the lesser evil, but still a total tool.


KrissaKray t1_j6im8oy wrote

What did DeSantis do to earn the title DeSatan? Also, are you a child? Drumpf? Really?


Relleomylime t1_j6ioza9 wrote

-gestures broadly at all of FL-


KrissaKray t1_j6j1j4e wrote

Florida seems to be doing pretty well… idk what you’re getting at here.


quaffee t1_j6jfdjn wrote

What's your metric for doing well? Amount of books banned from the public school system?


KrissaKray t1_j6jnng3 wrote

Books are banned from public school systems in every state. It doesn’t mean the kids can’t buy and read them it just means they’re not being part of the school part of it. Grow up lol


quaffee t1_j6js0jp wrote

So you're ok with banning books from school, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying your position.


Tullyswimmer t1_j6jjve1 wrote

This is reddit. DeSantis bad because Florida bad because DeSantis bad. That's all you need to know.


MajorScrotum t1_j6hjycp wrote

I'm honestly not a fan of him but he does seem to be a "moderate" choice by the standards of the contemporary Republican party


IntelligentMeal40 t1_j6ifly8 wrote

No, he said so himself that he is a Trump guy through and through. Those words came out of his mouth on purpose.


didntdonothingwrong t1_j6j6w73 wrote

He isn’t though. He just said that because he has no back bone. Honestly not sure which is worst.


Dannon35 t1_j6hhcbd wrote

His position on cannabis legalization shows he is just one of "them". And he is not exactly an inspiring leader. Gonna be a pass.


chadwickipedia t1_j6hlalh wrote

The only reason he is against it is because he wants to regulated it like the state liquor stores. Can’t do that unless it’s federally legal


Darwins_Dog t1_j6hnhoo wrote

That's not a good reason to ignore a majority of constituents.


whydidilose t1_j6holde wrote

For all the reasons to be against legalization this is probably the best one. It makes a lot of sense to have state owned dispensaries- will bring in a lot of extra revenue from other states.


nhbruh t1_j6i07jo wrote

No, it won’t. Cannabis isn’t liquor where the product is the same across states and the differentiator is price. Maine has some of the best bud in New England right now and NH is too far behind to compete with their market cap.


Darwins_Dog t1_j6hpcxq wrote

The best reason still isn't a good one.


whydidilose t1_j6hqam8 wrote

Can you elaborate why it’s a problem to wait for legalization?

Weed is decriminalized in NH and most of our citizens live close to the MA or ME borders. So having access to weed isn’t an issue, and you aren’t going to get arrested for it. So how does changing things right now affect a majority of people?

If they legalize it now, it won’t be able to be sold at state owned stores since it’s still illegal federally. That means the state either loses out on all that potential out of state revenue, or the private sector takes it over only to be replaced by the state in the future.

Neither of those seem like great options to me considering there’s no issue with obtaining or having weed currently.


Darwins_Dog t1_j6hs8gt wrote

There's no guarantee it will work as well as liquor stores since production and distribution don't work the same. Prices are more variable and there's more local production so there's no Coors or Jack Daniels that we can always sell for cheaper.

In the absence of national brands, people are building loyalty to stores instead. Some of them even have loyalty programs and give away weed when you hit a certain mark. The longer we wait, the stronger the loyalty.

The state can still tax weed sales just like every other state. We are actively losing out on that revenue. It doesn't make sense to keep waiting on the basis that it might generate more revenue for the state.

It robs local entrepreneurs of the chance to open a dispensary and start a business. I would rather see the economic benefit go to people than government.

I've also never seen a quote or official statement that this is why they are waiting. Reddit seems pretty convinced, but idk.


whydidilose t1_j6hzw9g wrote

>It robs local entrepreneurs of the chance to open a dispensary and start a business. I would rather see the economic benefit go to people than government.

I do want to point out that large conglomerates have taken over the business in many other states. It sounds nice to keep things local for smaller merchants, but without any laws in place they’ll inevitably be driven out by much larger companies.


Darwins_Dog t1_j6i2mv6 wrote

There's room for both. IME in Mass, Maine, and Colorado there are both large chains and independent stores (just like every other business). Besides, that's still not a compelling reason to have a state monopoly. That's just picking who gets control.


RonJahnPS2 t1_j6i4es6 wrote

Is MA “losing out on revenue” by selling it privately and taxing it? No they are not. It’s a pathetic excuse for the NH governments desire to monopolize marijuana.


Yourcatsonfire t1_j6hrbe6 wrote

And if you do let the private sector in on it, it will make it extremely hard to then take that away and make it state run later on.


Knelson123 t1_j6i17p5 wrote

Why does the state have to be the only ones selling it? Makes no sense that they get that much control.


whydidilose t1_j6i1sre wrote

Generates a lot of money in taxes without raising taxes that affect everyone (ex: property tax).


akmjolnir t1_j6icly8 wrote

Subjective vs. objective.

There's a lot of things that are more important than your desire to smoke weed under a different legal status. It's already decriminalized... so go buy it and smoke it.

Meanwhile... the rest of us adults have already figured out that roads, schools, medical care, and a million other social services are more important than you being able to stroll into a NH dispensary.

It's not like you're in the middle of Texas, and need to drive for 6 hours to get to the nearest state border.. Hop in a car and go to ME, MA, or VT... or grow it like the rest of us.


Darwins_Dog t1_j6iovkl wrote

I'm not quite sure what your point is. The status quo works fine for me, but we could be bringing in more revenue (and supporting local businesses) by making a change that has massive public support.

Adults in other states have figured out how to sell and tax weed without a state monopoly on sales. I think holding out for federal changes is just giving money to other states; money that could be improving our roads, schools, etc. right now.


akmjolnir t1_j6is1it wrote

There seems to be an overused rallying cry to legalize NH weed, as if it will solve the problems plaguing the state, or somehow make everyone happy.

Or, "I don't like (insert individual) because they won't let me smoke weed".

It's lame, and unproductive.


Darwins_Dog t1_j6iuids wrote

You brought it up. Legalizing and taxing weed will bring in revenue (hopefully we agree on that much) so the question is then which system will be the most effective. I think private ownership is better (in part because it can be implemented now), you appear to be on the side of eventual state ownership.

Dismissing the debate with hyperbole and arguments that I never made is lame and unproductive.


zetterbeauty t1_j6inayw wrote

Have you seen how many vetos he has under his belt? He’s always willing to ignore the majority of his constituents.


jomar5946 t1_j6hpjfh wrote

The solution there is a half trigger law, half immediate law. Legalize possession, restrict sales to the state, but don't start selling until federally legal. In the meantime, be lax in enforcement of the sales prohibition.


emptycoils t1_j6hyr2f wrote

That may be his reason on paper but the real reason is the law enforcement lobbies own the man and when they say jump he says how high


kearsargeII t1_j6jdbkl wrote

Except it isn’t even his reason on paper. His reason on paper will always be pivoting to the opioid crisis for a random nonsequitor about how hard it is hitting the state and how that means weed should remain recreationally illegal here. There is zero evidence he has given any thought to some sort of plan of selling it in liquor stores.


Tullyswimmer t1_j6jk3k6 wrote

People call him out on this as if we didn't have a Democrat governor for 4 years who adamantly refused to legalize it because she wanted her donation from the cops.

Sununu has done more to relax the laws around cannabis in this state than any other governor we've had from either party.


ArbitraryOrder t1_j6hvs1t wrote

His position is "the state will legalize when the federal government does"


every1getslaid t1_j6i1lwd wrote

If I have to vote Republican, this is who I’d pick.

I’d rather not have to choose between two senior citizens in 2024.

You do not get to order for the whole table then leave the restaurant.


devildogmillman t1_j6i3e75 wrote

Chris: 2024 A SuNewNew future for America


Ok-Cantaloupe7160 t1_j6hk5w2 wrote

NH Democrats endorse this enthusiastically!


t0rk t1_j6i0t99 wrote

Who do you think are the most likely Democrat candidates for governor in '24?


Ok-Cantaloupe7160 t1_j6i15nm wrote

Yep, but the NHGOP has no bench. His 13 year old son might be the next republican that can win a statewide race.


Ok-Cantaloupe7160 t1_j6i1p1o wrote

Edelblut, Jason Osborne, maybe the Mayor of Keene.


t0rk t1_j6i3cbm wrote

Was more interested in the Democrat field. I don't think the candidates have been great the last 2 cycles - interested to see who puts their name out there in a more competitive race.


Ok-Cantaloupe7160 t1_j6i4636 wrote

No idea. But without Sununu in the race you’ll see more Democrats get in the race.


averageduder t1_j6k0xz6 wrote

Oh I hope osbourne runs. You want a path for dems winning 60% of the vote - that’s it.


t0rk t1_j6kxb9l wrote

Not a chance he runs.


Unfiltered_ID t1_j6hrz1b wrote

Not a bad politician for the state (as politicians go), but he should probably stop bragging about New Hampshire and speaking about it as if everyone knows. Many Americans don't know who he is, nor what/where New Hampshire is.


ElisabetSobeckPhD t1_j6kfzv9 wrote

> nor what/where New Hampshire is.

it's in Boston, duh everyone knows that


Truthislife13 t1_j6hu34j wrote

He’s clearly not a MAGA firebrand like others seeking the GOP nomination. I suppose it will be interesting to see how he does compared with other candidates who are jockeying to be more extreme than Trump is. Either way, it will say a lot about the state of the GOP as it stands going into the 2024 election.


LetsGetBlotto t1_j6i90xq wrote

>he called for Republicans to return to “believing in individual responsibility”

LMAO thanks for the good laugh


65Kyle08 t1_j6i98cc wrote

If he thinks he has a remote chance then he clearly doesn’t understand his own party’s base


Ok_Nobody4967 t1_j6k6v9n wrote

He thinks photo ops is governing. That is what he’s been doing for his entire stint as governor. What an Ahole.


ThorFromBoston t1_j6kipzn wrote

Looks like I won't be going to Waterville Valley anymore.


Own-Environment1675 t1_j6lbvwg wrote

I'm not the biggest fan of Sununu, but I do respect him, one of the few Republicans in office I respect. But there is a big difference between Republicans up north, and Republicans down south, and I think he'd get is ass handed to him on a silver platter.


itsMalarky t1_j6moom2 wrote

Wonder if this is why they're trying to kill the NH primary.


DemonDuo t1_j6og42n wrote

Good. Get him tf out of here.


smartest_kobold t1_j6j1729 wrote

Fat chance unless he's willing to switch parties real quick.


needle_zzz t1_j6hquy7 wrote

Spend the rest of dads money ..


checdc t1_j6i03s7 wrote

DeSantis is the only real choice for the republican party. Trumps time has come and gone. The rest are just going to mudy the water