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Tullyswimmer t1_j6jkmaz wrote

If he ran in the presidential race, he'd absolutely clean house in the primary. He's already insanely popular in the state. I don't think he CAN lose a statewide election that he runs in, and especially not one for his own party.

Whether or not he'd get his ass kicked elsewhere I don't know. But he's probably got some of the best moderate appeal of any GOP state governor.


averageduder t1_j6k0dxb wrote

Disagree. What’s his lane? Maga isn’t voting for him. Moderates who care about education or abortion aren’t. And they basically competing for that small sliver that is outside there with others.

I’d be surprised, even in nh, if he polls above 5-6%


Tullyswimmer t1_j6ktbog wrote

His performance in state-level elections would suggest otherwise. MAGA does vote for him, as do a lot of moderates. Real-life moderates, not Reddit "moderates" don't generally have a problem with the type of abortion legislation he's supported, and education is rapidly changing, look at Youngkin in Virginia and even DeSantis' "don't say gay" bill is fairly popular nationally.

If you think Sununu isn't capable of appealing to moderates and MAGA, you're wrong. He can and already does, as every election he's run in in the state shows.


averageduder t1_j6kyp77 wrote

But he's not against any competition so how well he does is really pretty worthless. Who cares if he can edge out the Colin Van Osterns and beat up the Dan Feltes of the world. This guy barely beat Edelblut.

Whether he has a path in a crowded primary or a general is dramatically different than whether he can win, as an incumbent in a political dynasty, against the drek the NH dems are throwing.

I'd love to lay some odds on Sununu's 2024 polling. Looks like most sites have Trump and Desantis taking about 80% right now.

Sununu's path is hoping that at least 1 of them doesn't run. Unless that happens, he has about as much a chance as being the gop candidate as I do. I mean he doesn't even have money in the area code of these two, and we're just assuming that NH still has the first primary. If it gets flexed into 3rd/4th, then his chances go from like 2% to 0%.


ThunderySleep t1_j6o933b wrote

Is he some incredible speaker or something? I don't pay too close attention to NH politics, but I had never heard of him until moving here a couple years ago.