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Tahsi-fa-Lala t1_j5hfm7s wrote

Big Bean Café in Newmarket -- they just opened a "spin-off" Big Bean in Durham but it's not as good.


plowfaster t1_j5hokxg wrote

Great answer, the Big Bean is an “A”, but it’s not even the best in tiny little Newmarket! The Great Hill Maples is the best in NH. Very small, literally a shack warmed with a potbelly stove, they only serve pancakes with real maple syrup they themselves make, and only open a few months a year. But it’s absolutely perfect


Thanatimus t1_j5hgyp1 wrote

Big Bean was a staple for my partner and I when we lived in the Newmarket area. Definitely worth checking out.


Tahsi-fa-Lala t1_j65ia6q wrote

Big Bean uses real syrup too, and all their breads are made on-site, from scratch.

Anyplace that's open only a few months a year may be fantastic, but I wouldn't bother telling people about it. Raising hopes only to find CLOSED on the door is disheartening. Big Bean is open year-round and is consistently excellent.

Their menu is extensive and every single thing is delicious. Most places with huge menus are just re-heating frozen food. The Bean makes everything with whole fresh foods, daily.

Disclosure: a member of my family supported herself during college by working there.


Creative-Leading6164 t1_j5i2yd0 wrote

Polly's Pancake Parlor


Sirr_Didymus t1_j5m2f4p wrote

Came here to see if anyone had posted this yet. Easily one of the top breakfast spots in the state.


lalinahabang t1_j5hqu5g wrote



willifolts_ t1_j5hyu2j wrote

Seconding this as well. The Dover location is a go to breakfast date spot for my fiancée and I.


AlexTheTolerable t1_j5hfzfg wrote

I’m a fan of the Friendly Toast. There’s one in Bedford, another in Portsmouth, and supposedly they’re gonna build one in Concord


mezirah t1_j5itnom wrote

I am a little surprised at this, but ok.


1976dave t1_j5kfvdd wrote

Feels like the toast gets by on old reputation still. I don't like to be a big complainer when it comes to the service industry but the Bedford location gave me the worst breakfast experience of my life. I'll never go back, and I used to love going to the toast.


Dveau3 t1_j5m4k4e wrote

Went to the one in Portsmouth and swore never to return. It literally took 1.5 hours to be served eggs and get my check on a weekday when the place was barely busy. I went for a quick lunch, and was late returning to work because of it and was pissed. And, they were completely Unapologetic about it. Worst service I've ever experienced anywhere.


1976dave t1_j5mds06 wrote

Yeah, sounds about right. I also couldn't believe how expensive it was and the portions weren't exactly big. Wr had a group of 4 adults and a 1 year old. One person had a hot plate, the others were room temperature. $120 with tip for breakfast and coffee, no booze. Think I'll dtick out the wait at Tuckers next time


Dveau3 t1_j5mdxtr wrote

Agree! I'll wait 2 hours outside of Tuckers before I ever set foot in the toast again.


Dependent_Season_669 t1_j5hdzat wrote

Riverhouse Cafe in Milford Chex Vachon in Manchester The Sunrise Shack in Glen


andrew1030 t1_j5jxndl wrote

Riverhouse is amazing. I would also add Hilltop Cafe in Wilton for having awesome farm to table fare.


doobette t1_j5heh3f wrote

Maryann's in Derry, Midfield Cafe in Nashua, and Parker's Maple Barn in Brookline if you don't mind a 2-hour wait.


Fenwick19 t1_j5hmuvm wrote

Chez Vachon


faroutsunrise t1_j5jbtbj wrote

Hands down. Used to live on the West Side when Chiggys was still around too, two great breakfast spots. French Canadians know how to breakfast.


dorvann t1_j5hcjt0 wrote

Main Street Station Diner on Main Street in Plymouth and North Station Diner on Route 25 in Rumney are good.


Chappy_Sinclair_ t1_j5hdalh wrote

Main Street in Plymouth - totally agreed.

Polly's in Sugar Hill - touristy but awesome.

Janie's in Londonderry is excellent as well. The Purple Finch in Bedford is very similar and is a good option. Both get very crowded.

Black Forest in Amherst does lunch but serves excellent breakfast all day.


sndtech t1_j5hgk6c wrote

Purple Finch was good but white birch eatery in Goffstown was started with their former crew. I like their atmosphere and food better than the current Purple Finch.


DeerFlyHater t1_j5hgwuk wrote

Main Street in Plymouth ALWAYS has a line waiting to get in.

How is Annies Overflow?


Locarai t1_j5hjhkq wrote

Annie's is good. I prefer it to Main Street Station, honestly.


dogmom603 t1_j5hyvt6 wrote

Airfield Cafe in Hampton.


pisces_med t1_j5hnf72 wrote

Fat dog in Dover hands down


tomdobs55 t1_j5hzs5y wrote

The breakfast grilled cheese is legendary


bingqiling t1_j5hezn6 wrote

Polish Princess in Lancaster


put_me_on_tv t1_j5hhxaj wrote

The Breakfast Club, next to Elliot Hospital in Manchester


-cochise t1_j5ijmim wrote

I haven’t been in probably two years but my potatoes were near raw and that’s pretty unforgivable for me.


Mattx603 t1_j5indbl wrote

Had the same issue. That place actually sucks pretty bad.


Affectionate_Cronut t1_j5hm57a wrote

J & J's Yolk & Co. in Belmont, The Farmer's Kitchen in Farmington and Fallen Leaf Bistro in Rochester are some of my favorites.


Winnifever t1_j5hpqun wrote

Water street in Laconia

Polly’s Pancakes in Sugar Hill


Ganonsfoot t1_j5i6bg8 wrote

Haven't seen it mentioned yet so I'll do the honors, Francouers Cafe in Manchester.


_From_dust t1_j5huf1x wrote

Country kitchen in Hollis. Some of the better corned beef hash I’ve had.


otiswrath t1_j5i22dv wrote

Colby's in Portsmouth is far and away the best breakfast joint in town.

I have always found it shocking how few breakfast joints there are in Portsmouth and of the few there are that Colby's is essentially the only decent one.


cking9698 t1_j5hn6v9 wrote

River house in Milford!

Tuckers is also damn good!


buddaycousin t1_j5jgkd8 wrote

Newell Post in Pennacook. There's also one in downtown Concord.


muse-ings t1_j5m0alo wrote

I think the one on fisherville road is now just called The Post


Oldphile t1_j5hdvzg wrote

Lenos in Wakefield. Also Miss Wakefield's, but they are only open 6 months of the year.


snowswolfxiii t1_j5k9ryp wrote

I didn't want to out Leno's, but because it already was, hard agree. I don't know if Sr. is still operating it, but friendliest guy in the world, you absolutely get what you pay for in fill and quality, and the atmosphere feels like a timewarp to simpler and better times. To this day, I've never found a place as good as Leno's.


dorvann t1_j5hkrk0 wrote

Bristol Diner on South Main Street and Gilly's On Lake Street in Bristol are excellent.


plowfaster t1_j5ho9vo wrote

Bristol diner is an AMAZING time capsule and should be more famous than it is. Great building, absolutely amazing location (right on a river) great prices. They could charge double and get away with it. The Bristol Diner is the best gem in the state


JackWWalsh t1_j5i986v wrote

Farmer's Kitchen in Farmington. Maybe not "Best" but very solid.


MaxonK88 t1_j5hhm73 wrote

Mary Ann's. I'll update when I find the address. Hooksett Maybe


jlmtbs t1_j5hl0sg wrote

Riverside Cafe milford


PushingBoundaries t1_j5i59zh wrote

The Windham Junction! For years I've been coming and going to NH and it has always been this special mom-and-pop kinda place. Never too busy.

Fantastic food and good coffee. Also a marvelous lunch menu.


Abosco129 t1_j5ic6kk wrote

You’ll never get my secret.


Wide_Television_7074 t1_j5hdqeo wrote

Anything in the valley?


toddart t1_j5hgehz wrote

Four Aces in Lebanon - it’s awesome !


basementfrog42 t1_j5igaa8 wrote

that one out of that garage… something something with foxes?? also marsh brothers deli is a FANTASTIC sandwich shop run by an awesome family.


[deleted] t1_j5hffzt wrote



IrukandjiPirate t1_j5iz3qa wrote

The last time I ate there the food was half burned and half uncooked. Just awful.


bonanzapineapple t1_j5p9jkg wrote

My experience is the Fort has good pie/desserts but their breakfast is very meh/average


CorMcGor t1_j5hf7f1 wrote

I love Bea's in Conway. Diner breakfast. Nothing fancy. Just rib sticking good, consistent, great staff, good menu.


soullessgingerlol t1_j5hsvbp wrote

No way. Gone wayyyyyy down hill.


CorMcGor t1_j5hsy6b wrote

Oh for real? I've only been going for two years.


soullessgingerlol t1_j5hu2je wrote

I agree that the staff is awesome. But after everything opened back up and we tried again, it just wasn't very good. We went back the first time and it was terrible. We thought it was just a bad day, so we gave them another chance. Another fail, and I promise, we aren't Karens,I'm in the service industry and very forgiving. We really were sad about it, didn't go back for a while. We gave it one last chance, and said never again. Banners is the way to go for sure, give it a try if you haven't already.


CorMcGor t1_j5hukrm wrote

This is what always fascinates me about restaurants and impressions. I'm not a fan of Banner's lol. I'm not saying you're wrong - I mean why would I tell a redditor their preferences are wrong? Haha.

I think part of what I enjoy about Bea's is that it's not touristy like all the spots up in NoCo. (Not saying that's Banner's)


myfacepwnsurs t1_j5hxwje wrote

I would agree to that, but also I feel like hands down their home fries are the best in the valley, so it’s a win in my book. Plus, I love how they are still staunchly cash only.


Able_Cunngham603 t1_j5hpa51 wrote

The Every Day Café in Contoocook. They open at 6:03 am if that tells you anything.


tomdobs55 t1_j5hzk5k wrote

Is Betty's Kitchen in Portsmouth on Rt. 1 still amazing? I haven't been there in a few years but I remember them being really good!


Kie1522 t1_j5jvy9l wrote

IIRC they closed and only have the food truck now, although I may be wrong.


MojoMischief t1_j5i84m1 wrote

Depends. Wanna go somewhere similar to places you can find in other states? That’s how we view Tucker’s. Very overrated and tend to drop the ball on orders of more than a couple things. Want a unique and/or interesting experience? Polly’s Pancake Parlor, Bristol Diner, etc are exactly what I’d recommend.


lellololes t1_j5id26v wrote

In the south, riverside cafe in Milford. Try the CB stack or the pig pile.

In the north, Polly's. I am a pancake hater and theirs are great. Their other food is good, too.

Tucker's is fine but I think it looks a bit better than it tastes. It also has a more... corporate feel.


Datmuny19 t1_j5j2ooi wrote

Midfield Cafe in Nashua


penelope_pig t1_j5j5kac wrote

Tuckers is great. Purple Finch Cafe in Bedford. The Post in Concord.


PassionsBite t1_j5jhtfc wrote

Shiloh's in woodsville. Get a croissant sandwich or some pancakes. Yum


Ok_Low_1287 t1_j5jn3bp wrote

I lost 20lbs just by not going to my favorite breakfast spot any more. ..


Neighborhood_Lesbian t1_j5m5p3w wrote

Red arrow, but that's more for breakfast food after a night of drinking


The_On_Life t1_j5i57x9 wrote

Heritage Farm pancake house in Sanbornton has the best pancakes in the state.

For overall breakfast Purple Finch is Bedford is good.

Tuckers is extremely popular, but is very overrated, IMO. If there's no wait, it's worth it, but their wait times can be upwards of an hour.

The Foundry in Manchester has a Sunday brunch that is really good. I believe it's by reservation only.


11flynnj t1_j5i9bgr wrote

Ames Farm Inn on Winnipesaukee but only open in the summer


mmmcheezitz t1_j5isa7c wrote

Parker's Maple Barn in Mason is wicked good.


mezirah t1_j5itvdx wrote

Hop over the border and try Dream Diner in Tyngsboro MA.


underratedride t1_j5j7p62 wrote

Can’t go wrong with any of the three “four sisters” diners down there. Rosie’s is my go to when I’m down there.


Yolkozuna t1_j5izyb0 wrote

Depends on what kind of breakfast atmosphere you want. I prefer a local greasy spoon, and my favorite is Northwood Diner. The owner is there every Sunday morning, talks to everyone, and hangs at the counter with the regulars. I take my kids regularly to expose them to real people.


MommaGuy t1_j5jaa4h wrote

Joey’s Dinner Amherst


akmjolnir t1_j5jag2s wrote

Stuart & John's when they open back up on Feb 4th.


chubbuck3 t1_j5kdjvr wrote

sugar shack and Campton


Omelettedufromage14 t1_j5kxntd wrote

elephantine in portsmouth is my number one - i adore the owners and the pastries are killer. rise + grind in durham has the best bagel sandwiches imo. someone already said it, but colby’s in portsmouth is always a winner. la mulita in rye has great coffee and they serve bagels from rose foods in portland, which are some of the best in northern new england. roots in dover has very good vegan breakfast on the weekends. 7north in exeter makes great muffins.


muse-ings t1_j5m05ai wrote

The Eggshell in Loudon, on rt 106. They have great omelets and the best chocolate chip pancakes ever!


fins4ever t1_j5mk6ny wrote

Chez Vachon in Rimmon Heights in Manchester is my fav


smcderm t1_j5x18yn wrote

Suzie’s diner - Hudson

Tried going to the yolk grille for the first time over the weekend but it was an hour wait.


edin508 t1_j5x2cc3 wrote

Banners in Conway, absolutely fantastic!


catsrule_meow t1_j5hnr8d wrote

The Stage in Keene … I used to live there and went ALL the time!


FenwaysMom t1_j5hxrz9 wrote

Eggshell on Rt 106 in Loudon and Northwood Diner on Rt 4 in Northwood.


[deleted] t1_j5tvz0n wrote

Can't think of any


KrissaKray t1_j5hs1hb wrote

I lovvve tuckers. There are a few around, the ones I go to most are in Bedford and Merrimack. There’s one in hooksett and I think two other towns


pantinor t1_j5hmyut wrote

Any waffle house?


ZacPetkanas t1_j5kn2ge wrote

> Any waffle house?

If you didn't know, NH is north of the Mason-Dixon line.


pantinor t1_j5kobt5 wrote

In know right. Can you imagine going to a waffle house in snow like this..hey flo bring out my grits!