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ForklkftJones t1_j2wrzu1 wrote

I have had dcu for years and haven't had a problem. They also refund ATM fees. I go to a bank maybe once a year. I do my deposits through the phone app.


xhardcorehakesx t1_j2x3w2q wrote

I also can vouch for DCU. I also believe that credit unions are better than traditional banks as well. Also, it’s nice that they are part of the co-op.


beyond_hatred t1_j2x0c9b wrote

I'll second (or third) the DCU suggestion. They're reasonable and honest.


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largeb789 t1_j2xq0jq wrote

I've been very happy with DCU for 20 years. Their low rates for home and car loans are reason enough to join.


livefreethendie t1_j2xq1b6 wrote

DCU all the way. Always the best rates on everything. You can use a ton of local banks with no extra charge and even if you do go to an out of network ATM theyll refund your fees every month.


NHGuy t1_j2y2kzf wrote

I've been with DCU for 22 years and as strange as it sounds, love them. I'd never say the same about any 'bank'

I have a relationship with TFCU and they aren't nearly as good


TwoCanSee t1_j2wzo6r wrote

Join a credit union if your able.


snooprob t1_j2xdozm wrote

2nd this—a credit union will give the best support and rates. You pick.


northstar42 t1_j2wtnd8 wrote

I can recommend staying away from TD Bank and Citizens. Have had bad customer service experiences with both of them. Citizens was really terrible. Offensive on two occasions.

I'm still with TD but only because, well, I don't even know why. Inertia, I guess. TD has been more apathetic than rude when I've had to deal with them personally.

Tellers are certainly friendly. Business policies not so much.

Edit: I can recommend Northeast Credit Union. They do have one branch in Concord but have less of a presence in the area overall. People there are super friendly and helpful. Went out of their way to help me set up a car loan.


boldolive t1_j2wunw7 wrote

I agree — avoid TD Bank. Several years ago they lost a class-action lawsuit because they were rearranging the chronology of customers’ checks to cause overdraft fees. I was a victim of that fraud and received a small settlement. I switched banks to Savings Bank of Walpole and really like their ethics and their personal touch. Whenever I need something, I can call and talk to an actual human being.


IntelligentMeal40 t1_j2wvjwe wrote

I use them for an estate account, the thing has like $30,000 in it, and it just sits there in a non-interest-bearing account because when I opened it I didn’t know how much money the estate had and I wasn’t going to pay $25 a month just to have an account there.

There were some glitches setting it up that were problematic but they worked it out, my main complaint with them is that they are such tightwads about giving rolls of quarters.

The estate account is in my name even though it’s for an estate. I never roll up and just ask them for quarters, but if I am depositing a check, and I have $20 cash and need two rolls of quarters they are totally willing to give it to me if it’s my account but not so much if it’s an account that I control which makes no sense to me. So far they’ve given me the quarters when I needed them, but really guys? You’re using my dead relative $30,000 and you’re gonna hassle me about exchanging a $20 bill for two rolls of quarters?


vexingsilence t1_j2x3jju wrote

I used to use them and got several of those payouts for them getting caught doing illegal things. Finally switched when they had an "update" that shutdown both their web site and their mobile app for multiple days. Awful experience. Never chose to be their customer either, they ended up with my accounts that originated all the way back with Shawmut and jumped through at least a dozen banks before dying at TD.


cafeRacr t1_j2x00hk wrote

I switched from TD Bank to Northeast a while ago. My identity was stolen and someone tried to withdraw a significant amount of cash from my account in another state. While they phished the account number out of the bank using a fake ID, the bank manager was smart enough to check the signature as well, and called immediately to warn me what had happened. I'll never work with a national bank again, as they won't do any kind of investigation because it's just "too much" work for nothing. Locally, they'll likely take a look into it. It's a total pain in the ass to clean up and lock down.


vexingsilence t1_j2x3qed wrote

I walked into a TD Bank one day and told them I had forgotten my PIN, or it had glitched and wasn't taking the PIN. They set it to the PIN I typed on their terminal and left. Then I realized that they never even asked to see my ID.


derek_morin1 t1_j2ycfmv wrote

Our TD accounts got hacked twice in a year. I tried to set up online banking with them and their system did not allow you to use special characters in the password. Completely ridiculous.


yourmothermypocket t1_j2x5mwz wrote

I have citizens only kept them because we've been there so long. Got my auto loan through Northeast and I love them. I'm slowly making the switch to them fully. Their customer service is unbelievable in how good it is.


Happy_Confection90 t1_j2xx2gr wrote

I recommend avoiding TD not because of poor service, but because they keep closing branches. Goodbye Barrington TD. Goodbye Kingston TD. Goodbye Farmington, Conway, and Suncook TDs.


comefromawayfan2022 t1_j30ayrt wrote

I have td bank and I'm only still with them because switching my accounts and setting up direct deposit with a new bank would be a pain in the ass when it comes to the types of payments I get


AnR2Unit t1_j2xcsnl wrote

I love Northeast CU so much I’d let them put a fucking sponsor logo on my casket.


pewpewfrommycouch t1_j2yurnw wrote

I liked Northeast but when I was a member their app was seriously lacking IMO. If online banking isn’t important I would recommend.


picklehaub t1_j2z37q6 wrote

They dropped a new website/app in the last couple of months.

I’m the kind of person that will go to a website on my phone but never download and app, no complaints so far.


Darwinbc t1_j31a0jj wrote

Definitely Northeast Credit Union, been with them for years. They financed both our cars this year. The new app works great


TheGrateKhan t1_j2wvb2a wrote

Definitely look into DCU. The first 1000 in your savings account earns 6% apy. 0.15% on everything over the 1000. Checking accounts with the EarnMore feature recieve 0.2% apy on everything up to 30k.

If you do direct deposits into dcu and get a dcu auto loan with electronic payments, they also offer a .5% discount on the interest rate.

One thing Dcu uses as a benefit is if you need to use a branch but arent near a dcu location, the website has a locator for Co-Op Shared Branches. Theyre completely separate credit unions but they work together. You can bring your dcu account info and identification with you and deposit or withdraw even if you're out in California on vacation.


IntelligentMeal40 t1_j2wv9t7 wrote

I like service credit union, the only thing I don’t like about it is that the closest branch to me is inside a Walmart. But they have actual branches in Portsmith, and Bedford, that have drive-through’s that I can use.


Vandal35 t1_j2xcnoq wrote

They're also part of the shared branching network so you can talk into many other credit unions and transact as though you're at a SCU.


Raa03842 t1_j2x7ez2 wrote

Ignoring all the bs below a choice of a bank has a lot to do with your finances and your financial situation. If you just need a checking account and a debit/atm card then you want a bank that has ATM locations where you live. If you are in business then you would want a bank that caters to businesses. I have account in 4 different banks for 2 businesses, cd accounts, personal banking, loans etc. Figure out what your financial needs are and the go talk to the local bank manager in a number of banks. The smaller independent CUs and banks tend to give better service but may have fewer options and products. The national banks are more useful if you need a variety of services. In the end their are so many options that you need to figure out. I have a citizens account that’s great because the branch manager is great not the company. It’s all based on the people the work there. Good luck.


BigBlueDane t1_j2wtkxq wrote

Seconding DCU been with them for about 11 years. Had my auto loan through them before. Been great.


Nismotech_52 t1_j2xbsmn wrote

Credit unions are your best bet


BrianHelman t1_j2xcatx wrote

if your in-person activity is really limited to just ATM, consider an ebank like Ally or Discover. The interest rates are far better than you'll get from any brick and mortar, even a credit union.


Ethanol_Based_Life t1_j2xp2ly wrote


They are incredible. So personable, so helpful.
All ATMs are free wondering worldwide (they reimburse any fees). They even did this when I lived in Sweden for 2 years and had only $300 in my account.
They'll give you a mortgage at a good rate without PMI for only 10% down (instead of the usual 20%). Or at least they did for me in 2018.

They're growing fast for a good reason


Sandi_T t1_j2wue8v wrote

Kennebunk Savings

I agree with avoiding TD, and I'd avoid NorthEast as well. NE closed my account due to fraudulent charges, then agreed they were fraudulent, but said they could no longer do anything about it because the account was closed and tried to get me to pay them since they closed the account.

I have M&T bank as my main bank, but they changed policies on check cashing. My ex and I have the same bank so I could deposit checks "as cash" to clear immediately, but now all checks regardless have to "clear" so the money is locked up for two days.

Will likely change all my banking to kennebunk.


IntelligentMeal40 t1_j2wvrj2 wrote

I found with service credit union even when I deposit a check on my phone with an app all the funds show available instantly in my total balance. Sometimes it will show a different available balance but I’ve never seen them actually care about that because I’ll go and withdraw cash right away, or bills will process through and they will pay them.


Sandi_T t1_j2wwe6o wrote

I have heard a few good things about them. I might change to them if M&T doesn't sort their s&&t out. I like Kennebunk, I mostly prefer to have savings at a different bank to keep myself from quick transfers out of it.

I've learned to create healthy barriers for myself, lol.


DeerFlyHater t1_j2x7qm6 wrote

I like MVSB. Branches all over the Lakes Region.

They offer full services in their branches to include notary and Medallion Signature Guarantee.

It is only my backup account though. I just have a savings account so I can do local bank stuff there. They did my mortgage on my land purchase as well.


doobe01 t1_j2x9a0n wrote


InkStinkPurple_ t1_j2xc43y wrote

I use Ally for my emergency savings since they have the best overall interest rate.

I use DCU for local banking, and I keep 1k in savings there to get their special promotional rate. Plus, my car loan through them is only 1.49% (from fall ‘21, would be 4.74% today).


MarkL6868 t1_j2xh199 wrote

Meredith Village Savings Bank is great.


pfroyjr t1_j2y5par wrote

Avoid TD and Citizens!

I use USAA but they're not local. When I've needed local Granite State Credit Union served me well.


[deleted] t1_j2x7ni7 wrote

Stay far away from First Seacoast Bank. I can tell you, from FACT because I worked there that their online banking is just god awful. I pulled 1500 to another account, and withdrew 400 of it. Had a flight, landed 3,000 miles away and checked my bank account. EMPTY. And had a fee on it. They had NO clue where the rest of the money ended up.

Well guess what.

You apparently can't withdraw everything, you have to leave $15 in there so it reversed it with no record on where it went or how I suddenly had 400 bucks in my pocket. It put it right back in the account I'd moved it from. Then they had the audacity to say they couldn't put that money in my account I'd originally moved it to because "You're not here to sign the withdrawal slip".

I was 3,000 miles away.


Impriel t1_j2xq2tx wrote

Bank of nh has been great to several ppl I know. They will work with you on farm property loans and be flexible. and they won't close the door in your face just cause you are young with student loans 😉 (different experience altogether at citizens)


fdexclpl t1_j2xysm2 wrote

I've been with Granite State Credit Union for years. They have been excellent. Local branch right in Concord.


Snails2300 t1_j2yc36d wrote

I have been with Granite State for 10 years and have no complaints except that they recently closed the Seabrook branch. Closest branch to me now is Candia which is 30 minutes out of the way. It looks like North East has a better presence in the seacoast.


BUGGLady t1_j2yowzh wrote

They are a great bank. But their app still needs a lot to be passable in my book. If you do a lot of online banking, they leave a lot to be desired.


Smirkly t1_j2yaoln wrote

Savings Bank of Walpole or Merrimack County Savings Bank. i have had an account with SBW for many years and did a refi with Merimack several years ago. I have found both to be easy to work with and they are interconnected.


cutyolegsout t1_j2x4l2w wrote

Locally they all kinda suck. If you're looking for savings I reccomend Marcus through Goldman Sachs, 3.3% APY currently.


FreezingRobot t1_j2x5oeu wrote

Add me as another DCU fan. I've been with them for over a decade with my checking/savings, mortgage, and car loan. Zero problems, great customer service, and their rates are equal or better than the bigger banks. Also the tellers have better lollipops than Citizens.

Zero reason nowadays to use anything other than a credit union. Seriously, fuck the big banks.


dorvann t1_j2xghxz wrote

I use Northway and they have been OK for the most part.


kberson t1_j2xi8e2 wrote

By in large, you’ll do better with a credit union than a bank, they tend to have lower fees and better customer service, as well as strong community ties. I left BoA many years of numerous fees and run arounds for DCU, and after 10 years I’ve no regrets.

They’re not found up in Concord, but there are plenty with state-wide branches. Credit Unions are mostly networked, so there is rarely a fee to withdraw from others (used my DCU card at a CU in Orlando, no fee), plus they often refund such fees as well.


Bitter_Albatross7766 t1_j2xpbgi wrote

I’ve had Meredith Village Savings for over 30 year and love them. You can use Franklin Savings and Merrimack County ATM with no fee and their customer service if you do have a problem can’t be beat.


AccomplishedItem5459 t1_j2y9dnk wrote

I had DCU for 30 years and had no problems with them. When i ran into some financial trouble, they treated me like dirt. It's not the action they took, it's how they did it. They went out of their way to do as much damage as possible. But, I'm the only one i know who's had that experience. Could have just been one bad apple in their office.

I'm now with Triangle Credit Union, and i love them. Lots of branches, easy support when needed, and never had a glitch with them.

I do second all the comments about TD Bank. They could screw up boiling water. I had to fight with them over the organization account that was held with them all the time. So not worth the trouble.

Good luck and welcome to NH!


jwd673 t1_j2yau31 wrote

No banks go with a credit Union


derek_morin1 t1_j2ybqnp wrote

Bar Harbor Bank has been great to us but they do not have 24hr customer service which is a pain sometimes.


kynous13 t1_j30cv6j wrote

Bangor savings because you get your money back for any ATM withdrawal or transaction. They are all new England.


gardenfey t1_j34hvk3 wrote

I LOVE Bellwether Credit Union. And hate most banks.


Available-Can4784 t1_j3chmqq wrote

Agreed - I also LOVE Bellwether. If you end up close to Manchester. I always do my auto loans with them and I live way north.


pxerz t1_j2x9uk0 wrote

Go with a credit union (like dcu). Banks always try to milk you for as much as they can


distressefakeleather t1_j2xezqk wrote

Service credit union. Great savings rate, refund all
ATM fees, good online banking and fast ACH clearing. If someone refers you, you can get a quick $50 for free. I agree with others staying stay away from TD, also Bank of America is not good.


FelangyRegina t1_j2xhgfc wrote

I know your asking about a local solution but Ally bank has like a 3.30 % rate of return on savings right now and that’s awesome.


Iskatezero88 t1_j2yrg9v wrote

DCU is fine and we’ve had an account there for a few years, but my main account has been with Bank of NH for over 20 years and I’ve never had issues with them. Just my two cents.


pewpewfrommycouch t1_j2yudvx wrote

Citizens bank charged me a fee to withdraw my money and close my account. Fuck that shit bank.


Tony3696 t1_j2yyou5 wrote

I'm a fan of TCU - been with them 12 years and never had an issue.


Few-Afternoon-6276 t1_j2z2mpd wrote

Dcu. The best bank ever

Digital federal credit union

My husband has been with them for 40 years- me 37years


[deleted] t1_j2z5x1f wrote



Few-Afternoon-6276 t1_j2z8iwa wrote

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Definitelynotcal1gul t1_j2za6cg wrote

Did you reply twice? That's some boomer energy right there. Go adjust your satellite dish, you might get better reception in here.


EmeraldMoose12 t1_j30axne wrote

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Definitelynotcal1gul t1_j30b5z4 wrote

You're the one who spends your day shitting on other people's lives and giving out terrible advice. This is some crazy projection. Maybe get to bed and learn about housing co-ops and bonds tomorrow. Educate yourself bro.


EmeraldMoose12 t1_j30dlgu wrote

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Remote_Seat_2499 t1_j2zdece wrote

Northeast CU and DCU are excellent banks to do your business with. Super pleased with both of them.


icedcornholio t1_j2ziwxo wrote

Just looking for deposits and not loans? Ally is very good. But it’s not local. They give you allpoint ATMs for free and reimburse you $10 a month but that’s like two withdrawals - luckily no one uses cash much anymore.

The big drawback is if you deal in cash — you cannot deposit cash with ally - direct deposit and checks only. They have a 3.30 savings rate with no cap.

Their loan rates are meh.

If you are looking for personal hand holding service a credit union is your best bet. Northeast is decent but their ads about nourishing are weird. Service is supposed to be opening a branch in the new Concord plaza at some point.

DCU is great if you don’t have to talk to them. If you do, visit a branch because phone wait times or online times are horrid.


itsMalarky t1_j2zm81r wrote

Ledyard is great (and they reimburse for all ATM fees). They just opened a new branch in Concord.

Other than that, DCU is good too!


1_kevin_1 t1_j2zpj5t wrote

I use Bank of America and Service CU. Never had issues with them. Citizens was horrible.


BatSame3032 t1_j31lsc8 wrote

Just echoing what has already been said. Banks are terrible join a credit union.

DCU is great, when my now spouse and I first started combining finances we opened a joint DCU account, on the app you can see your personal accounts and joint accounts and transfer funds between them.

It's been over a decade since I opened my account but do look into what you need to open an account, when I did I had to be a resident of a specific towns to open an account (my mother also used to work for Digital back in early 90s so I could have gotten an account that way). I think they changed it so anyone can join but something to keep in mind.


Dollhousefurniture t1_j31ss89 wrote

A ton of people have said DCU which my fiancé uses. They seem pretty good. I personally like chase bank and I’ve gotten a lot of cash back from their credit cards


Phinnh80 t1_j3cumnw wrote

We've had excellent service for years from Profile Bank on our mortgages and savings plus a business account but we also split our resources between them and North East Credit Union and NH Federal Credit Union. Though since NHFCU has downplayed services over here in the seacoast at the Lee office we have more effort going to Profile and NECU.

My brother swears by St. Mary's Bank in Manchester where he lives which is technically a credit union and I have heard good words on DCU, Holy Rosary Credit Union and Service Credit Union but no direct experiences except with their ATM's which link up with NECU (but not NHFCU - go figure).

My vote goes to any decent credit union first and then a good local bank second when you might need a second source of funds for a big purchase like a house. It's worked for us for a long time now.

Last note. My wife still has a charge card with Citizens whose phone support is okay but walk up services run shorter hours then anyone else out here and have occasional screwed up on her payments (like credit them to the wrong account). Took a while to sort that out. Not a resounding vote of confidence.


FTheOldWest t1_j2xb7jl wrote

I sent you a dm!

I use td bank, it's pretty universal in nh