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Clock-Full t1_j53bwxo wrote

I genuinely don't have a strong opinion on this topic.

That being said, it made me think of other age-restricted things like tobacco, alcohol, etc. I wonder if the people that don't support this bill would back a bill to abolish age restrictions on tobacco and alcohol?


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Clock-Full t1_j53fcif wrote

My point in bringing up age restrictions for tobacco/alcohol was more rooted in a freedom of choice comparison. Should.a 15 year old legally be able to buy a fifth of vodka? Should a 15 year old legally be able to transition? I understand your example regarding health reasons, it makes complete sense. When we are talking health, an obvious 'no' to the vodka example, and a 'yes' to the transition example.

That being said, why shouldn't this be a consistent freedom (choice) for young people? Why can't they make their own decisions regarding what they do or put into their bodies?

Anyways, thanks for your comment and respect. Like I said, just spit-balling here.


asuds t1_j553laq wrote

Is the 15 year old been struggling mightily, bullied mercilessly, and very well might kill themselves if they don’t get the fifth of vodka?

If so, then I’d probably let them have it alongside making sure they are getting all sorts of support services.


asuds t1_j553ei9 wrote

There is a substantial material difference in the compromises that are being suggested between mental and physical health.

There is much less reason to compromise on age limits for smoking- which is really just because james dean made it super cool.

But drinking is less of an issue especially in many other cultures. However I’m not sure I want kids in bars at night (again seems like little to no benefits), as it seems that is a net negative instead of balancing good and bad to a net positive outcome.


Clock-Full t1_j557yky wrote

Mental and physical health are a lot more intertwined than you are suggesting.

I understand this is a very complicated issue and am not entirely sure what the correct outcome is for the health of children. That being said, when it comes to the legal side of the issue, I disagree with anyone that doesn't support this bill but then supports age restrictions on alcohol/tobacco. Although arguing for a net positive regarding children's health is a powerful argument, I think it's a bit more nuanced on the legality and morality.