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rudyattitudedee t1_j53qo12 wrote

Not really. Don’t tread on me but I’ll tread on them is kinda what not minding your business is. It’s a personal family matter. If trans people had an upper hand and started lobbying to take away guns you know they’d be squawking about personal freedoms. But cutting a persons genitals off didn’t cause a school shooting either.


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rudyattitudedee t1_j53sers wrote

Correct. I’m sure there are a portion of people who are worried about child welfare and a larger portion who just want to fight anything they see as counter to their own culture. Let parents be parents. These things don’t Happen without medical professionals anyhow. I don’t think there would be any abusive parents out there who decided the best way to abuse their kids is to give them exactly what they want abuse kinda works the opposite way.