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ninjamansidekick t1_j53rclb wrote

It's a complex issue and for me as parent I don't want my kid to wake up some morning 10 years from now and realize they will never have children of their own because of a decision that was made as a confused 13 year old. What is my response if am asked why I let it happen?

I am sympathetic to idea that transgender teens exist and they should be supported, I am not convinced they exist in the numbers we are seeing. So the question I ponder is: Is this current trend of transgenderism helping or hurting more kids as a whole?

To me the simple answer is wait and see. I do recognize that early transition maybe beneficial in some cases, but that does not out weigh all the potential damage of misdiagnosis given the long term effects of most of the treatments.

History has more than one example of well intended social movements with scientific backing that did not age well. We often forget that humans have been around for awhile and we might not be as smart as we think we are.