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vexingsilence t1_j55qo9x wrote

Children aren't generally afforded the same rights as adults. They don't yet possess the mental faculties to make adult decisions.


youarelookingatthis t1_j55vjuv wrote

So you want children to suffer for years?


vexingsilence t1_j55wtox wrote

Versus being bullied or pressured into something they don't want and aren't yet able to recognize as such? That's why we call them children. They're not adults.


youarelookingatthis t1_j55x87w wrote

Evidence. Show me evidence cisgender children are being bullied into transitioning otherwise you're just wasting both our times.


youarelookingatthis t1_j55zk5b wrote

SEGM is a known anti transgender hate group, as is Genspect:


"As an organization committed to the generation and application of clinical science for the public good, the Coalition for the Advancement and Application of Psychological Science (CAAPS) supports eliminating the use of Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) and similar concepts for clinical and diagnostic application given the lack of rigorous empirical support for its existence.

There are no sound empirical studies of ROGD and it has not been subjected to rigorous peer-review processes that are standard for clinical science. Further, there is no evidence that ROGD aligns with the lived experiences of transgender children and adolescents.

Despite the lack of evidence for ROGD and its significant potential for creating harm, it has garnered increased attention in the general public and is being misused within and beyond the field of psychology. For example, recent medical articles have started including ROGD in their overview of adolescents with gender incongruence, and there has been an increase in books, videos, podcasts, and training directed to parents and clinicians offering strategies for diagnosing and treating ROGD. The proliferation of misinformation regarding ROGD is also infiltrating policy decisions. Currently, there are over 100 bills under consideration in legislative bodies across the country that seek to limit the rights of transgender adolescents, many of which are predicated on the unsupported claims advanced by ROGD. Thus, even though ROGD is not a diagnostic classification or subtype in either the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) or the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), nor is it under consideration for inclusion in future editions, it is critical to address the misinformation regarding ROGD now."


All of your so called evidence is easy to disprove and makes it obvious that you're cloaking your transphobia and hate in a made up concern over the mental faculties of children.


vexingsilence t1_j5614yg wrote

I trust the sources I posted a lot more than I trust Vice. Vice is trash, has been for a long time. They're an opinion site, nothing more, and their opinions always skew one way.

Wanting to protect children is not hate or any type of phobia. Once they're adults, once their minds are developed enough to be able to consent and be able to recognize peer pressure and the impact of constant exposure to social media, they're free to do what they want.


youarelookingatthis t1_j561vf8 wrote

Right. Because the NY Post is a bastion of journalistic integrity.

Wanting to stop transgender children from receiving the treatment they need is transphobia. It's really as simple as that.


vexingsilence t1_j562czd wrote

Wanting to pressure children down a path they're not responsible enough to be able to consent to is child abuse, simple as that.


youarelookingatthis t1_j562s2o wrote

Look, it's clear you don't want to listen to the science here and testimony from people who actually know what they're talking about, so we're done here.


vexingsilence t1_j563e66 wrote

I just posted some actual testimony. If you think children are old enough to consent to this type of thing, makes me wonder what else you want them to be able to consent to.