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vexingsilence t1_j55tgm6 wrote

>Block being allowed to make your own medical decisions?

They're children. Children don't get to make their own medical decisions.


CocoTheElder t1_j565tgf wrote

These decisions, even if made by parents on behalf of the minor, are not snap decisions. There is a process, including therapy and potentially ssri meds, that generally lasts a year or more, before any endocrinologist intervention, and longer before any surgical intervention. No one decides this overnight. I've been involved with this community, and I've never met a parent who actively encouraged transition. Including myself.


vexingsilence t1_j566h13 wrote

Doesn't change the fact that children can't consent.


CocoTheElder t1_j58lbq0 wrote

So children in this state can marry, but children of the same age requesting life saving interventions after lengthy psychological evaluation is, in your opinion, harmful. Ok.


MiggySmalls6767 t1_j583b1b wrote

This bill prevents parents from making medical decisions for their children, which is often done in conjunction with their children.

Unless you’re a psychopath and forcing them to take medication.


vexingsilence t1_j5it9da wrote

This isn't a decision that parents should be making, IMO. Wait until the child is old enough to make this decision on their own.


MiggySmalls6767 t1_j5js8ol wrote

So the state gets to mandate medical decisions that children/parents and doctors have all agreed to? Huh. No thanks communist China.

If I wanted to live in some authoritarian hellscape I’d go love to Mass. At least there I can also get some decent public transportation I guess.


vexingsilence t1_j5jyfx3 wrote

>If I wanted to live in some authoritarian hellscape I’d go love to Mass.

Cool, see ya.