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sndtech t1_j6ocd00 wrote

Pay for what they filled in your tank. That's the oil company's problem if they're giving away fuel oil.

Be glad they didn't try to fill a disconnected tank and destroy the house.


Whynotyours t1_j6ooekx wrote

Seen that. It’s awful. Weld old fillers closed people…


[deleted] t1_j6oce8w wrote

Pretty sure you wouldn’t have to pay for it if you only requested one address. Negligence on behalf of the driver isn’t your fault


Chappy_Sinclair_ t1_j6p5v8j wrote

Happened to us. A family member called up the neighbors' oil company to 1) let them know that they filled the wrong tank so our neighbors did not run dry and 2) to settle up with them for the oil that we'd use anyway.

The guy on the other end immediately got mean and aggressive with my family member and went right to battle mode demanding full payment. They got a call back a few minutes later letting them know they could eat a bag of dicks for talking to a nice lady like that.

Never did get a bill for the mis-delivered oil.


gman2391 t1_j6of1fz wrote

I had a fuel company come and fill 2 propane tanks that weren't currently in use and I specifically asked them not to fill. They tried offering a discount but since I didn't need the propane their only other solution was to remove the tanks and credit me for all of the propane in them. They will re set tanks if I need them again but it was such a pita they pretty much lost me as a future customer


Dannon35 t1_j6osd0o wrote

This happens with some frequency. The oil company can return and remove the mis-delivered oil. Or they can try to convince your neighbor to pay for it, perhaps at some discount...


Bobtom42 t1_j6onbt0 wrote

Start by sending them an email asking them to adjust the invoice to reflect what's in your tank. I doubt they are fighting you on this.


eaemilia t1_j6phvgq wrote

The person who received the oil can either pay for it or let the company come and pump it out. In NH, the law is in the favor of the oil company. The fuel that was mistakenly delivered is either considered lost or stolen property. I can't remember exactly how the law is worded.

I used to work for an oil company, and I had to deal with this happening too often. My company would always offer a hefty discount on the oil to get the person to pay for it. Going and pumping it out cost them a lot of money, so they never wanted to do that, and if a person was unwilling to pay for it or let it be pumped out, they weren't afraid to bring them to court.


BelichicksBurner t1_j6oqo6h wrote

Oil guy showed up to my place last week and started bitching about having to walk in the show: "It's really hard to deliver oil when you gotta walk through 2 feet of snow." Looked that man dead in the face and responded "It's really hard when my heat bill is higher than my mortgage, looks like we're both about to have a shitty afternoon." and shut the door. Don't give em a dime more than what YOU got...becuase they'll screw you over when they have the chance.


Politikr t1_j6ow32q wrote

That's just good old fashioned Yankee kindness to shovel a path for the oil guy though. Imo. He's the driver, not the owner bud!


Infinite_Debate_7423 t1_j6oz077 wrote

Right. We live in NH. It’s called a snow blower. Takes about 2 minutes. Dude is just trying to do his job. He didn’t start the war in Ukraine. This is a piss poor attitude IMO.


BelichicksBurner t1_j6owi2u wrote

I'm not shoveling 2 feet of iced over snow so he can walk 10 feet. It's also family owned and operated and he's part of the family so...yeah I apologize for nothing.