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chain_me_up t1_j38cf31 wrote

Live free or die unless you want to smoke a plant lmfao. Weed isn't my #1 issue, but it's embarrassing to be the only New England state dragging so far behind.


Jasonp359 t1_j38d01g wrote

We are the Texas of the northeast


chain_me_up t1_j38d3ej wrote

Yeah it's awful lmao, if someone wants to comment I should move elsewhere, lmk I'll dm you my Venmo to help out !


sdlover420 t1_j3byasv wrote

That's funny, I call NH the South of the North.


akmjolnir t1_j3bu9sz wrote

TX is so much worse than NH with respect to constitutional freedoms.

People that have never lived there (or outside of NH) don't really understand.


RiverGreen7535 t1_j3cnf08 wrote

I just don't get it, liquor stores on state highways leading to MA. and Me. is ok but recreational weed in a state THAT IS SURROUNDED by states that offer weed (which is also going to prove to pay massive dividends to road and bridge repair from taxes)! Let's hope they don't beef up police stops for weed, the state would go broke and the courts would log jam!

I think NH not legalizing ASAP looks about as good as a speaker that took 15 votes to finally squirm his way into an oil painting in the Capitol !


KrissaKray t1_j38txnc wrote

You can still smoke the plant. No one is stopping you.


chain_me_up t1_j38upoo wrote

Not legally, it's decriminalized but not recreationally legal. I'm glad NH doesn't mind missing out on all the nice income we give to the bordering states for dispensaries!


Cantide756 t1_j39drhj wrote

I'll keep saying it until proven wrong, nh is waiting for it to become nationally legal, so they can add it to nh liquor stores and monopolize it. Then they will down out all the shops just outside the border, and then make a ton of money. But they won't be able to do that if it's still federally illegal.


chain_me_up t1_j39f6aq wrote

I know that's their plan and I hate monopolies, let people grow their own plants + allow small dispensaries to exist.


KrissaKray t1_j39t425 wrote

As far as the “let people grow their own plants”… if people can brew their own beer I’m thinking they’ll be allowed to grow their own plants.


EasternBoarder603 t1_j3c4jdr wrote

Not sure why you’re being downvoted. I hope we are able to grow our own


KrissaKray t1_j3c4uhq wrote

I don’t gaf about weed, really not my thing. But I really don’t understand why people who are so enamored with it dont have a couple potted plants here and there.


juicebronston t1_j3dbeek wrote

The same reason people who buy a 12-pack once a week don’t have microbrewery supplies in their homes.


Smirkly t1_j3a4hkc wrote

The state of NH has already screwed up the medical market. They won't put anyone out of business if the weed sucks. Yay Maine.


Cantide756 t1_j3a4yhs wrote

They will just buy good stuff, you don't see them making their own booze


Smirkly t1_j3a9ll3 wrote

And I don't see them buying good stuff for the medical users.


Smirkly t1_j3a49sd wrote

Never mind dispensaries, Maine is flooding the grey market and prices keep coming down. I paid $60 for an eighth because I wanted to try Vermont weed. Holy shit, plus $13 taxes for an once price of $584.00. I get pissa weed from Maine and it is going under $200 an oz, no tax added. Even Massachusetts was cheaper than Bratteleboro Vermont.


doriangreat t1_j39vs4z wrote

Tell that to the 1243 people who were arrested for it just last year.


KrissaKray t1_j3bnnzd wrote

So you’re saying these people were minding their own businesses in their own homes and the boogie men cops magically appeared to arrest them?


smartest_kobold t1_j3c3xgm wrote

You can smoke weed as long as nobody buys it, sells it, grows it, or brings it over state lines. FREEDOM


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_j3a96jz wrote

Sure they can, but boy I’ll tell ya, being able to walk down the street to my local dispensary and get some quality bud on a moment’s notice is pretty nice. And not having to worry that I’m doing something illegal.


Novasadog t1_j38d4pf wrote

Pot legalization isn't part of the NH democratic agenda either. Haggie vetoed medical 3 times, and the state had to be sued by a stage 4 cancer patient in order to get cards out. They are both wings of the same bird, and apparently don't mind that every state around us is reaping the benefits.


SomeCalcium t1_j38nqk2 wrote

I believe most of the Dems that have run against Sununu are pro-legalization. I would argue that Hassan/Pappas are running far to the right on the state's lean on issues like minimum wage/marijuana legalization.

NH GOP is pretty much on life support anyways. They're pretty much just coasting on Sununu's coattails. The state has lurched pretty far leftward the past six years. Once Sununus out of office, Dems will take the House and the Senate and likely legalize weed. Executive Council may be out of reach since it's pretty horrifically gerrymandered.

As long as Pappas doesn't run for Governor, we should be fine. Pretty sure he'll be running for Senate once Shaheen retires in 26. She'll be almost 80. I imagine our next Governor will end up being someone like Joyce Craig.


bonanzapineapple t1_j3an0fn wrote

I think you dramatically overstate how Democratic the NH electorate is. The state legislature is majority Republicans and has been for a couple election cycles. Both parties have viable candidates for most races


SomeCalcium t1_j3ddf1l wrote

Not really.

State level elections tend to shake out differently than federal elections. That's due, in part, to the fact that the state is gerrymandered in favor of Republicans at the state level. Republicans have also done well coasting off of Sununu's popularity. Democrats did manage to win the House/Senate in 2018, and narrowly lost the house this year (despite it being Republican favored). It's not like the Democrats haven't held the Governors mansion in the past 20 years. Lynch, Shaheen, and Hassan were Democratic governors. Republicans actually had a bit of a rocky time with their candidates up until Sununu.

If you look at federal election results, things are actually pretty dire for Republicans. You can see the results most strikingly in Hillsborough County which contains about 1/3rd of the state's population. Historically, Republicans have done well in suburbs around Manchester, but they've shifted pretty drastically leftward. Goffstown, Bedford, Hooksett, etc. All shifted ten points towards Democrats since 2016. The most striking results is Merrimack, which has shifted 15 points. It's emblematic of how much Republicans have lost in elections nationally. Derry, is also of note since it's pretty deep red and Democrats only lost it by about 2 points this year.

Also of note, Dover, which is one of the bluest cities in the state, has also shifted 15 points towards Democrats and had some of the highest turn out in the state this cycle. That's bleeding over to Rochester, formally a red stronghold, as residents from Portsmouth/Dover are priced out of Dover and move to Rochester. Rochester is pretty purple now which is kind of crazy.

I'm also not convinced that the NH Republicans, which seem to have zero idea of what an electable candidate looks like, won't nominate a Trump candidate for Governor and get blown out by a moderate. If you look at the candidates they've ran for our House and Senate elections, since 2018, they're all crazy people. The strongest people on their bench are like Gatsas and Edleblut, who are both terrible statewide candidates.


bonanzapineapple t1_j3ftp49 wrote

Oh yeah, their Congressional outlook is not good In the near future. 2020 and 2022 they didn't get close to getting any of the 4 congressional seats. But In many ways I think the state policies more at a day to day level. Especially, in 2023 at least, regarding weed


KrissaKray t1_j38u8kr wrote

>I imagine our next Governor will end up being someone like Joyce Craig.

Oh god please no. She's messed up Manchester... she should not have the power to screw up the rest of the state.


SomeCalcium t1_j38vqbu wrote

She's been fine in Manchester. She was dealt a bit of a shitty hand since Gatsas was a terrible mayor, and the homeless problem accelerated due to no fault of her own. She's also been left to tackle the school redistricting issue that Gatsas completely ignored while he was there. Manchester has a bit of a weird system where the Mayor is also head of the school board.

My parents live in Manchester and do a lot of volunteer work. They like her quite a bit.


KrissaKray t1_j38xav6 wrote

I moved out of Manchester because the last 37392637 years with her as mayor have just sent it right down the toilet. I refused to let my property tax dollars fund that garbage heap of a city.


SomeCalcium t1_j38y07z wrote

Well, she's not a governor, she's a mayor. She's also only been mayor since 2017 so about six years? Gatsas was mayor from 2009 until he lost to her in 2017 so he was in office for longer than she had been.

edit: I should probably clarify, she started her term in 2018, she was elected in November of 2017. She's still serving her second term and will be up for reelection again this year.

Wait, I'm wrong and my math is bad. It's three terms.


KrissaKray t1_j390hgo wrote

Sorry I mis"spoke" I fixed it. I was on a rant, wrong words came out lol


CDogNH t1_j39zx4t wrote

LOL. Forget the weed. You need to get off the crack. She's awful, and it's her fault, not anyone else's.


zetterbeauty t1_j38eh21 wrote

Listen, I’m as left leaning as it gets, but NH Democrats are no different as it relates to weed. For reasons I’m less and less understanding of as I get older, we’ve had governors across the political spectrum veto it for all 30-some-odd years of my life.


ctdrever t1_j38mhh6 wrote

The reason is that they want to treat it like booze, only for sale in state liquor stores.

The problem with that plan is that we can't have state employees sell something that is illegal federally.

Bongs to the left of me, tokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with booze.


kearsargeII t1_j394cuc wrote

This comes up every time, and I find it extremely dubious. I like the idea of the state selling, I just really, really doubt it is the reason it is not recreationally legal here. It is not legal here as Sununu and Hassan personally vetoed recreational legalization legislation every time it came across their desks. To hear Sununu talk, weed is a gateway drug given that he will bring up the opioid crisis every time this comes up. There is zero sign that he is waiting on federal legalization so it can be sold in state liquor stores.

Legalization has never had a veto proof majority, because our State House heavily favors out of touch retirees. I give it zero chance that the people regularly voting against recreational legalization are secretly waiting for it to become legal federally. Instead I think the 40~ish percent of the state legislatures that are against it are against it for far less forward-looking reasons, probably more knee-jerk anti-drug votes


Kekwexpress t1_j39gm5t wrote

Completely disagree.

I don’t believe it’s a secret at all. I think it’s completely obvious. You surely can’t expect them to flat out say this.

I think it’s a pretty reasonable inference to conclude that they need/want to be able to treat it like state liquor so the state can get the benefits of all of the money instead of just taxes.

But I guess it could be as you say. It just seems so much more clear to me the other way.


1WantT0Bel1eve t1_j39kv4f wrote

And I'm not buying weed from the liquor store. That experience is already shitty, I don't need to add a weed buying experience akin to visiting the DMV to my daily frustration. Gage in Ayer and Nature's remedy are plenty fine...


RoadAdventures t1_j3rgpq5 wrote

> The reason is that they want to treat it like booze, only for sale in state liquor stores.

The measure most likely to pass the house this year would allow private stores and tax it at the meals and rooms tax rate, so we would be able to buy it for less than in the neighboring states.

Of course, the trick is in getting it by the Senate and Governor.


AuthorSnow t1_j38mqgc wrote

Nice to see sense. This isn’t a gop/dem issue. This is a state that is waiting for the feds so they can monopolize the industry. They already have the infrastructure


Umbert360 t1_j394ci4 wrote

Wow that makes a lot of sense, I never thought of it that way before. At first I was like “good, sell it at the liquor stores!” But you’re absolutely right, even though the feds don’t enforce it normally, they can’t be having state government employees knowingly breaking a federal law


widget_fucker t1_j397s2w wrote

To be fair, 30 years ago it was “crazy” fringe to be for legalization. And 20 years ago it was still fringe. Even 10 years ago a solid majority opposed legal weed- it was just not a policy position worth sticking one’s neck out for.

Then Colorado changed everything.

But yeah, nh has had a solid 10 years to get their shit together.


JunkMilesDavis t1_j38jcak wrote

I don't understand why these people take a job representing the citizens and then just decide not to do that in favor of their personal qualms, but keep up the good work. Go ahead and show us how devastating legalization has been everywhere else if you're going to defend it as a health and safety decision. Surely it's taking lives all over the place like alcohol does.


ninjamansidekick t1_j38na09 wrote

Its hard to believe but they do represent a good portion of the citizenry. A lot of the old timers have very strong feelings about the Devil's Lettuce. And its the old timers that usually vote.


D_Pow t1_j38qjuf wrote

A February 2022 poll by the University of New Hampshire found that 74 percent of Granite Staters support marijuana legalization. The old timers should stick to booze and let the rest of us smoke the devil's lettuce!


JunkMilesDavis t1_j38to18 wrote

You're right of course, it's just one of those rare issues where public opinion has probably shifted more than far enough to overcome the age difference in voter turnout. I won't be surprised if whatever eventually makes it to the ballot has enough unfavorable details intentionally written in to make different groups vote against it for opposite reasons.


V1198 t1_j38g2m0 wrote

State that desperately needs revenue continues to ignore a fabulous revenue and jobs generator


Sixfeatsmall05 t1_j39axni wrote

Safety? Riddle me this. What percentage of duis in the state come from alcohol purchased at state run liquor stores


shervbert t1_j38as0e wrote

We really need a rally here soon. I’m 2023 I think we could amass a downright sizeable crowd. There are so many who partake, and those who would fight for it just by showing up


Bree9ine9 t1_j38p5jj wrote

Why are we letting people so old and out of touch make all these decisions? Just look at this picture!


smartest_kobold t1_j39pwsr wrote

Who else is going to show up in Concord at 11:30 on a weekday for a hundred bucks a month?


InevitableMeh t1_j39t29a wrote

You basically have to be wealthy or retired to serve. If you are just a working person you can’t spare the income to do it. This is unfortunately true with serving in Congress too, unless you are on the take using the office to graft.


CDogNH t1_j3agp0y wrote

Congress is well paid with great benefits. There is no comparison to the NH state legislature. Granted, they still grift.


chain_me_up t1_j38v7ah wrote

Seriously, I'd love for some people in both local and federal government who better represent us! I'm pretty sure most of these people are nearly my grandparents ages.


Bree9ine9 t1_j38ydp4 wrote

Seriously, I imagine this is what a town hall meeting looks like at the villages.


1WantT0Bel1eve t1_j39kgan wrote

Did anyone think it was? I'll keep shipping my cash to MA and ME.


AppropriateAd5325 t1_j3a8ptu wrote

What a shock. Old white people holding everyone hostage, again, but they still smoke cigarette and refuse to wear a mask when they’re sick. Ugh.


AppropriateAd5325 t1_j3a96wc wrote

There are 2 weed stores in NH and they are both awful. Most people I know with NH weed cards drive over to ME.


Statbot5000 t1_j3992kt wrote

Nobody should be suprised by this...its the same old song and dance....instead we'll keep forking over millions of dollars to our neighboring states and keep increasing property tax to subsidies increasing expenses...🤦‍♂️


Azr431 t1_j3a40kp wrote

The state liquor stores can sell it without the feds legalizing it. It’s pretty funny how the GOP loves to claim states rights and give the middle finger to the feds on all the things THEY support, but not cannabis, which is supported by 2/3 of granite staters.

But the GOP wants to pass some ‘parents bill of rights’ nonsense to satisfy their anti-gov’t voters 🙄


Smirkly t1_j3a3gxz wrote

It wouldn't matter as the asshole executive council, gerrymandered as they are, let alone Chris Sununu, will guarantee the grey, formerly black, market thrives and children will have no problem buying pot or any other drug. Nice going hypocrites.


Blunted1978 t1_j3ahw71 wrote

Weed might not be legal but the police have back off a lot every cop I ran into didn't care about pot well as long as I don't have like a pound on u.


haystackofneedles t1_j3b2xav wrote

Well that's because the gop are a bunch of backwards clowns


gregra193 t1_j3cw67q wrote

The State Police probably love it. Lower the speed limit to 55 when crossing from Maine, everybody goes over that limit, they can stop any car they want!

Glad they decriminalized small amounts, but a record still affects people.


11_Wolfie_11 t1_j3a7c0o wrote

GOP agenda? NH has theoretically elected a democratic president for the past five elections. Not for nothing

I don’t smoke pot, really. I used to, and absolutely might if I’m at a bar if someone brings some out.

It’s irrelevant to me if the state controls that transaction, between humans. And to be honest, I’d rather it not be regulated and taxed. Decriminalization is good for enough for me, which we already have.

Bring up a point for me to debate, I’m feeling sleepy, but feisty.

Exactly how is giving the State absolute control over weed beneficial to anyone but the State? Go.


Patsfan618 t1_j3bm79i wrote

I for one, am shocked.


BelichicksBurner t1_j3cq2l6 wrote

NH GOP: we hate money and love higher taxes. Kinda weird.


[deleted] t1_j3cyfht wrote

Keep voting Republican and nothing good will ever happen.


olddawgsrule t1_j3dpf3t wrote

We have legalized Medical and that's quite a step for NH. With still an opioid problem here I can understand the reluctance. I know guys.. not the same game, but I get where they're coming from. Then again.. we send Democrats to represent us federally and locally we elect Republicans.. go figure

NH decriminalize canabis for under 3/4oz (or equivalent there of). Another great step for NH. This allows those like me to use for the benefits before being ill and applying for medical use.

I don't see NH stepping up any further until Federal decides o remove canabis from the schedule 1 status. Being we have a Liberal federal government you'd think they'd have done this already..

What I'd like to see is NH decriminalize Psilocybin.


[deleted] t1_j5upajd wrote



Key-Ad-854 t1_j5vibqi wrote

Is this your first time on the internet, dear? Do you need help with your keyboard?


FortitudeWisdom t1_j3akzzf wrote

Yep, their stance has been this way for years and will continue this way. You gotta vote in libertarians or liberals if you want legalized weed, or any other drugs.


smartest_kobold t1_j3c4ldd wrote

The libertarians are more than willing to throw weed (or abortion) under the bus to get child labor back.


ForklkftJones t1_j3bm4o7 wrote

We'll change the state motto before they legalize it. 🤣


Super-Lychee8852 t1_j3b2rmy wrote

As a Mainer legalized weed sucks. Smell is worse than cigs and any event you go to reeks or driving down semi popular roads.


nicefacedjerk t1_j3c11t9 wrote

Who gives a fuck? Get off the bong and start focusing on more serious issues this state is facing. Oh ya, we have a drug problem in this state as well. The fucking irony and idiocy of you people.


CDogNH t1_j39zja9 wrote

But muh WEEEEEED! Cue the pathetic pothead whining.


slimyprincelimey t1_j38ozkp wrote

Complain. About. Something. Else.


KrissaKray t1_j38ug5z wrote

This is how amazing NH is... when weed legalization is all they can complain about. The best part is, they can still smoke it. They just can't do the whole buy/sell thing in state.