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SheeEttin t1_j6e4zb1 wrote

Out of all of the pictures of Nashua, this is one of them.


Jetpilotboiii1989 t1_j6gtqxw wrote

Looks like you’re a hop, skip, and a jump from California Burrito at least.


BLINDHAIRYHANDS t1_j6iayqp wrote

Makes me want to go to the Nashua Garden for a sando and a beer!


tryllast t1_j6ggsth wrote

Holy Sheet I used to work in this building.


Its_me_mikey t1_j6ip4ui wrote

Good morning Vietnnnnnashuaaa!!


1Greghole t1_j6gph78 wrote

I used to drive in Nashua. Do better. There are lots of great shots. I mean photos


GoldenRattata t1_j6fmk47 wrote

Get rid of that decent looking white house and you wouldnt be able to tell it apart from a post-Soviet country.


vexingsilence t1_j6fvc2a wrote

Those tend to be concrete and taller. As someone that lives in Nashua, I wish we had more of the old brick mill buildings for housing rather than the "modern" buildings that have been going up. At least they look right for a former mill town.


gagt04 t1_j6gnhib wrote

That's one thing I don't like about this city. Outside of downtown, the city is a bit of a bland suburb. Downtown has awesome architecture, I wish its style spread further throughout our city.


lantrick t1_j6ga5zq wrote

Apparently you've never been to one. lol


50milerboy t1_j6gf6g2 wrote

Quite the shit hole lol.


SnooDoughnuts9596 t1_j6fzpi9 wrote

If I had to rate NH cities I'd put Nashua at the very bottom. Winchester is a close second.

Edit: If you're going to downvote at least say which city is worse. Not just because you live in Nashua.


gagt04 t1_j6go02a wrote

I'll agree with you about Winchester. I've spent a good amount of time there, and coming back to Nashua brings me joy.


Marcofromtropojo t1_j6gi5p5 wrote

Agreed, Nashua and Manchester are real sad. Too bad too given their location


caseyfreedom t1_j6g21y9 wrote

Not flattering at all. Graffiti is not art. It's vandalism