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smartest_kobold t1_j631ein wrote

Always nice to see a Proud Boy and landlord get convicted.


bleucheese87 t1_j63eq4b wrote

Hudson, the Alabama of New Hampshire. As my MIL once said about Hudson "I've never seen so many people wear boots with shorts."


badenglishihave t1_j650rbq wrote

ngl I see more wife beaters at the Hudson Walmart than I do when I visit my friend's cabin in West Virginia.


RedLeafRoy t1_j63rdb7 wrote

That terrible shock when you realize you are not superior


zetterbeauty t1_j6jlcef wrote

Hudson looks like the fucking Hamptons compared to Hampton, Epping, Nashua, Manchester, Seabrook, etc.


CLS4L t1_j66hekp wrote

Move to NH for freedom but pay higher taxs than masshole and drive back too work jokers


BelichicksBurner t1_j65d9x8 wrote

I have family in Alabama. NEW HAMPSHIRE is the Alabama of New Hampshire. Didn't used to be the case...but it 100% is now.


SwagLeeD0pe t1_j63mpae wrote

What do you know about Alabama?


bleucheese87 t1_j63otk2 wrote

I know at least 14 people charged for their participation in the riots were from Alabama.


StaysForDays t1_j65dfsj wrote

Alabama ranks second poorest in the US, has the second worst schools, and has the second highest per capita residents on welfare. Also, they rank #3 in obese residents per capita.

At least they're not Mississippi! (Which ranks first in those categories)


akmjolnir t1_j63ldlg wrote

She should go to South Africa or Australia.

Edit: boot and shorts are common all over the world. I should have dumbed it down for the average r/nh mouth-breather.


nill0c t1_j6443jy wrote

They have poisonous shit to bite your ankles in those places.

Though the boots could be useful for the stray needles in Hudson.


V1198 t1_j63b3l4 wrote

Back when we were a stronger country traitors would be dealt with harshly enough to dissuade further nonsense. Sadly, since the end of the civil war, we’ve become soft.


smartest_kobold t1_j63kbqs wrote

Never true. Reconstruction was actually far too soft.


owwwwwo t1_j63shjw wrote

We needed to leave union soldiers down South until the 1960s to really have a chance to change their culture.


WapsuSisilija t1_j63wblc wrote

This is the correct answer.


warpedaeroplane t1_j68opi0 wrote

If Lincoln hadn’t been killed and Grant could’ve continued his tour of the nation, we’d be in a very different nation right now. Grant, unfortunately, was not the same man as President that he was as General.

We didn’t crush the south after the civil war the way we needed to. We did not do enough to stamp out the ideologies and assuage the southern population - they too quickly were able to fancy themselves downtrodden rebels who would rise again rather than the sufferers of a bloody and awful conflict that stems directly from their own evil ideologies.


V1198 t1_j6464bb wrote

May have been unclear, I think we made a mistake going soft on the south and that mistake has been with us ever since. Before the civil war we knew how to handle a traitor.


Different_Ad7655 t1_j66ezo3 wrote

Except remember, that the South voted as a block democratic for almost a century because the hatred of the party of Lincoln was so strong. Even though the Democrats in the late 19th century with a party of labor and in the 20th century progressivism, nonetheless the Democratic vote of the southern block be counted on until civil rights. It was a bitter pill that the Democratic party took and of course the right thing, but it cost the Democratic party dearly and has never quite recovered. Every one of those states now is firmly in the grip of the GOP


nicefacedjerk t1_j63f4jj wrote

But which side are the "traitors" here lol? Aristocrats or the people? 🤷🏼‍♂️


jrice39 t1_j63ggz5 wrote

I like how those who didn't storm the capital are now aristocrats. I guess I'll keep sipping my champagne cocktails up here in my palace as I continue figuring out how to afford another tank of heating oil. Get the fuck out of here.


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_j6fw7s5 wrote

Yeah my manservant is getting the yacht primed for the spring while I shovel this wet slop with my shovel that has that little metal edge starting to come off in the middle AGAIN.


jrice39 t1_j6g0bm6 wrote

I shall repeat verbatim to you what I stated earlier to Dutchy, Gigi, and Chipper: me and all my aristocratic homies shop at ocean state job lots.


nicefacedjerk t1_j63k8ek wrote

My comment was keeping inline with his "civil war" reference..


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_j6fwk73 wrote

The sad thing is that you almost definitely supported the most weak-jawed, soft, loser aristocrat in modern American history.


otiswrath t1_j63hbfk wrote

The ones who tried to stop the certification of the election, had guns staged in hotels, and were attempting to capture the Speaker of the House.

Those traitors.


HikeEveryMountain t1_j63j8qr wrote

Don't forget that they constructed a gallows on Capitol Hill specifically to hang the VP. They wanted to assassinate the Vice President.


owwwwwo t1_j63snar wrote

Oh, you didn't hear? That was Antifa that built the gallows, and chanted "Hang Mike Pence".


nicefacedjerk t1_j63kcb9 wrote

Hey, he made the civil war reference. Was playing off of that..


[deleted] t1_j6630is wrote

That doesn’t make any sense, but nice try. Are you referencing aristocrats in the context of wealthy Southerners who wanted to continue to profit off slavery? Bc fun fact: there was plenty of wealth in the North, too. They coined the phrase “Boston Brahmin” a year before the war started, as a way to refer to Boston’s most respected/elite wealthy families… some of whom were quite literally married to aristocrats.


V1198 t1_j63fb7l wrote

Pretty easy to see who the bad guys are here. Losing an election doesn’t give people the right to attack a building and beat cops up. You know, in a sane society.


smartest_kobold t1_j63kikh wrote

I know how much those fancy AR-15s cost. This was petite bourgeois on bourgeois violence.


natethegreek t1_j63qgij wrote

The ones that broke into the capital those were the traitors... pretty easy.


anotherposter76 t1_j63llhv wrote

The aristocrats who act above the law. If there was any justice in this society the peoples house would be stormed daily until the global bloodshed for profit is stopped and the corrupt swamp monsters are out of a job or in prison.


[deleted] t1_j63m37s wrote

If I had to bet what town any Jan 6 attendees were from in NH, my first guess would be Hudson. My second guess would be Hudson again. Something ain't right about that town.


Queasy_Turnover t1_j63olea wrote

Just curious because I've seen this sentiment before... what's wrong with Hudson? I used to live in Nashua and any time I was in Hudson it seemed pretty normal.


skullshank t1_j65qz4v wrote

im curious about this too. weve lived in hudson for about 18 years and while we do see our fair share of fjb shit, ive never gotten the sense its overtly trashy or overrun with political crazies. maybe im just naive or ignorant.


Berneraccountbuddy t1_j63rcjg wrote

They didn't vote for God emperor Joe Biden hard enough. That means they are Nazis.


3thirtysix6 t1_j63snfz wrote

I think the issue is more that a bunch of them apparently went down to DC in order to overthrow the election.


LordMongrove t1_j642o2p wrote

That sounds like hard projection to me.

Literally only group that considers anybody their "god emperor" are Trumpists. It's just like calling the rest of us "sheep". More projection.

Perhaps a little reflection is in order.


Queasy_Turnover t1_j63t9cz wrote

I've never seen it related to politics, definitely not the discussion I'm looking to start.


painterlyjeans t1_j656u8r wrote

The thing is most people only voted for Biden because we didn't want trump


MingoRepp t1_j632hcv wrote

Violation and fine..Yikes!


woolsocksandsandals t1_j63aehy wrote

I searched the punishment for the first charge she was convicted of, disorderly conduct in a Capitol building. This is from the top search result…

The penalty for violating 40 U.S.C. §5104(e)(1) is a felony conviction punishable by a fine or up to five years in prison, or both.

My hope for every one of these traitors is the most severe punishment allowable by US Law but unfortunately they always get off light.


Darwins_Dog t1_j64ldq7 wrote

In most cases this is probably all they can prove. I kinda prefer fines to prison though. Most aren't dangerous (just easily misled) and it costs us a lot of money to lock them up. The ringleaders better get prison time, but the rest can just pay through the nose.


woolsocksandsandals t1_j65fvem wrote

For most things I would agree with you but for these traitors I say lock them up and forget about them. Every single person who gained unauthorized access to the Capitol building that day should at least get years in prison. Even the ones that turn snitch.

Also, people who are easily misled are the most dangerous people there are.


warren_stupidity t1_j646b1d wrote

Because we insist on a lifetime of punishment, a felony conviction just follows you around forever and really messes up trying to be a normal person.


woolsocksandsandals t1_j64d6yp wrote

I think not being a normal person in the first place would be more of a hindrance than any thing else and normal people don’t storm the US Capitol Building.


basementfrog42 t1_j63omw4 wrote

showing our true purple-ness in these comments… for better or for worse. some of y’all are truly nutty


Berzerk_Unit_Alpha t1_j63ax3q wrote

Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!


FelangyRegina t1_j644no6 wrote

Good. Byeeeeeeeee. See you in 56 months, hope no one needs you at home!


86ed5150 t1_j639gwt wrote

The Million Uncle March


RedLeafRoy t1_j63qtrf wrote

Some people need to lay off the KoolAid


MMW2004 t1_j64fl02 wrote

Oh no! Anyway....


Aggravating-Future74 t1_j64iwwk wrote

Lol! Oh, I hope she regrets ever following the cult. How many people got their trading cards? XD


Wide_Television_7074 t1_j6724kg wrote

the language used in these articles is so dramatic, it’s kinda embarrassing that there are people that will treat this as a historical event — it was a rally that got out of control, people! lol


vexingsilence t1_j645psc wrote

I'd love to know how much the FBI spent to go after people like this, whom they could only charge with what amounts to trespassing. Meanwhile, the politicians themselves are frequently involved in illegal shit and the FBI tends to be completely useless in those cases.


warren_stupidity t1_j646ib8 wrote

Yeah, who cares about attempting to overthrow the government.


vexingsilence t1_j648v8l wrote

Not a single one of those charges is an attempt to overthrow the government. They're all basically trespassing using different words.


ZacPetkanas t1_j64j5qr wrote

You'd think with such a clear-cut example of this being an insurrection that someone would catch an insurrection charge.


warren_stupidity t1_j65i4pb wrote

The oaf creepers got hit pretty hard. A lot of people had no clue what they were getting into, so I agree with serious, as in felony, but lesser charges for these idiots.


flh1200-1965 t1_j646n7z wrote

You should all be more concerned about a true overthrow of our constitution by a WEF, one world government, and what they have planned. Instead of a distraction, that if it was an insurrection, was the wimpiest plan for an insurrection ever formulated. It's a distraction, people. Pay attention to what is really going on.


CheliceraeJones t1_j63sjdv wrote

>a Hudson woman was found guilty on four charges related to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack.
>disorderly conduct in a Capitol building
>disorderly or disruptive conduct in a restricted building
>entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds
>and parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.

such violence


lock this terrorist up


gn84 t1_j64amxn wrote

Where's the ACLU?

>The American Civil Liberties Union of D.C., which filed an amicus brief in support of the defendants and has sued the D.C. police department over officers' actions during the inauguration protests, celebrated the verdict.

>"Today's verdict reaffirms two central constitutional principles of our democracy: First, that dissent is not a crime, and second, that our justice system does not permit guilt by association," senior staff attorney Scott Michelman said in a statement. "No one should have to fear arrest or prosecution for coming to the nation's capital to express opinions peacefully, no matter what those opinions may be."


Glucose12 t1_j63mie2 wrote

About the level of charges I'd expect for somebody who participated in an unscheduled tour group.

Good Enough.


asuds t1_j63mwdp wrote

Most group tours don’t shit on the floor of one of the most important buildings in the country…. but maybe that’s how you were raised. Unsurprising I guess given your comment.


Glucose12 t1_j63njhz wrote

Profile checks out.

How many of the members of that Tour Group shit on the floor?

Are you talking about the 5-6 Antifa/FBI/CIA trouble-makers who entered first, and managed to get their precious photo-ops done?

Or are you talking about the majority who just wandered in afterwards after the Capitol Guard opened the doors for them. All of them staying inside the velvet ropes, like good orderly citizens taking a tour.


arbrown83 t1_j63pry5 wrote

> 5-6 Antifa/FBI/CIA trouble-makers

[citation needed]


Glucose12 t1_j63rh2s wrote

Why would I waste the effort on you?

I'd tell you to look for it, but either you know perfectly well what I'm talking about and are being obtuse ... or you can't be bothered, which is why you failed to see it all the first time around.

If you -cared- you'd have already seen it, but you don't.


arbrown83 t1_j63s7j4 wrote

Actually, it's neither. I didn't "see it the first time around" because it's not true. But keep believing in your conspiracy theories to make yourself feel better.

Edit: your "profile checks out" comment works both ways. Full of trump, conspiracy and religion posts. Typical.


Glucose12 t1_j63t83f wrote

>Crack Brain Zealot

Actually, it was just a reference to their -profile- title of "Crack Brain Zealot...", but you be you.


averageduder t1_j660w8f wrote

Even got plenty of antisemitic stuff in there. Guys a real peach


nobbyv t1_j63sf9x wrote

I know perfectly well you're mentally incompetent.


Glucose12 t1_j63vpow wrote

I know you and the rest of you are just more crummy little trolls, who probably don't live in New Hampshire, and were monitoring this all-too-obvious Trap Post waiting for a chance to strike down on anybody responding with even the tiniest resistance to the theme.

You twerps are obvious, but I decided to bite, regardless. Feel free to continue festering.


nobbyv t1_j64sowx wrote

Thanks, but unlike yourself, I’ve lived here in NH my entire life. And we don’t want scum like you. Move along. I hear Alabama welcomes your kind.


Glucose12 t1_j64zmfp wrote

Sorry little person, but I've lived here in NH, probably longer than you've been alive. You sound like a Massachusetts import. All bluster, and no calm, cool rationality.


nobbyv t1_j650dsv wrote

LOL, no. Why don’t you stick to your conspiracy theory and Trump boot-lick subs? Your wackjob BS isn’t welcome here.


Glucose12 t1_j6691o9 wrote

Such an Angry Young Lad. Have a Snickers!


gn84 t1_j64b2sc wrote

The censorship and self-censorship has resulted in large numbers of people for real not knowing what you're talking about.

We're literally living in a world with two (or more) completely different perceptions of reality.


Glucose12 t1_j64hqxf wrote

I'm glad you added the "(or more)". I was going to say! Two may not be enough. :-D


I remember bookmarking a lot of posts on my twitter account with videos and photos from peoples personal phones, taken during the J6 event. Saved a few to my laptop, but assumed the bookmarked tweets would be useful reference material later.

Then I(and most of the accounts who published that material) got banned from twitter for a variety of "misdeeds".

Ref material lost - like tossing it into the ocean. Which of course is what Twitter wanted, as well as those parts of the government making requests to Twitter staff.


nobbyv t1_j651rer wrote

So where are those posts you saved to your laptop that show these “Antifa/CIA/FBI troublemakers”?


Glucose12 t1_j668ttm wrote

Reading comprehension. It's no surprise you not only can't read and understand, but you obviously won't have the IQ to (WRT the media) read between the lines, spot the holes in the spin, or in general Wake The Fuck Up and see the scam.

Or you're part of the scam. Are you angry? You sound angry. Why?


nobbyv t1_j66bszc wrote

My reading comprehension is fine, thanks.

> I remember bookmarking a lot of posts on my twitter account with videos and photos from peoples personal phones, taken during the J6 event. Saved a few to my laptop,

This is you, right, you absolute fucking muppet? Where are these saved Tweets that support your allegations?


Glucose12 t1_j66d3sr wrote

So angry. Angry little social refuse.

I made it clear that most of my ref material died along with my(and others) twitter accounts. But you missed that, I guess.

You do understand that your insane ranting at me is probably outside the specs of this sub(?)

Or perhaps, like the irritated, poisonous serpent you are, you're hoping to make me do/say something that will get me blocked here?

Good Luck, son. Feel free to bring this "Rash" to an end. Of course, you won't be able to help yourself.


nobbyv t1_j6b6m63 wrote

Just wondering if those Tweets saved to your laptop are getting posted anytime soon?


chain_me_up t1_j63r5mc wrote

I can't believe people still think Antifa is some secret organized group that constantly frames the MAGA idiots lmao. Antifa = anti fascism, why would anyone have a problem with being against fascism???


gn84 t1_j64bg3z wrote

Why would patriotic person have a problem with the PATRIOT act????


Glucose12 t1_j63spyq wrote

I'd ask you to define the word Fascist - but I know perfectly well that your definition is the childish "anybody who disagrees with me".

A little tip for the child - just because a group of people give themselves a name, doesn't mean their behavior is expressive of that name.


chain_me_up t1_j63tw74 wrote

Fascism: often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

It combines elements of nationalism, militarism, economic self-sufficiency, and totalitarianism. It opposes communism, socialism, pluralism, individual rights and equality, and democratic government. Fascism places the importance of the nation above all else.

So no, my definition isn't "anyone who disagrees with me" lmao, I know how to use a dictionary and I'm also open to hearing factual information from other sides. It just so happens that "sources" like fox news or the Babylon bee are not legitimate so I don't buy into the propaganda they try to spin as facts and evidence. It's almost like when I'm presented with facts and knowledge, I can learn and potentially even change my views to match with the facts, wow!! Give it a shot sometime.


Glucose12 t1_j63xpul wrote

So precious.

SO, to reiterate, because 1) you can parrot a definition, and 2) a certain group uses a particular name, then that means that 3) the behavior of that group actually is representative of the meaning in their chosen name?


chain_me_up t1_j63y9qh wrote

No, but you claimed there was 5-6 antifa agents who framed the people going into the capitol. I haven't seen a single reputable source with information on this, do you have any links? I believe we're technically agreeing that claiming to be a member of a certain viewpoint doesn't mean you uphold it. But the difference is, I'm referring to your fake antifa scapegoats that you say existed to frame insurrectionists. They were not antifa members (antifa isn't a group), everyone involved in breaching the capitol is an insurrectionist. They did it for Trump and they are most certainly not against fascism, they literally tried to prop him up as a dictator.


Glucose12 t1_j640k5v wrote

My specific wording was "Antifa/FBI/CIA". IE, "whatever".

IE, simply saying that they were people who were not part of the general milling assemblage of MAGA protesters.

IE, the instigators.

You latched on to only one word out of those three.

That says more about you. I SEEEEEE YOUUUU. :-D


ZacPetkanas t1_j63sfay wrote

> Antifa = anti fascism, why would anyone have a problem with being against fascism???

Is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea a democracy? Is the Patriot Act patriotic?


chain_me_up t1_j63u2an wrote

Do you like fascism?


[deleted] t1_j63ugsf wrote



chain_me_up t1_j63uy8p wrote

You literally just proved my point, antifa is not a group, it's a belief. Anyone can claim they are antifa (as seen by all people with their insane belief that "antifa" members snuck into the capitol to frame the insurrectionists) and create chaos. The people who entered the capitol committed treason and attempted a coup, they were Trump supporters doing whatever they could to keep their dear cheeto in office, not liberals trying to make people look bad. They WERE bad.


ZacPetkanas t1_j63vmjg wrote

> You literally just proved my point, antifa is not a group, it's a belief.

Individuals claiming to be AntiFa can perform fascist acts and that's A-OK with you. Good to know.


3thirtysix6 t1_j63svha wrote

You mean the MAGA troublemakers, right? The guys with the weapons and zip ties? The guys even the MAGA morons in Congress were running from?


Glucose12 t1_j63v30v wrote

Who, specifically, out of that crowd of a hundred or so, had actual weapons and zip ties?


3thirtysix6 t1_j63vstv wrote

Pretty much all of them. I'm sure the courts will sort these dumb fucks out.


Glucose12 t1_j63wpo6 wrote

I'm pretty sure you're blowing smoke in the first sentence, but correct in the second.


Glucose12 t1_j6dfvvb wrote


My -point-, which you-all appear to delight in dodging, was that other than a handful or two of whack jobs and trouble-makers(some of which were clearly not MAGA), the majority of the people there in that crowd were there for a peaceful protest/rally. Even most of the people who bumbled inside the Capitol, got in and then just milled about waving their flags. Much less the thousands staying outside protesting.

What isn't fair or correct is that "certain elements", shilling their political hate, wagging their lying poison tongues, want to smear the entire group as traitors, as though being upset about obvious electoral irregularities, and wanting to have a legitimate protest about that - that is treason(?)

Point the finger accurately, otherwise people will reject you as yet another scheming shill.


nobbyv t1_j6fc0jt wrote

You’re a deranged, delusional fucktard. Did I point it accurately enough?


asuds t1_j64sftn wrote

oh right I forgot that every bad thing ever was actually Antifa soldiers secretly flow in from the Ukraine who infiltrated every single pro-trump group. They made sure their misdeeds were caught on video and are now doing time just to trick the world into thinking crazy drunk hicks did bad things.

Such a simple plan!


nobbyv t1_j6756c7 wrote

Do you know the chick that works the Dunks at the gas station where you go to get your coffee every morning doesn’t actually give a flaming fuck about what crazy thing you saw on the TV last night? She’s just too polite to tell you that you’re an insignificant, boring, stupid, purposeless old man desperate for any human connection (likely because any actual relatives have long since cut off contact). I pity you.

The greater irony is you reporting me to Reddit as someone “in crisis”. The actual crisis is when someone like yourself, who is so out of touch with reality, is going to take a hockey bag, load it up with some of the many, many guns you own, and head out to “teach some people a lesson”.


Glucose12 t1_j67aa52 wrote


The only person acting like a lunatic here is you, Mr Angry Young Man. Your fantasizing and "story telling" say more about you than they do about anybody else.

Just another aggro, angry sociopath, like half the people I've known from Manchester. What is it about Manchester, anyways? The nice people are really nice, but the other half are over the top wacky, like you.


SomeSortofDisaster t1_j63east wrote

>guilty of four charges, including... parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.

Truly an insurrection.


lizyouwerebeer t1_j63hp3a wrote

disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, disorderly or disruptive conduct in a restricted building, entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds, and parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.

That's all of her charges.


asphynctersayswhat t1_j63rlox wrote

There was an insurrection that day. A failed one but you need to separate the sheep from the insurrection. Most of the idiots there that day were fooled into being a distraction while proud boys and oath keepers infiltrated the capitol. Just because the majority of the idiots there that day were incompetent and clueless about what was happening doesn’t change that people were in the capitol building, ready to use violence, to stop congress from conducting government business, certifying the election and upholding the will of the American people.

These rubes from Hudson are just idiots who worship a conman and got duped into this. But they don’t deserve sympathy. The maga are not our best. They aren’t our brightest.


spiral_in t1_j643lyp wrote

If you don't think January 6 was a violent insurrection then you're an idiot beyond redemption. No amount of blatantly obvious evidence would ever convince your misfiring neurons.


vexingsilence t1_j65ilai wrote

So why wasn't this person charged with it?

Step out of the echo chamber.


spiral_in t1_j65jv75 wrote

Wait so now charges are something we can use as evidence that what we all saw was what we all saw? Well there are lots of sedition, seditious conspiracy, violent entry, dangerous and/or deadly weapons charges, etc. etc. so I guess we're done here.


vexingsilence t1_j65kpsa wrote

I saw a protest that got out of control followed by some incidents of assault and theft. Don't know what you saw.

The person this article is about wasn't found guilty of anything other than trespassing, phrased different ways. By modern reporting standards, this was a mostly peaceful protest.


spiral_in t1_j65kxvn wrote

A mob whipped up by a lying gameshow host used violence to attempt to subvert the will of the voters and install an autocrat. People died, cops were hurt, people were crushed. Fuck off with your pile of lies.


vexingsilence t1_j65lhfo wrote

Yet again, the person in this article was only charged with trespassing. How could that be? If it was so obvious what everyone saw, why isn't everyone being prosecuted that way? Seems like the lies are on your side.


spiral_in t1_j65n28k wrote

Again, the issue is that the OP was suggesting that because this woman wasn't charged with something like battery or seditious conspiracy that calling the events of the day an "insurrection" was invalid. There's plenty of evidence and charges showing that it was, but you're clinging to the big-brain idea that if this one person wasn't charged as such, or not all where, it wasn't an insurrection. Keep moving those goalposts around, I'm sure you'll stumble into coherence eventually.


vexingsilence t1_j65ph0m wrote

>There's plenty of evidence and charges showing that it was

No one was charged with treason or insurrection. A small number had charges of "sedition conspiracy", very few were found guilty of that. You can count them on two hands. I'd have to dig deeper, but I wouldn't be surprised if those were plea deals rather than the government actually proving it.

For the vast majority of the people that the FBI spent a fortune trying to find, it was relatively minor stuff. They didn't even try to burn the building down, unlike the "mostly peaceful" protests that had plagued the country. It's pretty hard to see the witch hunt as anything other than political persecution.


RedLeafRoy t1_j63rk49 wrote

What? You mean loitering isn't insurrection????


ZacPetkanas t1_j63eiec wrote

> Truly an insurrection.

Our democracy is at risk. Hold me.


asuds t1_j63k9yo wrote

Why yes, everyone who possess even the smallest about of cognitive ability thinks so!


tech1010 t1_j63m069 wrote

How dare she go on a 90 minute meandering around the capital wearing a US flag after being let in by capital police.

Threat to democracy.


asuds t1_j63mm1p wrote

So it was mOsTlY pEaCeFul then?

…with smashed windows and doors, shit in the rotunda, and breaking down the literal doors into the chambers? ok doke - guess we know your IQ.


tech1010 t1_j649lsz wrote

It was more “mostly peaceful” than the protests for the druggy George Floyd were by several orders of magnitude.

My iq is 142, thank you for your concern though.


asuds t1_j64sspn wrote

mY iQ iS 1four2 !

It’s ok, you are allowed to feel good about yourself on your own. You don’t need the validation of others


tech1010 t1_j64v5fj wrote

I don’t really give a fuck about you, but you raised the topic so there goes


asuds t1_j64w9oq wrote

The bible tells us to love and care for all people. I guess you are a bad person, but hey, one4two!


[deleted] t1_j63n8l6 wrote

After January 6, the million dollar question for me was, where were all their rifles?! Who attempts an unarmed coup in the US? Obviously all these chuds own more guns than teeth, right? But we have the answer to that question now. The feds just happened to bust their armory a few days before.

There's also the terrorist who attempted to plant a pipe bomb, who's still on the loose.


flh1200-1965 t1_j645twj wrote

And yet the weapons were not even in DC. They were in Virginia. Doesn't seem to me if they wanted an insurrection, they would leave them behind. And let's be real, if the police or federal agents had started shooting, all of DC would have been in immediate lockdown. Those guns would never have made it into DC. Use your free thinking brain.