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Enough_Device_6023 t1_j6k1l2e wrote

If you come in contact with someone reported missing, please contact the police first. Abusers often find their victims because they rely on the kindness of strangers to help them locate them.


LadyofTheBooks OP t1_j6k364y wrote

That is not something I ever even considered. Thank you for making a very good point and teaching me something


Odd-Chapter756 t1_j6k3fmt wrote

I don't think that is the case most times. The police investigate family and friends first typically.


spiral_in t1_j6la2a8 wrote

It doesn't have to be the case most of the time to contact police first (and only) if you find a missing person.


Enough_Device_6023 t1_j6o5xpi wrote

Neither do I. But whenever I see a missing poster that does not contain information regarding police involvement (A case number, officers name or phone number), much like the poster shown, I like to comment this information.

You never know who is trying to just disappear from a bad situation and I know I would never want to unwittingly force someone back into a situation that is dangerous for them.


vaendeer t1_j6okl7i wrote

The police do next to nothing in adult missing cases absent of probable cause of foul play. It is still good advice to use them as a third party on these cases because you never know what's going on in anyone's life and it takes the judgement call off of you personally.


Odd-Chapter756 t1_j6k37bk wrote

I pray for his return.. I have lived in Nashua my whole life of 41 years and never seen so many missing people. The last few years has been really really scary.


pumpkinpatch1982 t1_j6la65c wrote

There's a few people that have said there's a serial killer but who knows. Wasn't there a lady that was putting rubbish out as well that vanished? Then the younger guy that went missing up that club off West Hollis somewhere.


underratedride t1_j6milk3 wrote

100% believe a serial killer is in the area. Men his age, leaving bars alone. Must be the 6th or 7th I’ve heard of the last few years.


Living-Structure108 t1_j6kahy1 wrote

How many missing persons in Nashua now?


DeerFlyHater t1_j6kbukq wrote

As of the 19 January report, there are 70 unsolved missing persons statewide dating back to 1968.


Due-Arrival-6247 t1_j6kjb9g wrote

Michael McLain case is baffling also from Nashua. I reviewed this list about a year ago and it’s very scary/intriguing having such close proximity and there are no answers


DeerFlyHater t1_j6kskf0 wrote

I get sad reading that report every time it comes out. Some like the runaways I can sort of understand, but to just disappear? Sad, bewildering, and potentially scary-especially if you may fit a description of a couple of the suspiciously missing persons.


Patsfan618 t1_j6lnjzg wrote

Makes me think he ended up in the river somehow. Maybe hit by a car that kept going.


fjfjfkekekcmgmr t1_j6msw8i wrote

Glad my family moved out of Trashua a while back (all jokes, no offense to anyone in Nashua) because from what I’ve heard from school friends back there, things have only gotten worse in the recent years with stuff like violent crimes and missing persons.

I pray for this man 🙏


Tantal545 t1_j6mpma7 wrote

The neighborhood behind Wendy's is sketchy as well. Quite a few have gone missing in NH. April Bailey for instance. So sad fornthe families.


tb151 t1_j6kdoe1 wrote

The tree streets area comes up frequently with thls type of news


UntLick t1_j6lg6og wrote

Spruce isn't by the tree streets. It's near the Wendy's/McDonalds.