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Due-Arrival-6247 t1_j6kjb9g wrote

Reply to comment by DeerFlyHater in Missing in Nashua. by LadyofTheBooks

Michael McLain case is baffling also from Nashua. I reviewed this list about a year ago and it’s very scary/intriguing having such close proximity and there are no answers


DeerFlyHater t1_j6kskf0 wrote

I get sad reading that report every time it comes out. Some like the runaways I can sort of understand, but to just disappear? Sad, bewildering, and potentially scary-especially if you may fit a description of a couple of the suspiciously missing persons.


Patsfan618 t1_j6lnjzg wrote

Makes me think he ended up in the river somehow. Maybe hit by a car that kept going.