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Fenwick19 t1_j5ux4dt wrote

None of the outlets I check seen to be hyping up this storm. NWS, WMUR, WBZ etc. They did a pretty decent job with the last two storms and if anything, under-forecasted. I don’t think they were very laughable events for the thousands of people that lost power.


n0v3list t1_j5v3do9 wrote

Or for the people (like me) who've been working almost non stop since Sunday.. to say more snow is laughable is honestly kind of inconsiderate.


SunshneThWerewolf t1_j5weoxq wrote

Right - I live in the southern lakes region and got 16 inches and a tree limb on my house from this last one.


Jrzgrl1119 t1_j5xkvj3 wrote

I'm so sorry! We had a tree fall on our home during the Christmas storm. Not a fun experience