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boldolive t1_j5ksnpa wrote

We have outages here in the Monadnock Region, with white pine boughs all over the roads and power lines. This is a doozy!


MusicalMerlin1973 t1_j5l7dff wrote

Same in greater Nashua region. I’ve got a guy in a pickup truck monitoring the lines on my street. We’re out of power. Road is basically one lane with all the limb drops. Because people need to have their scenic drive and no one wants to give asplundh permission to trim the braces on their stretch out the road.


Tornado_Wind_of_Love t1_j5ls0r6 wrote

Utilities can trim trees near lines without permission and are supposed to do it on a regular basis.

However, that costs Eversource money - and we can't have that poor company going bankrupt!

If you have lines on your street that have overhanging branches, you can call them. If you have enough neighbors calling they will eventually send someone to take a look at it.


quaffee t1_j5mi8wh wrote

Replacing exploded transformers costs more money. You'd think they would know this.


leckmir t1_j5kqrmi wrote

Getting huge branches off the pine trees, have not hit anything critical yet.


BigBlueDane t1_j5lkx2r wrote

Have had about 6-7 HUGE pine branches snap off on or near my house today. It’s been a nightmare scenario