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MattFantastic t1_j7r7ngw wrote

Edit: we’re open again as of Friday morning! Boiler is running and we’re inspected and clear. Yay!

(I’m gonna repost what I just put in another thread…)

Thankfully the damage was minimal, right now the hold up is getting the repairs/new boiler inspected and signed off on. We should be back at it in a day or two. Hopefully.

It certainly sucks, but we’re just so happy no one got hurt and the damage wasn’t crazy. Things could have been way way worse, and being closed for a week isn’t that bad in context. Plus everyone has been so kind and supportive, from the gaming community to neighbors to the fire department and everyone else, we’ve gotten so many good vibes.


mlassoff t1_j7uakrh wrote

Hey Matt! Glad to hear the damage was minimal. Once you guys are going again I’ll stop in to say Hello!