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This is a post I saw in /r/boston that got some great discussion, I'd love to see answers for New Haven since I've had similar questions about the city:

>I would love to have a go-to place after work. I'm a member at the Isabella Stewart but the damn place closes at 5, else that would be a nice spot to hang out.

>I can hit up a bar, but I'd love somewhere a little more comfortable/homey. Maybe some place I could chill w/ my laptop or a book. I'm in the Back Bay area but interested in ideas from anywhere.

>I think I'm basically just looking for a spare living room. Are there social clubs for commonfolk?

>What do you all think?



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MattFantastic t1_j8yk3pi wrote

I feel like a shill so forgive me*, but I talk about third place theory a lot and it’s the driving force behind Elm City Games. Community vibes, BYO, and games are inherently social; I think we do a pretty good job of it.

(*I’m only even responding myself cause I’m such a nerd I got excited to talk about third place theory…)


fn0000rd t1_j8zqsod wrote

This is what I was going to recommend anyway.


quinncuatro t1_j94kan9 wrote

You guys are the example I bring up every time I talk to folks about third places. Y’all have been doing a great job of building inclusive spaces for years now. Can’t wait to start hanging out again once I start going into the city for work a couple days a week.


subredditholder90 t1_j8z1y9u wrote

The place you are looking for is Gather in East Rock. It's exactly what you describe.


TeacherMan808 t1_j8zf8hj wrote

Yeah gather is the spot! Also I love East Rock Brewing company. There’s no comfy couches but it’s such a laid back place.


greysuru t1_j8ztiud wrote

Musical Intervention good for musicians. Never Ending Books or Book Trader for book lovers. Gather for hipsters. +1 to Elm City Games. Owl Shop if you smoke. Stella Blues for music, a pool table, and a sofa (except they often have a small cover fee and it could be loud).

I'd suggest church, but I've never been.


6th__extinction t1_j90q358 wrote

Tangential comment, but my parents often complain that I will have no community because my generation doesn’t go to church every Sunday. A place you regularly see people, even if you don’t talk to them, you recognize them at the grocery store and say hi. I just can’t get down with the Catholic church / most religions, but I kind of agree with them.


DeskFan203 t1_j93z20e wrote

Ehhh I'm at church most Sundays and because I'm sort of a minority Christian (Orthodox), there aren't a lot of us and I have to go to a church about 1/2 hour away. I don't see anyone in my 'hood, sadly.

So, it's not a given, if that helps.


quinncuatro t1_j94kmte wrote

Yeah, OP brought up some good places to hang out but most of them don’t necessarily meet the “place to develop community without having to spend money” definition of third places.

It’s a little more like bowling leagues, civil organizations, and churches than what a bar typically provides.


Angstmuffin t1_j91hrbw wrote

The Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op! Amazing community and does so much more than bikes 💖


TeacherMan808 t1_j8zfizh wrote

Blue state coffee is great as well


pamperedhippo t1_j907wi2 wrote

i cant tell if this is sarcasm but in the event it isn’t, blue state coffee is no more.


poliscirun t1_j90c7fc wrote

Common Grounds is great tho! They already opened in blue States old Wall St spot, and are planning to open in their old York St spot soon!