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Hi all, my family and I will be moving to New Haven this year. I’ll be exclusively working on Yale campus, and I wanted to get your input on best places to live with kids. Mine are elementary-age, so if you have advice on best school districts in relation to Yale campus, please share. Thank you!



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marche_au_supplice t1_j9anw7k wrote

This has been asked many times and the answers are usually the same. East Rock is super family friendly, and the neighborhood schools are great, though the neighborhood is divided between two and people usually prefer Hooker to East Rock Magnet.

Westville is also very family friendly. Will take longer to get downtown and has more suburban feel. Schools there are also good.

Regardless of where you live there are non-neighborhood schools like Elm City Montessori that are generally very good.


Fun-Cockroach8339 t1_j9b2m2u wrote

Mods should just pin a post like this to the top of the page. No offense to the op but this question is asked in various forms several times a month.


MattFantastic t1_j9csf72 wrote

It’s a topic of discussion, takes some effort to get master posts like this organized so we haven’t yet but I totally agree!

My look on the bright side is that it’s cool so many people are constantly looking to move here and get the scoops.


Fun-Cockroach8339 t1_j9cwo44 wrote

Agreed, I love showing off the city. I don’t envy being a mod since I know it’s a volunteer position, just a thought on streamlining some of the more basic, regular posts where the responses are all variations on “it’s mostly safe, move to east rock, go to the Yale art museum and try the pizza.” I don’t mind being a shill for those things since it helps the city as a whole, but New Haven is way more than that.


beaveristired t1_j9bixfl wrote

Just fyi, OP - most of the towns recommended here have high housing costs. If you’re looking to rent, be aware that these towns consist of mostly single family homes with low density zoning, and there aren’t many apartments. Also factor in commute and cost of parking. Indeed, these are some of the best districts in the state, but also CT has some of the best public schools in the country, and most districts offer a very good education.

If you’re looking to stay close to campus, then East Rock has tons of young families. Many are Yale-affiliated. It’s nice to be able to walk your kid to school and then walk or take the free shuttle/bus to work. Westville is also popular with families. It’s a little farther from Yale, but New Haven is a very small city, so it’s not a long commute, with a couple of bus lines if you don’t want to pay for parking.


mlassoff t1_j9aq7e7 wrote

Best public school districts within commuting distance to Yale are Amity (Towns of Orange, Bethany, and Woodbridge), and Guilford public schools.

If you want to drive a bit further Madison and Fairfield have truly excellent school systems.

I’d avoid New Haven Public Schools. They do struggle with issues common in urban schools that serve a high diverse, poorer population.

This are isn’t cheap, and, even a $500k house doesn’t guarantee you a good school system.


flytweed t1_j9avskv wrote

I disagree with “avoid NH Public Schools,” although I’m not surprised as that’s been the easy response-reaction for decades. As “marche” pointed out above many families have a powerfully good education, and yes that even happens in Fair Haven, the Hill, and Dixwell, wow. And NH just contracted teachers for long overdue raises so hopefully that’s another plus. New Haven Promise Scholarships should also cause any family with school aged children to consider NH.


mlassoff t1_j9aw8pj wrote

All things being equal I would want my kids to go where graduation rates are higher, support services are better, extra curricular activities are more vast and the faculty is more stable.

Amity Regional hasn’t had three principals this year. Fairfield hasn’t had three superintendents in the last five.

Lots of kids are successful coming from NHPS— great. Doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for a kid new to the area.


DeskFan203 t1_j9bh0sc wrote

Both Amity and Woodbridge districts have had several turnovers of principals and superintendents over the last 5 or 6 years so...that should tell you something as well...


mlassoff t1_j9bl3hs wrote

Wilbur Cross is on it's third (or fourth) principal this year. I don't know what you're arguing here--

Amity regional is consistently rated among the best systems in the state and even enters the national conversation sometimes. New Haven is an under resourced urban school system with the typical problems that come along with that.

Do New Haven kids deserve everything that Amity kids get? Absolutely. But, if I am asked where someone with choices should send their kid, there are few compelling reasons to choose NHPS over Amity, Guilford.


DeskFan203 t1_j9blh8v wrote

All I was pointing out was that there is also heavy turnover even in the good schools. It's very interesting, could be a sign of something else brewing...


DeskFan203 t1_j9bhdcb wrote

For the newbs: Amity is the district for junior and senior high (towns of Bethany, Orange, and Woodbridge). Each of those towns has its own district for the elementary level, complete with its own superintendent. Even if, like in Woodbridge, there is only ONE elementary school. Principal and superintendent. I don't get it...


PurplepleaserSD t1_j9b7qhd wrote

In Fairfield avg price is 600++++


mlassoff t1_j9b9l1g wrote

Absolutely true. For reasons beyond my understanding, paying for proximity to NYC is a thing-- even though no one commutes any more.

Absolutely true. For reasons beyond my understanding, paying for proximity to NYC is a thing-- even though no one commutes anymore.


Smokeshow-Joe t1_j9b2d3x wrote

Assuming you can swing the price of a home here the Amity district is the way to go…and it’s a super short commute to Yale. So Orange, Woodbridge , Bethany. There is a Facebook page, “moms of Woodbridge, Orange, Bethany” if you want to get a feel. I want to caveat that it has its own special brand of crazy mom stuff but At least you’ll know what you are getting in to.


[deleted] t1_j9bknk3 wrote



Smokeshow-Joe t1_j9ch3z9 wrote

It’s actually not a tough choice at all. I grew up poor, sacrificed a lot to give my kids the opportunity to “live in the bubble”. I spoon feed them the horrors of the world. They are my team and I did what I needed to do to give them a better life in the bubble.


SnooRevelations6632 t1_j9dhs9z wrote

Not everyone feels the way you do, some people want their kids to experience diversity


lavidarica t1_j9coey2 wrote

I live in Woodbridge but I’m relatively new to the area. I’m part of “Moms of Woodbridge, Orange, Bethany” and yes, there is a special brand of crazy mom who belongs to that group. That being said, I’ve found priceless recommendations and tips for the area using the search function.

I also belong to “Progressive BOWA Parents+” and I feel much more aligned with the values of that group. I’m a POC and found the PTO of Beecher Road to have many POC as well. I can’t say definitively that the demographics are changing, but there’s now a “Woodbridge Like Me” day on the town green that celebrates different cultures, and a new proposal was passed to turn the old abandoned firehouse into a cultural center. So at the very least it doesn’t feel like we’re completely ignored.

Overall I’m very happy with my decision to live here, but housing and taxes are definitely VERY expensive. For us, it’s worth it. Our older son has a developmental delay and the school system has been fantastic so far (he’s still in preschool). We’re a 5 minute drive to Westville, and a 20 minute drive to downtown New Haven. Whole Foods, Costco, and Trader Joe’s are all a 15-20 minute drive away in Milford/Orange.

We considered Guilford and Madison as well but felt Woodbridge was a bit more down to earth, and technically it’s closer to NYC (my parents live there and come to stay with us all the time so that’s important).

If you have any questions about Woodbridge, I’ll do my best.


Neowwwwww t1_j9ccpho wrote

Raising kids, within 30 minutes to Yale, here are my top choices. Guilford, Madison, Branford, Cheshire and Milford. Madison has the best schools but everything is 10-20 minutes away, Branford and Milford have the best places to eat and things to do also good schools. Guilford is a nice mix of commerce and community also great schools. Cheshire has good schools, houses are somewhat reasonable and it’s close to everything you’ll ever need. Good luck and welcome.


stealyurbase t1_j9dd49a wrote

If you are purely looking at test scores, facilities, and safety, then Guilford or Madison are your best choices. The drawback is they are not very diverse.


roadpupp t1_j9aslqe wrote

Branford and Cheshire has a lot of Yale families. Shoreline is a great lifestyle


mlassoff t1_j9awcka wrote

Just a note so newcomers are not confused— Cheshire is not on the shoreline.


SnooRevelations6632 t1_j9di579 wrote

Really Cheshire lol.. sorry just random and a little ways from Yale..most live in the “havens” or wallingford area


roadpupp t1_j9exmms wrote

I lived in Cheshire for 10 years and knew tons of Yale faculty that lived there. Good schools, just a bit farther from Yale.


brewski t1_j9clz91 wrote

Spring Glen in Hamden is great. 10 minutes from downtown, right on a bus line, great elementary school, and a very walkable neighborhood. Your kids can walk to school and stop at their friend's house on the way home.


marche_au_supplice t1_j9co2q6 wrote

How are the high schools in Hamden in general?


nerbm t1_j9cp605 wrote

Not good. But Spring Glenn elementary is great and the middle school is okay. And the original commenter is right, the neighborhood is truly a neighborhood and is awesome.


brewski t1_j9d9b9w wrote

YMMV. We had a terrible experience with middle school, and so far an excellent experience in HS. Lots of clubs and activities. The HECA program is amazing. Support staff is on point. There are also magnet school options if your kid has a special interest.


nerbm t1_j9datwe wrote

Good to know. We have a while before our kids get there so I'll definitely be doing some research. Thanks for the info.


PurplepleaserSD t1_j9b7i17 wrote

As an fyi both my kids went to FAirfiled public schools and I couldn’t be happier, my daughter who turns 21 today received a full academic scholarship to Marist and my son went to Wesleyan and got lots of help. Didn’t hurt being #1 in his major economics!! Has had a phenomenal time and great friends for life!! If Fairfield is in your range lmk and can hook you up with the best of the best