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mlassoff t1_j9aw8pj wrote

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All things being equal I would want my kids to go where graduation rates are higher, support services are better, extra curricular activities are more vast and the faculty is more stable.

Amity Regional hasn’t had three principals this year. Fairfield hasn’t had three superintendents in the last five.

Lots of kids are successful coming from NHPS— great. Doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for a kid new to the area.


DeskFan203 t1_j9bh0sc wrote

Both Amity and Woodbridge districts have had several turnovers of principals and superintendents over the last 5 or 6 years so...that should tell you something as well...


mlassoff t1_j9bl3hs wrote

Wilbur Cross is on it's third (or fourth) principal this year. I don't know what you're arguing here--

Amity regional is consistently rated among the best systems in the state and even enters the national conversation sometimes. New Haven is an under resourced urban school system with the typical problems that come along with that.

Do New Haven kids deserve everything that Amity kids get? Absolutely. But, if I am asked where someone with choices should send their kid, there are few compelling reasons to choose NHPS over Amity, Guilford.


DeskFan203 t1_j9blh8v wrote

All I was pointing out was that there is also heavy turnover even in the good schools. It's very interesting, could be a sign of something else brewing...


DeskFan203 t1_j9bhdcb wrote

For the newbs: Amity is the district for junior and senior high (towns of Bethany, Orange, and Woodbridge). Each of those towns has its own district for the elementary level, complete with its own superintendent. Even if, like in Woodbridge, there is only ONE elementary school. Principal and superintendent. I don't get it...