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Never been to New Haven before. We live in Albany, NY. We like exploring the northeast.

Headed into town Saturday at lunchtime. Modern Apizza for lunch?

Yale Art museum, green, old campus, Barcade after lunch.

Booked a night at the Blake. Mostly for walkability.

Birthday dinner reservations at Union League or Olea?

Nightcaps at High George?

Any addittional or better recommendations than the above?

Any recommendations for a great place for an early breakfast on the way out?




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Neededyoutoknow t1_j9odh8x wrote

Take a walk through the Beinecke library (free) and make a reservation for a cocktail at Ordinary. Breakfast should be had at The Pantry if you like eggs benedict, Bella’s if you want to see west rock/westville but expect to wait for 30-40 minutes at both unless you go super early and don’t mind sitting at the counter. For neighborhood bar vibes check out Delaneys or Trinity


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_j9odlhd wrote

Just want to say I am pretty impressed with the list you’ve put together on your own.

> Headed into town Saturday at lunchtime. Modern Apizza for lunch?

You’ll get a million different opinions on pizza here. Modern isn’t my first choice but it has absolutely earned its place as one of the “big three”. No change needed here but I will toss in my controversial plug for De Legna’s

> Yale Art museum, green, old campus, Barcade after lunch.

This is a great day, can I join you? I’d add on the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library to this list l, which is really unique and only adds on about 15ish minutes or so.

> Booked a night at the Blake. Mostly for walkability.

Solid spot.

> Birthday dinner reservations at Union League or Olea?

Union League has been the standardbearer in fine dining for a long time and for good reason. That said, there is no shortage of fantastic restaurants in New Haven. If you are dead set on fine dining, I will second your nomination of Union League but Zinc (also mentioned here) belongs in the conversation.

> Nightcaps at High George?

Good spot mostly for view and ambience. I’d recommend Ordinary for drinks though. Really unique cocktails and great bartenders. It is a smaller spot but its previous occupant (Richter’s) was a bit of a New Haven landmark.

> Any recommendations for a great place for an early breakfast on the way out?

I will second the recommendation of the Pantry, another New Haven classic. They pretty much make two dishes (eggs Benedict and cinnamon roll pancakes) but they knock those out of the park. Another controversial opinion Bella’s / Lena’s have always been crazy overrated. Not worth a detour.

I will toss in an oddball breakfast recommendation of Trinity Pub. New Haven used to have a ton of irish bars and this place is the last man standing. Chef/owner is a great guy and it will be a more relaxed breakfast.


notanotheramber t1_j9pgc09 wrote

Modern is ALWAYS my first choice and it's the easiest of the big 3 in my opinion.


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_j9pgnsn wrote

Hah - there will never be peace or accord on this question but I 10000% agree with you that you can pretty much walk in to Modern without any of the hoopla, bullshit, or waiting that you deal with at Sally’s and Pepe’s


brewski t1_j9ukhei wrote

Pantry has plenty more to offer. The lox scramble and spinache feta omelette are fantastic. Shakshushka is one of my all time favorite breakfast dishes, though it is only occasionally on the specials. Cinnamon pancakes are good but not worth a special trip, IMHO.


HockeyandTrauma t1_j9ukvun wrote

Agreed on everything but ballas. Think they're fantastic.


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_j9ul9rd wrote

It wouldn’t be a New Haven recommendation if it wasn’t without controversy!


HockeyandTrauma t1_j9uu5rh wrote

Very fair! I don't disagree hard enough to argue it, but bellas has always been my number 1.


OlyRoy99 OP t1_j9ox69m wrote

Thank you, New Haveners!

Based on the input here:

I'm switching it up for Pepes/Sallys. I only chose Modern because it was a little closer and opinions are so split.

I'm adding Beinecke - which looks incredible

Trying to find a way to fit in BAR and/or Cafe Nine.

Going with Union League simply to move past the abundance of choice and for the fireplace (something my wife loves). We'll be back in warmer weather for ZINC and Olea, I have a feeling.

And finally going with Pantry at opening (8am), before we head back.

Really excited and appreciate all the great feedback!

Edit: New Haveners


CucumberNo3244 t1_j9pwdtf wrote

Since you're heading to Wooster Square for Pepe's or Sally's may I suggest a quick walk to the end of Wooster for some fantastic Italian pastry and coffee at Libby's. The Italian Ice there is also really good.


EmuBoth t1_j9p9pgk wrote

have fun FWIW its new haveners" Also sallys is great but if not trust us Modern gets it done for the NHV experience.


OlyRoy99 OP t1_j9pav8n wrote

Thanks, Emu. That would have been embarrassing!

For what it's worth, I did google it first and saw the term used in some Yale publications.


CatSusk t1_j9qtdfu wrote

I’d pick Sally’s over Peppe’s any day. Less of a wait.


ksmit098 t1_j9n921c wrote

Depending on how early you should definitely try Bella's. One of the best brunch spots in New Haven.


flytweed t1_j9n35g6 wrote

Cafe Nine is a great local live music place where anyone can feel comfortable and this Saturday they do a live jazz jam 4 to 7pm; it might even be free (1 block from Barcade). Welcome.


rossiterpj t1_j9n1zb1 wrote

For the true New Haven experience, Pantry on State Street for breakfast. You could also do Chapps on Chapel if you want to walk. Otherwise, G Cafe and Pistacio for coffee/bakery. Neither opens super early.


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_j9njyam wrote

Chapps is garbage I wouldn’t feed to my enemy’s dog.


rossiterpj t1_j9ojqv8 wrote

Hah! I honestly have never set foot in the place but it gets recommended to me all the time. I do like a passionate restaurant critic! Except about stupid fucking New Haven pizza.


k__clark t1_j9olaja wrote

Pantry on State is the way to go! But it’s small so get there early or be prepared to wait


phoolandevi86 t1_j9ovpvd wrote

For a night cap, I'd suggest Ordinary (be sure to make a reservation) or Owl Shop (it's a cigar lounge so only go if you're okay with smoke). And Bella's for brunch (better than The Pantry IMO).


stealyurbase t1_j9oi2eu wrote

It’s a great plan! But I’ll chime in on the pizza: it’s always controversial but, for your purposes, I’d really push for one of the pizza spots besides Modern. Modern is great but I feel like there’s a better vibe for the first time visitor on Wooster Street with Pepe’s and Sally’s. In addition, if you want a beer in a cool atmosphere along with good pizza, you could hit BAR. In fact, I’d say BAR is the best choice if your plan is to walk everywhere.


chandelizards t1_j9ojt2y wrote

Check out East Rock Brewing Company if you enjoy some good beer!


roadpupp t1_j9qrayh wrote

I grew up in NH and have lived here the last 18 years. OP, you nailed it. Do that. Respect for reading the sub before asking your question!


packofpoodles t1_j9ot7dn wrote

Modern is great for pizza but agree with others who mentioned that going to either Sally’s or Pepe’s in Wooster Street will be much more of an actual experience.


buildingbeautiful t1_j9r7lce wrote

Aw. I love this! You did a great job honestly. You into karaoke? Rudy’s just brought it back on sat night! You can do pantry for breakfast - I’m not sure if they are still cash only.


tianxia t1_j9tcbcd wrote

I would suggest taking a stroll through Yale’s British Art Museum too. They close for renovations end of month and may not reopen for quite some time. Carpe diem and all that jazz. Atticus bookstore has a pretty decent bakery in case you want something to snack on.


Mobile-Awareness-988 t1_j9vn5rr wrote

Stay at the graduate hotel, it’s very central, great bar in the basement, and affordable.


Temporary-Car7981 t1_j9seq1x wrote

What's your budget? Dinner for 2 at Union League can run over $200 easily.