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jgregory17 t1_ja45u8m wrote

Impressive victim blaming here. You don’t know a single detail about what happened and you’re blaming the pedestrian who basically does have the right of way in nearly all circumstances. People run red lights and drive way too fast routinely in New Haven, endangering pretty much everyone. But sure, blame the girl who might have serious injuries.


awebr t1_ja4fj1w wrote

You can absolutely guarantee that on any post regarding a car driver hitting a person in the road, whether it's on reddit, the new haven independent, on scene media, local news, etc; there will *always* be victim blaming without knowing a single detail. Drivers love to project their roadway dominance onto every situation because they're the same people that get annoyed when someone crossing the road delays them by 3.9 seconds in racing to the next red light.


pittiedaddy t1_ja4h4b4 wrote

And you can absolutely guarantee that someone will also spread the false belief that "pedestrians always have the right of way".


awebr t1_ja5u9c8 wrote

thank you for proving my point


elmcityboy t1_ja8vg3w wrote

what do you mean by "false belief" here? the law in connecticut states that pedestrians have right-of-way in a crosswalk.

it doesn't mean that yale students don't behave irresponsibly, putting their own lives and the lives of others at risk, but it isn't a "false belief" to say that a pedestrian has the right-of-way in connecticut.


pittiedaddy t1_ja8w81g wrote

Go read the law regarding it and read the report about this accident. Oncoming traffic had the green light in a "controlled crossswalk" which means even though it's a crosswalk, the TRAFFIC has the right of way.

In an "uncontrolled crosswalk" the pedestrian STILL CANNOT JUST WALK INTO TRAFFIC! The law clearly states that they must make their intentions known to drivers thay they are trying to cross.

Now go read the law before you get yourself or someone else killed.


iIlegaladvice t1_ja9a4lx wrote

Based on the facts in this case it is exactly a “false belief” to say that the pedestrian had the right-of-way


lazy-but-talented t1_ja7zjx6 wrote

Unless the car is driving up in the sidewalks over the curb I just don’t get how people would get hit by cars? Looking both ways you would see a car still coming at speed and probably not cross until they see you right


nejibashi t1_ja64o72 wrote

Yup. I was hit by a car on Orange last month when I had the right of way; the driver ran a red light and claimed they "didn't see me." Drivers in New Haven are insane.


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_ja4m695 wrote

Just to add to the chorus of “you are wrong”

You can review this OLR article, which discusses the instances where pedestrians do not have right of way (including outside of a crosswalk or when the intersection is controlled by a traffic signal)

You are correct that we don’t know the circumstances but Elm/York is controlled by a signal, so it is possible the student here was crossing against the signal.

I run outside a lot and my wife works at Yale New Haven. She frequently reminds me of how many people who had the right of way still end up in the ER. It is very unfortunate but you need to be aware of your surroundings and wary of bad drivers. This is not victim blaming it is just good advice that’ll maybe keep you alive when encountering bad drivers.


ruffdaddysmooth t1_ja4c32z wrote

This way of thinking will get you run over


jgregory17 t1_ja4s2n5 wrote

Very nice. New Haven is a neighborhood with lots of people, including children who do not always have great situational awareness. It has a 25mph speed limit and traffic lights. There would be fewer accidents if drivers stopped treating it like their personal raceway.


ruffdaddysmooth t1_ja69qiw wrote

Sound nice, but you can’t rely on that being a reality ever in a city.


daybeers t1_ja6pckw wrote

[citation needed]

Plenty of cities worldwide that do very well reducing their traffic violence. In particular, here in the US, Jersey City has made wonderful strides.


Beast0fBurden t1_ja8tn5f wrote

Even if you’re doing 25 mph, if someone steps in front of your car at the last second there isn’t much you can do. My friend was severely injured (multiple neck and vertibrae surgeries) after getting rear ended when he braked quickly in a similar situation. The pedestrian involved ran off and the truck that hit him drove away and he was stuck at the scene a crippled mess, his life forever changed.


jgregory17 t1_ja986ld wrote

That’s definitely true. Not much you can do in that case. Sounds like your friend got punished for being the only person actually paying attention and trying to be safe. I’m really sorry that happened.


Beast0fBurden t1_ja9au0p wrote

Thanks. He’s a turtle when driving, the kind that barely cracks the speed limit, everyone speeds around and has never had a ticket or accident in almost 30 years before that. I fully agree with you that the large majority of drivers in this state are the opposite and reckless. He just had some terrible misfortune that day.


pittiedaddy t1_ja4a4br wrote

> the pedestrian who basically does have the right of way in nearly all circumstances.

You could not be any more wrong if you tried. And that train of thought is exactly what leads to pedestrians getting hit.


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pittiedaddy t1_ja4rvcx wrote

Whatever dude. I never said it was "OK" so go ahead and knock that bullshit off right now.


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elmcityboy t1_ja8vqid wrote

this law literally says that a crosswalk is considered a "place of safety" for pedestrians. pedestrians have the right-of-way while in the crosswalk, or at the curb before entering the crosswalk.