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RoiTainMent t1_ja7j45t wrote

Thanks for the link with the witness reports.

Freaking 1:30 in the morning and they tried to race across the crosswalk? Big shocker she got hit.

New haven pedestrians in general and especially Yale students seem to behave like they always have the right away. I'm shocked I don't see more of these articles coming out with how many close calls I see driving around campus daily. I have seen people literally dart across the street without even looking.

Not that it serves her right but hopefully someone getting hot will make other people more cautious at least for a bit.


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_ja86dwa wrote

Given that was are engaging in idle speculation, it’s possible she simply followed the other group who darted across the intersection. Sometimes pedestrians simply have lemming-level of thought and will step into an intersection if the person in front of them does.


At1l t1_ja8hvhy wrote

Exactly. You may think you have the right of way or walk signal if you see other people going too. Especially at 1:30 am not everyone has their full wits about them. It’s basically mayhem downtown at that time.


[deleted] t1_jaa2zd9 wrote



At1l t1_jaa3iga wrote

Someone posted the law here. If there’s a pedestrian signal and that signal has the stop sign while the drivers have a green light you DONT have the right of way. Read up and educate yourself b4 you type.

Edit: ofc they deleted their lengthy comment that was wrong and downvoted me haha. Fool