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I have decided for my spring break that I’m going to spend 4 days being a tourist in the city that I have lived in for over a year. I haven’t done anything in New Haven and want to experience it all. Any recommendations are welcome



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DeskFan203 t1_janngzv wrote

Are you a Yale student? If not, go on the official tour.

New Haven museum

The church tour where you can see the underground graveyard

Lookout from top of East Rock


editorgrrl t1_janpr9q wrote

>Crypt tours are offered on the third Sunday of each month directly following worship services at 11:00am.

Grove Street Cemetery tours begin in April:

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Wooster Square is Sunday, April 16 from noon to 4:30 p.m.:


DeskFan203 t1_janrho7 wrote

Lol thank you, I was typing quickly and couldn't remember the correct wording!


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_jaoxqpz wrote

Get a drink at the top of the Omni hotel (John Davenport’s). The view is nicer during the day.

Pop into the Yale Art museum and chill out for a bit in the courtyard at ground level. One of my favorite spots to relax because you feel like you’re in a quiet little fortress.

While we are sticking with Yale things, pop into the Rare Book & Manuscript library.

Go to Trinity in the morning to watch a soccer game and drink. I am not a Liverpool fan but they have the strongest following in the city and it makes for a neat spectacle as a neutral.

Edit: adding a weird one, get a panini and a coffee from owl shop in the afternoon. The place is usually dead at this time, so you don’t have to deal with smoke if that’s not your thing, and they seriously make a great sandwich/coffee. It’s a really unique space and worth considering for your staycation checklist.


EfficientOwl6352 t1_janv9bz wrote

-Yale Center for British Art - largest collection of british art outside UK

-Get a lobster roll at Stowe's in West Haven and walk the beach boardwalk or go to Silver Sands in Milford

-Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport

-Obligatory pizza at Pepe's/Sally's or burger at Louis Lunch

- Concert at Westville Music Bowl

- Brunch at Bella's in Westville

- Fried chicken at Sandra's


eggheadslut OP t1_janyoe7 wrote

I live in westville and let me tell you. Bella’s is top notch. I’ve also been to Louis lunch and it’s mid


TheCaptainEgo t1_jaqii9u wrote

Visit Elm City Games, they’re a New Haven staple that doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves (and it’s beloved!)


MattFantastic t1_jar55w6 wrote

Aww thanks!

(And I think we get lots of love from New Haven, but even more is always nice!)


TheCaptainEgo t1_jar59s1 wrote

Exactly, was trying to say that and still plug that y’all deserve more 😂


flytweed t1_japimie wrote

Hang out at Armada Brewing or Cafe Nine. Check out an exhibition at NXTHVN, Artspace, or Ely Center of Art, see local music at cozy Neverending Books or at the State House. Grand prize if you do the Rock to Rock ride, or do a Taste of New Haven food tour (expensive). Also check Daily Nutmeg on Monday mornings.


viceversa t1_jarngnc wrote

New Haven To echo what others have said

  • Yale Art museum
  • Taste of New Haven tour (worth every penny)
  • Food Trucks at Long Wharf
  • crypt tour on the green

Here is what I’ll add :

  • Bike from East Rock to West Rock
  • Hike the big stairs at East Rock
  • Hike West Rock from SCSU campus
  • Bike to Sleeping Giant (Hamden/Cheshire) and hike to the lookout town *good 1/2 day trip
  • look up music at college st or Spaceland ballroom
  • head east on the shoreline and go on an Outer Islands cruise (brandford ish)
  • take the train to Norwalk to go to the aquarium stop in BPT on the way home (or don’t)
  • if you have a car, drive around the interior of the state. Lots of super cool roads and hikes and hidden gems for lunch in the northwest corner

neverknows9 t1_jaopzbv wrote

Visit the Cushing center (brain museum) - open to public!


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_jaox15u wrote

I’ve done this one. OP be forewarned this is super small, it’s essentially just a room, but they let you wander around the med school for a bit. When I went, around the time of the new semester, they had the library jazzed up to look like a Hogwart’s sorting hat ceremony.


ShamusTheClown t1_jaqtg9o wrote

If you've got a bicycle id honestly recommend just cycling around to the different neighborhoods in the city. There is so many little interesting stores, restaurants, parks, & architecture, to see.

Head on down to long warf and smell the stinky harbour, and food trucks.


hasek3139 t1_jarc8zz wrote

4 days seems like a lot for just New Haven. have you thought about a day in NYC? There’s a ton more to do, and easy to get to


eggheadslut OP t1_jardbp4 wrote

Yeah, it is a lot. I have other towns in CT that I want to visit during those 4 days too


hasek3139 t1_jardkyp wrote

You, but I still stand by the New York City option, unless you’ve already been and done things down there, and fire, someone who’s lived in Connecticut in the New Haven area all their life that’s just not as exciting as your on a budget then it makes sense if you want to just travel around here


Ambartenen t1_jaocgzr wrote

Climb buildings on campus and get drunk on rooftops


eggheadslut OP t1_jaopoku wrote

If I went to Yale, I would


Ambartenen t1_jaotrsb wrote

? This is what I do as a townie. Why would going to yale make it better? Been climbing yales fancy buildings for 20 years


Every_Alarm7599 t1_jb2d47d wrote

I lived in New Haven in 2011 now I’m back at my parents in somers


GLOCKBOYS23 t1_jara028 wrote

Don’t get shot 😭🤷🏾‍♂️