Submitted by Beboparedpanda t3_11ki7w6 in newhaven

As a fairly new resident who got here after the buses were made free, when things go back to normal next month how does this all work? Is there a card you get somewhere? Does it need to be exact change in coins?

Thanks, An idiot



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sometimescrafting t1_jb7c4uf wrote

You can get a Go CT card which is basically a reloadable card you can use to pay, info here: Otherwise I do believe you need exact change I don’t think you can get change back


elmcityboy t1_jb9qir7 wrote

you can also buy paper passes. there are weekly and monthly options, but i usually go with a 10-ride ticket because i am a regular, but infrequent bus user. with the 10-ride option, you just have to request a transfer if you plan on taking more than one bus.

i know they sell them at stop&shop, but i usually just buy 'em at the info stand downtown.


BobMackey718 t1_jb7fsqx wrote

When are they going back? I haven’t heard anything, man that’s gonna suck I’m really used to not paying ugh.


Beboparedpanda OP t1_jb7fxe4 wrote

4/1, unless the governor changes something


BobMackey718 t1_jb7g6yn wrote

Ok thanks, it’s time to get a car I guess.


kppeterc15 t1_jb9t99d wrote

if you can't afford a full-price bus pass I have bad news about owning a car


BobMackey718 t1_jba969j wrote

I never said I can’t afford a bus pass, I’ve just been slacking on getting a car because the bus is free, once I have to start paying I might as well get a car and put that money towards gas instead of giving it to the city/state.


ruiner9 t1_jbak15n wrote

Wait till you hear about sales/ property/ gas taxes


BobMackey718 t1_jbal5i0 wrote

I’m 40 and I’ve owned a car in CT before, I’m well aware thank you. Got any other suggestions on obvious things that I probably know?


ruiner9 t1_jbald0x wrote

Hmm... the arrow next to the gas pump icon on the dashboard points to the side of the car that the gas inlet is on?


kppeterc15 t1_jbbbwld wrote

why give money to the state when you could give it to oil companies instead?


BobMackey718 t1_jbbkmex wrote

It’s more about what I get for the money, if I’m gonna have to spend it I’d rather spend it on getting to and from work in comfort than on the bus. The bus is fine for free but that’s about it, I’m not gonna pay for a barely functioning transit system.


MattFantastic t1_jbfjkre wrote

This attitude is exactly why we don’t have better and cheaper public transit. I’ll take whatever I can for free but refuse to contribute to any sort of common good if it isn’t an obvious immediate direct benefit…


BobMackey718 t1_jbfnfqv wrote

Yeah it’s my fault the buses suck, I pay for the metro north so I’m basically keeping that line afloat all by myself by your logic. Listen the system is broken and no amount of attitude is gonna fix it at this point. I’m amazed that things have hung on as long as they have, we’re going to be living in mad max territory real soon. Either that or a fascist dystopia, or some fucked up combination of the two.


green_lemonade t1_jb7mj0n wrote

Because the cost or because the buses wont run close to schedule anymore?


Magtiffy t1_jba0hg4 wrote

You can pay on the bus, it’s $1.75 exact change. Bus does not make change. You can buy multi ride or monthly passes at stop and shops or the customer service centers in downtown New Haven, Hartford or Stamford. Or sign up for the GoCT card online As far as I know, the governor is not extending it again, but who knows what he’s gonna do. He said that last time and still extended it. I’m a bus driver in New Haven and we never know until the day comes or the day before!


EmotionalCorner t1_jbaj2fe wrote

Some of the schools give out bus passes, I know Southern CT State used to at the beginning of the semester. Not sure if it’s a state school only thing to do. I think there are some companies that offer commuting benefits, but don’t quote me on that.


daybeers t1_jbbv65t wrote

Yes, if you're a student at any public college or university, you pay a small fee per semester for unlimited bus and rail trips around the state for the ~6 months of your semester season, ex. 1/1-7/31 and 8/1-12/31. It's awesome.