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SkateAndEnjoi t1_jbltjop wrote



Resurgemus t1_jblwkc2 wrote

Definitely Rudy's. Although the rest of their food has sucked for years. Not sure how it is currently but there has always been crappy ingredients and poor quality control. Somehow the fries are great though.


blyss17 t1_jbnw184 wrote

Agreed! Rudy’s for sure! Amazing line up of sauces as well


itsasixthing t1_jblxw6a wrote

Weirdly, the fries at Fussy Coffee in Science Park are surprisingly good


TerpPhysicist t1_jbm3e9p wrote

Right?! Never would have expected it? But those are great


guapomalo t1_jbmgbaq wrote

Make sure to order the smallest size unless there are two of you…. Made that mistake once. The regular is HUGE


AmaraWolfe44 t1_jbmlwcq wrote

Sounds like leftovers to me!


cataquacks t1_jbpuq3y wrote

Leftover fries always feel like such a liability to me. Even with an air fryer, they're never quite how you'd like them the second time around


Durendal_et_Joyeuse t1_jbna6r9 wrote

Second this. A lot of their food is actually really good. Their burger was good for a while, but they changed it up the last time I went, so I don’t know how it is now.


dailyarmageddon t1_jblykuo wrote

Haven Hot Chicken, with two sides of Rob Sauce


AndMarmaladeSkies t1_jbm8o6z wrote

HHC has amazing fries. What’s even more remarkable is that they travel extremely well. Five Guys fries die on a 10 minute car ride. Haven fries still are crispy after 30 minutes in a box, in a bag, in an Uber.


MrDonutCreme t1_jbmfvla wrote

I have to agree, even when my order is late fries are always on point. Best fries IMO.


BranfordBound t1_jbmkci3 wrote

I feel like five guys fries are soggy right when I get them


el-fenomeno09 t1_jbmhv1x wrote

Bonchon’s seasoned fries and house of naan’s tikka fries are great too


curbthemeplays t1_jbn471i wrote

Those tikka fries are ridic!


talktochuckfinley t1_jbopjjp wrote

Anything at House of Naan that is not amazing? If there is I haven't had it. Their baingan bharta blows my mind.


dommywhoa t1_jblwlco wrote

I used to swear by Zoi's fries, but I think they changed them in the past few months and now they're garbage.

Otherwise Rudy's. Garden catering also not bad.


Observant_Neighbor t1_jbmn2j3 wrote

I was a fan of garden catering; quality has slipped since the pandemic and hasn't returned.


newmoon23 t1_jbn5yrn wrote

Agree, Zoi’s fries suck. That place is so hit or miss. Do not ever order anything with chicken from there.


TerpPhysicist t1_jbm3hcf wrote

163 has great fries, fresh hand-cut and even the small is huge


rescuelullaby t1_jbmcslr wrote

Fussy. Get the pesto dip with them. My mouth is watering just typing this.


Sleisl t1_jbmwkgn wrote

RIP Order of Fries 😭🫡 I think Haven Hot Chicken has the best currently - get the Rob Sauce!


runofdamill t1_jbpp0hd wrote

How long was their reign? I only had the honor to try them once


Icy-Following-3713 t1_jblx7pd wrote

duchess or five guys


13_0_0_0_0 t1_jbmcq5f wrote

There's still a Duchess somewhere? The one in Wallingford just closed. (I told my son to try their food for years. The day he decided to finally stop by was the day after they closed!)


gygim t1_jbm527m wrote



gva916 t1_jboerr8 wrote

Zoi's, Rudy's, katz


coolusername_png t1_jbon2bi wrote

Idk where it’s located, but I had from this food truck a few months ago, called “street and savory” best truffle parm fries I’ve ever had.


fn0000rd t1_jbot6ku wrote

I had no idea about the existence of HavenHotChicken or House of Naan until this thread.

Fries, mozz, tikka masala sauce and some tandoori chicken on top?

it’s weird, because I feel like I’ve dipped french fries into everything possible (good restaurant blue cheese being the best), but I’ve just never had fries and tikka masala available at the same time.


blaze99960 t1_jbowfs3 wrote

you're all wrong, it's Jordan's on State


bingybunny t1_jbo60bs wrote

Rudy's if you want Belgian frites in a bar with groovy dipping sauces.

Union League Cafe if you want French fries in a legit French Restaurant. They have fries but maybe also try the duck fat fingerling potato.


dunkerdoodledoo t1_jbpg5ab wrote

Rudy’s, 163, and Fussy are the holy trinity of New Haven fries.