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michael_ellis_day OP t1_jc7mgl2 wrote

I'm much more interested in the market aspect of this than the restaurant. For a long time Wooster Street has been missing some kind of Italian specialty food shop, and the neighborhood has long needed some type of convenience store. I hope this ticks off at least one of those boxes, and in general it would be nice to see more retail on that street beyond just more restaurants.


Testy_MacTestry t1_jc7ovcv wrote

Anything that Tim and Avi touch is gold, I wish them both the best, especially for Ari who had to close down Roia.


SwummySlippySlappy t1_jcaaxqq wrote

I’m really excited about the potential for a local Wooster Sq bar. That neighborhood needs a local watering hole


EmuBoth t1_jc7uy38 wrote

good for new haven this place will be a draw. with this and all the new apartments have street parking permits been enforced there?


NurseManager105 t1_jc9wqar wrote

Excited to see the come to Wooster Street. Parking will be an issue. And I pray the gelato is amazing so they can pull customers away from Libby’s.