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BobMackey718 t1_jcnwflh wrote

It was in the south end of Edgewood Park, along the West River, kinda by the Westville Music Bowl but south of Rt 34. It’s not really a part of the park that people frequent and they weren’t bothering anyone, you could see some tops of the tents from the road but that’s about it.


6th__extinction t1_jcon48c wrote

That’s not Edgewood Park, the site was the intersection of the Boulevard and Post Road.


BobMackey718 t1_jcp68y1 wrote

I guess I thought that was still Edgewood Park over that way, it’s near the park at the very least.


buried_lede t1_jcp85me wrote

West River Memorial Park? It’s all continuous anyway, with Edgewood Park


6th__extinction t1_jcpdidq wrote

West River Park at the intersection of Ella T Grasso and Route 1 is not part of Frederick Law Olmsted’s Edgewood Park.


buried_lede t1_jcpemnb wrote

So what. It’s contiguous and people often mistake it for Edgewood


6th__extinction t1_jcpga8p wrote

So Edgerton Park is not the same as East Rock Park, and East Shore Park is not the same as Lighthouse Point Park. These distinct places share similarities but they are not the same.


buried_lede t1_jcpjb15 wrote

And the Mill River encampment in 2016 is not the West River encampment in 2023


flytweed t1_jcrx7xr wrote

Technically it’s off Ella Grasso Blvd, bordered one side by Derby Av/RT 34 and other side by Post Rd.


6th__extinction t1_jct47pf wrote

Are you telling me where West River Park is? The encampment was not on the Derby Ave side by 34, it was by the Post Road as I said above ⬆️