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erakis1 t1_jd2dhxr wrote

Anywhere downtown is absolutely awful in the warmer months. Dirt bikes, ATVs, loud pipe road bikes, Loud stereos. People come from all over the state just to make noise downtown all night because they want an audience.

Your only options living downtown are:

  1. Be okay with the noise or get used to it.
  2. Move onto the height floor of a tall building.
  3. Get a good white noise machine or earplugs (which won’t overcome a straight pipe Harley going max rev at 2am)
  4. Move to East rock.

tombuzz t1_jd3wzal wrote

I lived in 380 crown it’s a fairly quiet part of downtown closer to state st and I never heard shit. Also my unit was semi underground bad lighting but no noise good for night shift. Wooster square is also fine , or the smoothie building 10 min walk.


erakis1 t1_jd3zwai wrote

I’ve lived in Smoothie and 38 crown in the past. Smoothie overlooking Olive was probably quieter. What I really hated about 38 crown was that the traffic light to cross Orange is extremely long and motorcycles will sit at the light and rev their engines while they wait. I’ve had to pause movies to wait for them to get at least a block away and they woke me up from a dead sleep all summer long.


No_Refrigerator4584 t1_jd29fbb wrote

I live more than a block away from the frat houses, and I can clearly hear their parties. It’s safe to say it’s going to be loud with a capital L, O, U, and D.


rescuelullaby t1_jd2zkg0 wrote

Hi! I personally would not do it. Going to PM you.


welovetomatoesyum t1_jd3c5t7 wrote

I would look at Temple Sq Apartments - diff spot in downtown but 10/10 noise insulation for downtown & lots of ppl that work at the hospital live there. Otherwise, new 18 High apartments probably have good insulation? I would say New Haven Towers is also probably fine at night - it's right next to High St, I would just stay in their building on York St (not the Madison one or the others on the opposite side of York). College & Crown building probably also has good insulation - maybe Taft Apartments?

Cambridge Oxford itself has ~ okay ~ noise insulation depending on which apartment you're in/if your bedroom faces the street or not (I used to live in an apartment there & my room was furthest from the street and I couldn't really hear the frat houses)

All that said, unfortunately it seems like the only good noise insulated apartments in downtown are much more expensive lol


Present-Trip3537 t1_jd2xdqu wrote

I would recommend checking out the apartments on Howe St between chapel and Elm - I’ve never had a problem with noise and they’re more affordably priced. Also only a 15 min walk to YNHH


killitwithkindnesss t1_jd37kfi wrote

I actually live on Howe St right now. I moved here in January for a sublet to get a feel for New Haven before committing to a full lease. Though I haven’t experienced much trouble like statebird_ mentioned I agree that this street is really crummy: litter everywhere, lots of panhandlers hovering asking for money, can get pretty loud on the weekends but nothing extreme level for me other than the typically drunk college kids and car honking

Really wanted to make Dwight work because it’s pretty close to the hospital too but the neighborhood and quality of life just isn’t good at all

EDIT: noisy right now on Howe st sounds like a protest going on outside.


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_jd3z5nv wrote

Take a look at 65 Dwight Street which is managed by Chelsea Company

I lived at this property and their 80 Howe property in law school and they’re a solid/responsive landlord.

Apart from being more than a little ugly on the outside, 65 Dwight might check some good boxes for you. It is close to the hospital and has its own off-street parking spaces or individual garage spaces.

Really the only issue I ever dealt with was some of the noise pollution from ambulances en route to the hospital, but it was not particularly disruptive.

Edit: their George St property may be a little nicer (don’t have personal experience with it) and is in the same neighborhood.

As to your original question, High Street is possibly one of the loudest areas of downtown due to the frat house.


Ok-Pickle8294 t1_jd5f0hk wrote

Are you at 70 Howe? I’m looking at units there right now, can you message me/tell me anything I should know before going forward with a lease. It seemed really nice.


killitwithkindnesss t1_jd5id85 wrote

I'm on 100 howe street - right by you. I don't have any opinion on that building other than it has pretty affordable rent I've seen, majority of your tenants are Yale students and pan handlers will bother you sometimes. Howe st is mostly fine just minor annoyances I've had.


statebird_ t1_jd32j9h wrote

I disagree with this. I live in this area and haven’t slept well since I moved here. Traffic sounds are awful from Howe, Chapel, and Edgewood, kids randomly walk down the street yelling or chanting or whatever, people play their music cranked all the way up, there are soooo many sirens plus that stupid beer bus thing. Beyond noise, the light pollution is terrible, and I and friends who live in two other buildings on this block have put in more heat tickets than I knew was possible this winter. I’ve had packages stolen, the neighborhood is filled with trash to the point where I go around with a trash bag to try to pick it up, and my spouse got punched by a random man at 8am on a Sunday morning while walking our dog. If you’re going to be using the laundromat, expect to pay $8 a load, as well. 0/10, we are moving to the other side of town this summer. Maybe some buildings are better, but I don’t know anyone who likes living on these blocks.


Goodbye_megaton t1_jd3l8kh wrote

I used to work on high street. Saturdays during the academic term were my personal hell. I can’t imagine living there


schwee22 t1_jd3bkq0 wrote

I looked at an apartment on High St and was told that it gets super loud in the summers because of its proximity to Bar and Crown St. It’s probably the busiest nightlife street in New Haven, especially in the summer. The apartment I looked at faced over the parking lot/street towards Bar and the tenant said it did get loud at night with people yelling, walking through the area, and the bar itself. I didn’t know there was a frat house over there too but I would probably check out a different area


SovietRaptor t1_jdasdvb wrote

I lived in High Street above Rumbamba and it was pretty bad on weekends in the spring for sure. It did make for good people watching however.