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killitwithkindnesss t1_jd37kfi wrote

I actually live on Howe St right now. I moved here in January for a sublet to get a feel for New Haven before committing to a full lease. Though I haven’t experienced much trouble like statebird_ mentioned I agree that this street is really crummy: litter everywhere, lots of panhandlers hovering asking for money, can get pretty loud on the weekends but nothing extreme level for me other than the typically drunk college kids and car honking

Really wanted to make Dwight work because it’s pretty close to the hospital too but the neighborhood and quality of life just isn’t good at all

EDIT: noisy right now on Howe st sounds like a protest going on outside.


IMNOT_A_LAWYER t1_jd3z5nv wrote

Take a look at 65 Dwight Street which is managed by Chelsea Company

I lived at this property and their 80 Howe property in law school and they’re a solid/responsive landlord.

Apart from being more than a little ugly on the outside, 65 Dwight might check some good boxes for you. It is close to the hospital and has its own off-street parking spaces or individual garage spaces.

Really the only issue I ever dealt with was some of the noise pollution from ambulances en route to the hospital, but it was not particularly disruptive.

Edit: their George St property may be a little nicer (don’t have personal experience with it) and is in the same neighborhood.

As to your original question, High Street is possibly one of the loudest areas of downtown due to the frat house.


Ok-Pickle8294 t1_jd5f0hk wrote

Are you at 70 Howe? I’m looking at units there right now, can you message me/tell me anything I should know before going forward with a lease. It seemed really nice.


killitwithkindnesss t1_jd5id85 wrote

I'm on 100 howe street - right by you. I don't have any opinion on that building other than it has pretty affordable rent I've seen, majority of your tenants are Yale students and pan handlers will bother you sometimes. Howe st is mostly fine just minor annoyances I've had.