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jcwitty t1_jdvajbd wrote

New Haven sits “between two rocks.” West Rock and East Rock are both state parks and have great hiking. I don’t think you can go in there and start digging and hammering away with a pick axe, but if you pick up a few loose pieces and put them in your backpack you should be fine. Also, Sleeping Giant state park in Hamden is great.

Edit: East Rock is a city park, not a state park.


froghag t1_jdwxcuk wrote

Pretty sure West Rock also has some sort of geological remnants of glaciers in the area. I don't remember exactly what to look for to spot that, but I feel like OP will.


eagsye t1_jdwzdnt wrote

Judges Cave is a glacier erratic, meaning it rode in on a glacier and was left there when the glacier receded. OP west rock is probably your best bet, and the two parks are some of the best examples of “trap rock”


froghag t1_je0fj4s wrote

Thank you for expanding on what I could not :)


birbalurb t1_jdvfrge wrote

CT is known for almondine garnet. You can see garnets along the CT garnet trail in Glastonbury, but it's illegal to harvest garnets from that area. If you go to hammonasett beach ~30 min east of new haven, there's chances to find garnet sand along certain portions of beach, especially Webster point.


voyeur69420 t1_jdvgm2y wrote

Almandite garnet and olivine/peridot. Pink granite in Branford.


WindfallProphet t1_jdvj4ma wrote

You could also check out [Stony Creek]( You know the pink granite making up the base of the Statue of Liberty? It came from there.

It is a working quarry so you probably could not find a big piece to take home, but maybe there's a small one somewhere. It's worth seeing at the very least if you're the least bit interested in rocks.


WikiSummarizerBot t1_jdvj6et wrote

Stony Creek (Branford)

>Stony Creek is a coastal village located the southeastern section of Branford, Connecticut, centered on a harbor on Long Island Sound. Stony Creek has the ambiance of a small seaside village which retains its roots as a summer vacation location with old Victorian hotels and a working granite quarry. It is known for the Thimble Islands an archipelago of glacial rocks, ranging from 17 acres (6. 9 ha) down to stepping-stone size, at the harbor's mouth.

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BobMackey718 t1_jdvc5j8 wrote

Check out chapel street, mad rocks.


gabbeau7 t1_jdve4wv wrote

I would ask in r/Connecticut


captkeith t1_jdwzu2d wrote

I have some pics of rocks from Lyme Connecticut one of them looks like the rock was molten or at leastveryhot


cRic3 t1_jdxkyus wrote

The granite they used for the base of the Statue of Liberty is in Branford at the stony creek quarry. It’s just a bit of history that could be a nice touch to a collection :)


JohnBrownEye69 t1_jdyty0w wrote

I found this thread fascinating and now feel more boring, as a person, than I ever have before.

Oh I also like how all our interstates just straight up cut through mountains and not 1 major highway attempts to move along the landscape, because everything here was settled by the time they built them. But yeah go down 91. It's like a cross section of every rocky mountain in central CT.


Thomas_D_Boot t1_je0uehd wrote

The new haven mineral club show is this weekend 5 mins from new haven at amity middle school in orange if you are around.


ephonium42 t1_jdwauz7 wrote

The most distinct rock of the New Haven area is the trap rock at East Rock, West Rock and Sleeping Giant. Elsewhere in the state, Portland is known for its brownstone, and Stony Creek is known for it's pink granite


Abject-Region1025 t1_jdwfq39 wrote

Will you have access to a car. There’s a hike that’s part of the NET that goes through the mica ledges and the view and rocks are beautiful just massive chunks of mica and quartz


00spacecadet00 t1_jdww365 wrote

Check around the beach at Bradley Point in West Haven, between SeaBluff beach and Savin Rock.


inner-matrix t1_jdwzz9u wrote

We have east rock and west rock and you should definitely take one of each back home with you.


HalPaneo t1_jdyao2c wrote

Behind Pa's Place in Guilford they made a little sitting area/pergola and the stepping stones have big chunks of garnet in them. It's really cool looking, no idea where the rocks came from though.


curbthemeplays t1_jdyb1ut wrote

Beach Ave in Milford has some really cool rock outcroppings and is a beautiful walk.


poweredbait t1_je1a6ve wrote

Good luck finding some cool rocks 😎


Morgan_3D t1_je57p08 wrote

at Sleeping Giant at the back entrance (take a right after wentworths ice cream shop and park) you can follow the path and get to a sweet rock quarry area that forms the back of the giant's head. I dont know what it has for gems but the sight is impressive and its a nice hike!