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That_Guy_JR t1_iult1o6 wrote

Cool - at a cursory glance seams exaggerated.

First pizza is def not true unless we stipulate US. The glider seaplane one seems sketch also unless we’re being very specific about wording. First computer is also not the accepted timeline - you either count Babbage or wait till ENIAC in 43.


EmotionalCorner t1_ium6rir wrote

Yeah, most Italian immigrants lived in New York City because of Ellis Island before they came to New Haven so it doesn’t seem right for American pizza, either. I’m happy to be corrected though 🤷🏻‍♀️


IGameOnMac t1_iun31n2 wrote

Your right… Lombardis in New York is often given this honor… Frank Pepe’s started selling his tomato pies in the 20s… Lombary’s started 1903 or around then… and they are credited with also being the pizzería that created the idea of selling individual pizza slices as workers would wrap them in tin foil and eat el at lunch while at their construction jobs.


Swishbeets t1_ium008o wrote

I thought the first truss bridge was in Hamden? I vaguely remember reading one of those city plaques, near town hall, that mentioned a truss bridge.


editorgrrl t1_ium2nc4 wrote

>On January 28, 1820, architect Ithiel Town was granted a patent for a wooden truss bridge, also known as Town's Lattice Truss.

>An architect and civil engineer, Town had already built the first covered bridges to span the Connecticut River, one at Hartford and two in Massachusetts at Springfield and Northampton.

Here’s the patent:


BMP353 t1_iunfhzn wrote



OpelSmith t1_iuonxpf wrote

I'd really like to know where they're getting steamboat from. If we're not going with Fulton's Clermont, then other leading contenders are English/French examples