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6th__extinction t1_ixc52m9 wrote

Lots of Yalies are in New Haven for a degree/career goal. Many fine people arrive and leave in a few years, maybe even 6-7 years. The transient nature of the young people make the dating scene narrow and competitive.


PTIncognito t1_ixhnu4z wrote

Or alternatively, a gold mine of opportunity!😏


frankthehippie t1_ixbb9xd wrote

Depends on how sociable you are maybe. Pretty easy to find dates, worthwhile ones? Eh


[deleted] OP t1_ixbbfvx wrote

lol why not worthwhile?


frankthehippie t1_ixbbuer wrote

I’m probably just talking out of spite lol. Grew up here, had plans w a girl here & there. Didn’t turn out how I hoped but there’s still hope to be had


heylookitsjesus t1_ixc7o4o wrote

I had so much fun dating here and have now been with my wife for seven years! I met so many cool people on the dating scene and wish I could give them all 5/5 stars!


Plantpoweredbeeyotch t1_ixb8g3t wrote

Just don't, imo.. everyone knows everyone else and everyone is in your business dating in New haven and I'm 36.


tholdawa t1_ixbbp43 wrote

That's the fun part!


Plantpoweredbeeyotch t1_ixbo4qs wrote

Lol it's all fun and games until you're with someone and they have like 5 kids, 5 side dudes, a wife and 10 situationships 🤣


MegaMillion94 t1_ixdfc8u wrote

U right with everyone knows everyone. They only know u if u hang around people who talk a lot. control who u speak to about your datingships and you’ll be good. I’ve live here I’m 28 everyone knew me now they ask for me:)


LucidLunatic t1_ixb9dmi wrote

I can't speak from firsthand experience, as I moved here with my now fiancee. But we have a number of friends in that age range of multiple sexual orientations who seem to have a fair time dating in the area, though some include NYC in their geographic search region, and handle that in different ways, while others stick to (mostly southern) Connecticut.

I don't know that dating here is much different than dating elsewhere, if unless you include the warping influence of NYC.


tigerbear- t1_ixdv7q0 wrote

If you don’t mind my asking, how do your friends handle adding in NYC to their dating apps? Does it seem to make a difference for them? I just moved from another big city and Ive been thinking of doing this since new haven pool is smaller, but seems logistically challenging, so just curious!


LucidLunatic t1_ixdzayx wrote

Not sure about the details of how they add it to their apps, unfortunately, but some of them have a significant fraction of their dates with folks from NYC (sometimes in New Haven, sometimes in NYC)- at least one is in a long term relationship now and spends every other weekend in NYC with their SO.


Crafty-Cauliflower-6 t1_ixcdxas wrote

The average age is 30 in town and 10k people live per square mile. So lots of opportunities the kind of people you date will depend on you of course .


eartian t1_ixh64rn wrote

As a gay man in his late twenties... rough. For my straight friends its a little better.


VesperDuPont18 t1_ixnffl9 wrote

What makes it rough? I'm an intl student, Bi male, considering Yale as one of my options.


eartian t1_ixqgyq9 wrote

I'm non-yale affiliated so perhaps the experience is different for yalies. There just seems to be slim pickings for queer young professionals.


killitwithkindnesss t1_ixza613 wrote

I’m lesbian in my late 20’s and haven’t found much here tbh. Then again, I’m not as active in the queer community as I should be to meet women. I’m either ostracized, assumed to be straight or an ally in those spaces so there’s that.


[deleted] OP t1_ixbaedr wrote



[deleted] OP t1_ixbate7 wrote

Not really. P normal question I’d say. But I get what you mean in terms of ur depends on who ur dating.